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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the election results in Tunisia (birthplace of the Arab spring) that produced a victory for a conservative Islamist party; why any new Middle East/North Africa government with “Muslim” or “Islamic” in its name should worry about a US regime change scheme; Senator Lindsey Graham’s overt plan to bribe Libya’s rebel government with foreign aid and grab their oil; and how Somalia’s mass-starvation problem is related to the multiple invasions of US-proxy forces from neighboring African countries.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. Why should any new Middle East/North Africa government with “Muslim” or “Islamic” in its name worry about a U.S. regime change scheme when the Muslim Brotherhood has availed of National Endowment for Democracy training?

    Asked whether his group had taken advantage of NDI-supported training, Gharaibeh nodded yes. “We sent some of our young people there,” he said.

    Charles Hanley, “US training quietly nurtured young Arab democrats,” Associated Press.

  2. What you people dont realize is the fact in building, supporting and making sure that these Islamic or Muslims regimes are another capitalist regimes with another way in proceeding their Islamic agendas. In Africa in particular.., is about Nelson Mandella and his dream to unite Africa.., Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Muslims brotherhood, Saudi Kingdome, UAE, Jordan Kingdome family so as all other Kingdome family in Europe and their governments from Sweden to England hand in hand with Italian Mafiosi and Sarkozi the Franch (Mafiosi) connection are in business to stop that unity and idea. Here is where the idea behinde Islamisition of Libya started.., otherwise US and NATO democracy is nothing but a militarism regime feeding these elements of distraction.., elements whom will take peoples freedome to a darker age. So is not about US nor the EU but rather the social economic system and its political structure which orders these governments to oby their policies.., making sure that there is no democracy inplace or is changed to a brutal of neo dictatorial Islamic regimes.

  3. 2- Look.., Religious.., no matter what kind.., is a concept for peoples mental relaxtion or if you will when they have no answer for the time in reality or when they want to escape the reality .., therefore it dosent have any place in social economic nor peoples social politics specially a functioning democracy.., therefore US and EU political stands while supporting these elements are a falsified democracy so is the fact in Islamization of any country..,and that is what US and EU are supporting.


    Jamal, says, “Religion… doesn’t have any place in social economic nor peoples social politics specially a functioning democracy.”

    You see, Jamal has blind faith in a fiction religion and fake morality called democracy.

    DEMOCRACY VOID OF MORALITY: the 51% highest achievers, the 51% most aggressive and wealth, always voting in a way that best enslaves the lower half of society.

    For democracy in Empire USA is void of morality, an enrich yourself upon the misery of anyone so long as the most aggressive 51% are in agreement. Surely, the illusion that the highest achievers are the most honorable, most just and most qualified to lead.

  5. Jamal, says, “What you people don’t realize is, in building, supporting and making sure that these Muslim regimes are capitalist, you are advancing their Islamic agendas.”

    Truth is, pure Islam is totally void of capitalism, for no true Muslim borrows money at interest or enriches himself upon the misery of another, what capitalism is all about.

  6. What is pure islam John Ellis? And how can you be sure of that? Have studied theology or quran?
    Sure, they have usury laws but that does not make them non-capitalist (what ever that means). It just means they were against vulture-capitalism (what ever that means) .

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