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Truth-out writer Steve Horn discusses his article “Top Oil and Gas Executives Had Major Presence at Bahrain Conference;” how the Saudi Arabian-led Gulf Cooperation Council put down protests in Bahrain and kept the minority monarchy in power; the leftists who forget about Mideast autocracies and US military occupations whenever “green energy” is mentioned; the oil companies planning a major increase in Bahrain’s oil and gas production; and how the Carter Doctrine – the policy of pursuing US military dominance in the Persian Gulf – has been embraced by Republican and Democratic administrations alike since 1980.

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  1. 'Shaping the future' – that's just the kind of title you would expect from these guys. They see themselves as the 'architects' of reality – the 'gods' of Capitalism, the 'job creators' etc. Shaping the future means 'shaping' the politicians and other elected or non-elected rulers so that they conform to their vision not the people's, and certainly not to the hallowed ideals on which people have been aspiring to for over 200 years – democracy, equality, brotherhood. What they are really trying to figure out is how much or how little of a police state they will need to stay in power. Of course less is ideal for then they don't have to cover up as much but it is starting to look like they will need a lot more. The future they envision might have to be shaped by the police, military and security agencies and 'dressed up' by the Media for 'final consumption'.

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