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Nick Baumann, news editor at Mother Jones, discusses his article “Locked Up Abroad—for the FBI;” US citizen Gulet Mohamed’s secretive “proxy detention” in Kuwait where he was beaten and interrogated for weeks, apparently at the US government’s behest; other individuals subject to “rendition-lite;” and how to hold the government accountable when the state secrets privilege functions as a “get out of court free” card and the Department of Justice is asleep at the switch.

MP3 here. (10:20)

Nick Baumann is based in Mother Jones’s DC bureau, where he covers national politics and civil liberties issues. Nick has also written for The Economist, The Atlantic, The Washington Monthly, and Commonweal.

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  1. The way I look at it, if the FBI or CIA were to torture me, an all encompassing premonition would come that the moment I told them what they wanted to hear I would be killed. So, my fear of death would be greater then the fear of torture.

  2. BOTTOM LINE — Its not our government's fear of terrorism that drives their War on Terror, but their cool desire to prevent loss of property, loss of capital and loss of profit for the corporate rich.

  3. John, the alphabet agencies purpose is to be the bully boys for their paymasters. The sickening thing is that there have to be "willing robots" ready to do their bidding because the swine pulling their strings are too cowardly to do it themselves.

  4. The bastards call the cops and military their "dogs". They call the uninitiated public "the dead". I dunno about you but I'm not dead yet. The public is waking up. And yes, if you run too far afoul of them they will try to kill or torment you. There is more than one alphabet soup mix, too. The official alphabet soups don't always know what the shadow ones are up to.

    If you want to resist these shadow thugs they are sorely outnumbered. It's just getting critical mass that's the hard part.

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