Anand Gopal


Independent journalist Anand Gopal discusses the relationship between the Haqqani network and Pakistan’s military/government; why the lack of any Northern Alliance-type allies will make a US ground invasion of Pakistan much more difficult than in Afghanistan; possible CIA involvement in the Afghan heroin trade and with Hamid Karzai’s murdered brother; why the Taliban’s break with al-Qaeda is genuine, and the “safe haven” rationale for continuing the occupation is bogus; slow reforms in Egypt, as elections – if they ever happen – face popular boycotts; how the US works behind the scenes to promote faux democracy in Egypt, with a controlled election that enables a pro-Israel government to take hold; and why there is still no diplomatic settlement in the works for Afghanistan, despite the wide acknowledgement that no military solution exists.

MP3 here. (21:14)

Anand Gopal has reported in Afghanistan for the Christian Science Monitor and the Wall Street Journal.  His dispatches can be read at He is currently working on a book about the Afghan war.

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  1. Scott, the situation is far too volatile to last another 10 years business as usual.
    We have done our level best to anger everyone. The only ones who are not OPENLY hostile are the ones who we are paying exorbitant sums to buy their obedience. I have too much knowledge of the drug war to do anything but laugh when the CIA is mentioned as being involved with the "war on drugs". How many poppy fields and Kalashnikov factories do we have in NYC? DC? Los Angeles? Yeah, it's big business…as usual.

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