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M.J. Rosenberg, journalist and Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, discusses his two recent articles “If Tom Friedman can say it, you can too” about how criticism of the Israel lobby has gone mainstream and “On Israel & Palestine, Barack Obama Is Rick Perry;” the large percentage of Israelis who are OK with a Palestinian state, even though their government vehemently opposes one; why, when it comes to Israel, Obama wins the prize for most sycophantic US President in history; AIPAC’s excellent return on investment for its campaign contributions and lobbying efforts; and why Democrats are even more slavishly devoted to the Likud party line than Republicans.

MP3 here. (20:01)

M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.

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  1. The D base is corps, just like the R base.

    Though I must say that I've not seen such obvious contempt for voters from a D prez prior to O.

  2. more BS from Rosenberg… that Jews don't vote based on Israel…I remember when I sublet an apartment in Germany in 1992…from a Jew from Chicago…I heard her mother say "is he one of ours"…

    …I just assumed, the landord from Chicago was an American…

  3. No reason to de discoraged Israel is no its last leg and in the end bullies are cowards.They get money from old people like has always been said thourgh usery.Taught in the evil Talmad that might as well have been wrote by the devil himself.But they must have better ways to legally steal money to payoff congress and the president and others.The fact is they have power but are cowards and when real change comes probably with death and war AIPAC and Israel because of some citizens but mostly because of there nut job government will get sqashed like a bug.See the change Oduma brought hes a compete slave to Isreal the worst of any president ever.He should be impeached for all his crimes and lieing himself into office.I hope his girls grow up and see the kind of man we do a yes boss man.This from what is said to be the worlds super power what a joke.Ha HA ha HA HA ha HA Ha HA Ha HA .tHE TRUTH IS aMERICA WOULD GET Squashed by China or Russia.And if shit hits the fan North and South Korea will become 1 and have the worlds largest army.Asians of good smart people and will join togeather before they destroy each other.

  4. I love Canada but hate being so close to America.Alsao don't like us gettingf involved in illegal wars to help such a corrupt country like America.We need to return to are pre 9/11 stance and not involve ourselfs in illegal was that only hurt are once real good image.We are Canadians friendly PEACE keepers and we have strayed and have to return to how we were and are.Almost all citizens disagree with all wars are government uses are money to fight illegal wars.The military and police all need to read yesterdays article that they are like us and not part of the 1 persent.And will be treated like all when no longer needed.They need a fast wake up and the world needs to realise MSM is bought and paid for and if you watch it watch it mainly for weather and sports thats the only part that not used to lie you into support for evil.

    1. As an American, I'm sorry to have to say this, but you're right. The U.S. Government is lawless at home and abroad.

      That said, your Prime Minister Harper is a fascist, Israel-First scumbag.

  5. I can't find a way to 'contact us' so I'll put this suggestion here: antiwar groups should join the OccupyWallSt demonstrations.

  6. Between aipac and 2pac, I choose 2pac any day, every time. But those are not the real culprits. Those are paws.
    BTW HI 2 Federal Bureau of Inbreeds

  7. The U.S. Government, to its colossal disgrace, subordinates itself to Israel. O-Bomb-a and The Pantsuited One take their orders and instructions straight from Tel Aviv and/or AIPAC. Congress is "Israeli-occupied territory."

    My compliments to M. J. Rosenberg.

  8. d all armies are for sale to the highest bidder. Be it Egypt or Empire USA, we see the generals being hand picked by the richest of the rich, at every banquet in High Society we see the glorified bodies of generals with all their shinny medals, in America the generals get to retire as executives of corporations, in Egypt the best generals get to own corporations. d

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