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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses a couple alternative explanations of the Iranian assassination plot, both more sensible than the official government story; why Iran would essentially commit national suicide by conducting a terrorist attack in Washington DC; the system of incentives for law enforcement agents and informants to play up any terrorism angle; prosecuting the CIA officials who lied to National Security Advisor Richard Clarke, in order to get the big fish in the Bush administration; and how the mainstream media is failing (on purpose) to expose government lies and give Americans credible information.

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Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for


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  1. I can't get over the fact that these ex CIA thugs like Ray McGovern, Philip Giraldi and Michael Scheuer are now suddenly become the man of peace after they retire. When they where perpetrating the very kind of evil for 20 to 30 year's for a living that they are now so openly and loudly condemning. If these people where still in service today would they have the courage to speak up or would they just stay silent to save there carreers ? What kind of morality does a person need to have to join this types of organizations ? This reminds me of ex president's and statesmans that have suddenly become the man of peace after they retire like Bill Clinton or Henry Kissinger who are now suddenly the man of peace. I'am not convinced.

    1. Dear George – Your appalling grammar and syntax reveal that you are not a native speaker of English. That aside, you know nothing about what I, McGovern and Scheuer did for a living and what kind of moral issues we had to confront while working at CIA. What should matter to everyone who visits this website is the march to war and the militarization of American life, not speculation over the past history of some of the contributors. We are speaking out against what has happened in the past ten years and providing our own particular insights into what is taking place. What have you done lately?

      1. Why don't you tell us more about you're job at the CIA and the moral issues you had to confront. You are now mostly a columnist and an opinion maker you sell you're personal opinion to any one that wants to hear. I have to say that i agree with what you have to say, but you and you're colleagues have for the past decades actively help to create a lot of the mess that the world is in now. I know it's not fair to just blame the Americans for all the worlds problems but the US policy of expanding it's political ideology, economic interest and military reach across the world is perhabs one of the biggest contributor to instability in many parts of the world today. You have actively participated in that process and cannot expunge you're passed when you're confronted with it. I'am happy that you are speaking out and let the rest of the world know of some of the things that are happening behind the scene's in the global power play. Perhabs my description of you and the others as thugs was a bit harsh. But my scepticisme of you an the likes of you stems from the fact that you are saying this after you left the service. What have you done try to change things when you where on the inside ?

    2. To judge that news spoken by an ex-employee of Empire USA, to judge if it be more darkness then light, if it completely omits the corporate rich or paints them in a good light, then know for a fact that the darkness is the illusion of their light.

    3. Rational persons never focus on WHO says it, they analyze WHAT he/she is saying (not if he/she is black, white, German or Jew or is a clergy, captain or ex-CIA man).

      If you refer to recent history of US you’ll find out, in 2007, it was NIE that stopped the train of war with Iran in its track. For that effort alone CIA and other US intelligence agencies deserve something like a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Among rational anti-war souls Phillip Giraldi and Ray McGovern are known as truly respectable conscientious Americans. Refer to their works here in If you have any sense of decency you are bound to agree with me.

  2. Ray McGovern was not a thug was he was an CIA analyst who gave Presidents their daily briefings. Michael Scheuer headed up the Bin Laden unit. You might not agree with the way the way he tried get Bin Laden but that hardly being a thug. Do your research on Philip Giraldi you will also find he was not planning coups and causing trouble.

  3. Good retort, El Tonno. Reminds me of a great line by the prison warden character, played by Eddie Albert, in the great Burt Reynolds movie The Longest Yard. Albert says to Burt Reynold's character: "In this institution, those who get along, go along.". This is perhaps one of the harshest and most unsavory aspects associated with having a career with a government agency or a private sector company, and having your retirement pension and benefits tied up with that career. You might see things that are going on that you do not like or approve of, and those things can even be of a criminal nature and highly immoral, as well – but, if you open your mouth – you will be fired, at a minimum, and depending on who you work for – you could even find yourself being added to the list of predator missile drone targets and be murdered in cold blood. Granted, I share some suspicions about McGovern, Giraldi and Scheuer – because I've read that nobody really ever fully 'retires' from the CIA. But, all three of these fellows have the backbone and patriotic courage to name Israel as the source of all these senseless and clearly criminal wars of unprovoked, naked aggression – and, for that alone, they deserve our respect and admiration.

  4. I find Dr. Giraldi's investigation, analysis and articulation reflective of the highest standards in journalism.
    I have spent the last 20 years researching Afghanistan and much of what Dr. Phil writes is consistent with my own findings. With the doctor's obvious concern for the welfare for and reputation of his country, I only wish there were an army of scribes who fashion themselves and their narrative after his ethic.

  5. This sounds embarrassing enough to sink into the sands of time. But maybe they'll double down instead. Stock up on popcorn.

  6. I am come from a very left wing viewpoint,. I find the viewpoints of Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern, and Michael Scheuer, give me a greater in depth view, by people who have been there and done things that I haven't. I really appreciate that they take the time to give us their insights. It helps me to balance my own view with real expierence.

  7. Sanitized Reality

    Granted, the ego of those in government handling our foreign policy has an impact on the outcome, but to completely exclude our multinational corporate rich from the discussion, what kind of sanitized version of reality can this produce?

  8. Sanitized Reality

    Granted, the ego of those in government handling our foreign policy has an impact on the outcome, but to completely exclude our multinational corporate rich from the discussion, what kind of sanitized version of reality can this produce?

  9. !989-1991 the USSR, the old evil empire, collapses. The US goes from being superpower to being hyperpower.
    Truly omnipotent government. Twenty years later, 2011, the US has become the new evil empire. Unsurprisingly: 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely' (Lord Acton). During the Cold War the US contained the evil USSR. To bad that today there is nothing to contain the evil US. A situation comparable to the Roman Empire under Nero. Nero fiddled when Rome burned. Clinton laughs when whole nonaggressive countries are bombed to the stoneage at her command.

  10. The telephone calls made to Iran is not a poof that the recipient was actually in Iran because you can divert the calls made to your mobile or landline to another number, this is called Call Forwarding. Most telephone systems (aka Private Exchange) and telephone operators provide this facility, so you call a number in Iran but your call is forwarded (either by the recipient’s private exchange at home or his local telephone operator in Iran) to another number that could be in another country.

  11. I just read Giraldi's latest column "How to Kill an Ambassador." He discusses the implausible Iranian "plot."

    Was this whole thing a "false flag" operation planned by Israel's Mossad and/or the CIA? Giraldi writes ". . . Indeed, one should not rule out the possibility that Israel might have run the operation jointly with the CIA. . . ." Given Israel's long record of perfidy toward the U.S. ("Lavon Affair," U.S.S. LIBERTY, Pollard spy case, ad nauseam), it's possible, even probable. . . .

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