Scott Horton Interviews John Glaser

Scott Horton, October 17, 2011

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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the latest US war, this time battling the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and neighboring countries; the loss of any objective criteria from the term “national interest;” propping up friendly African dictators who agree to take on the burden of US demands, like fighting Al-Shabab in Somalia; the previous disastrous attempts to fight the LRA; how AFRICOM’s rapid expansion will get the US bogged down in more interminable, unwinnable wars; and why the “antiwar President” Obama still has stalwart defenders, even though at least half a dozen new conflicts started on his watch.

MP3 here. (23:47)

John Glaser is Assistant Editor at He is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

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  1. [...] the The American Conservative and the Cato Institute and now the Assistant Editor at, talks about the ridiculous pretext for this latest US military action. Like every other war the US has fought since WWII this one has no constitutionally-required [...]

  2. Hold on there. First, deploying troops, while wretched, isn’t unconstitutional. It isn’t war that needs a declaration when the host government allows you to help fight an insurgency. The war powers resolution will come into play eventually. But not for now, and remember the wpr hasn’t been tested for constitutionality. The intervention sucks, but it’s legal now and certainly constitutional.

    Second, what’s this about tying troops in Uganda to fighting al shabab in Somalia? There’s a large country called Kenya between them.

  3. Webmaster, iPhone comments still aren't working.

    Glaser, you might check a map. Kenya is between Uganda and Somalia.

  4. Amazing. Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans dead and nary an American boot to be seen but now THIS? Guess it's all part of that hopey-changey thingy.

  5. While I'm as skeptical as anybody on the deployment, it can't be unconstitutional when the host state allows it. There's no state to declare war on. That's the new normal, so us antiwar dfh's need to deal with it. It's also not currently illegal. 60 days the war powers resolution will kick in, but until then the CiC has a free rein. Antiwar is hard, so we don't need any false premises to distract us.

    Paul Pillar supports the deployment, fwiw.

  6. America is taking over the whole world and guess what? The vast majority of the people have not come to grips with this fact. The Americans have crafted a system whereby they divide the people of each country they invade so as to create a civil war; because a civil war weakens the country and it then becomes easier to gain control. This is precisely what is happening in Libya. America has no intentions of allowing these NTC rebels to possess any real authority in Libya because as soon as the country is brought under full NATO control, these same very rebels will be destroyed. Aren't these rebels the al-Qeada forces that fought against them in Iraq and Afghanistan? Has America forgiven them for this situation? Of course not. These rebels have been given lots of sweet promises in order to motivate them to kill their own people and then after that,they will get their own poetic justice. Any person with common sense would not trust anyone who was a traitor to his own country. The rebels and all the other soldiers in these countries that are fighting America's wars are living in a fool's paradise.

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