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Adam Morrow, journalist with IPS News, discusses the latest violence between Coptic Christians and Muslims in Egypt; the possibility of agents provocateurs instigating violence, since Egypt has enjoyed a thousand years of relatively peaceful religious coexistence; the foundering revolution, as elections are repeatedly delayed and Mubarak cronies still run the country; and how the CIA’s penchant for regime change has cast doubt on the authenticity of popular resistance movements, even when they appear to be grassroots efforts.

MP3 here. (19:56)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

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  1. Leon Hadar, in the end…seems to have been right. So was Daniel Larison; the revolution was thwarted and betrayed. I suppose that it is the fate of any revolution, the American one included (maybe even particular) when it is merely a political one-when it is merely a question of who controls the State. Merely a change in the ruling class of the rich and powerful.

  2. For what it's worth, two years passed between Portugal's revolution in the mid-1970s (engineered by disgruntled left-wing military men unhappy about fighting in the colonies) and free and fair elections.

  3. The parliamentary elections will be held on 28 november 2011 but Egypt won't allow foreign observers.

    And another present from the US and NATO to the Egyptians a failed state and a civil war next door in Libya.

  4. In March of this year the military banned those same workers who, as Adam Morrow points out, are trying to feed a family of five on less than $200 per month from taking industrial action. The emergency laws were in fact enhanced following the people's rebellion.
    Egypt and Pakistan today both have a crying need for individuals from within the military to stage their own transfer of power, aka revolution.
    Both the Egyptian and the Pakistani armies comprise a vast majority of those from impoverished backgrounds whose allegiances would very readily transfer to a leadership prepared to institute programmes of social uplift for the people of their nations.
    Our poor world desperately needs many more Hugo Chavez's right now, and many fewer imams and priests and rabbis.

  5. The Egyptian people must persevere in getting rid of their corrupt, brutal, American-owned-and-operated rulers. If and when they accomplish that, they can have their own foreign policy, one that isn't dictated by Washington or Tel Aviv.

    As always, the U.S. Government doesn't give a good Goddamn for "freedom" in the Middle East. It's only concerned about Israel, its "51st state."

  6. 80 Million Egyptian aspirations means zilch to the current administration. Democracy zilch. Free will zilch. Who is Washington empowering: military dictatorship still retaining power in Egypt and the government of Israel.(At the present moment, very right wing). Palestinians went to the UN for Statehood, who is blocking it: Obama administraiton and Netanyahu Israel. There is a planned prisoner swap between Gaza Strip ran Hamas and Netanyahu Israel. Who is this benefiting: Netanyahu Israel, Hamas, and they used Eqypt instead of their previous German Mediators. Why is Netanyahu releasing 1,100 prisoners to empower Hamas, his supposed enemy for one captured soldier? Because Abbas, and the Palestinian Authority, world opinion and democracy in Egypt , and Turkish sympathies for Palestinians are his enemy. Right-wing Israel, and settler-Israel wants armed rebellion.

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