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James Bovard, author of Attention Deficit Democracy, discusses the PATRIOT Act’s ten year anniversary and its legacy of unlimited government power; why there’s nothing more permanent that a temporary government program; the silence of Democrats who stopped protesting the PATRIOT Act’s provisions once Obama took office; why a large majority of Americans have no problem with their government assassinating “bad guys” deemed too inconvenient or difficult to prosecute; and why the MSM thinks Ron Paul is crazy for challenging unlimited police powers, even while the TSA turns Tennessee into East Germany.

MP3 here. (20:07)

James Bovard is a contributor to The American Conservative magazine and policy advisor at The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal and many other books.

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  1. There's nothing "patriotic" about the PATRIOT Act. It's a bunch of fascist bullshit that's a disgrace to a "free" country.

    Democrats and Republicans are equally worthless. The senators from my state, Minnesota–Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken–haven't said a word about O-Bomb-a's depredations. Piss on 'em.

    We're living in an "Attention Deficit Democracy," as Bovard says. When future historians are puzzling over the ruins of the United States, they'll have plenty to think about. . . .

  2. “Babylon, land of deepest shadow and deep darkness, where even light is like darkness.”

    Take government slavery for example, which has a dichotomy embodied within it, for in order to gain control government must know everything about people, while keeping people in complete darkness about government.


    Orville H. Larson, says, "When future historians are puzzling over the ruins of the United States…"

    The rise and fall of Empire USA, its days of glory, plunder and brutal imperialism under the sun, could it ever be said that it did more good then harm?

    “How stupid a question” one may say, but perhaps the most important issue this world has ever known.

    For darkness is an illusion of good hiding a liar’s intent to be enriched upon our misery. And if the purpose of this world is to establish a full and perfect understanding of darkness, so that never again can those most intelligent with the greatest knowledge of good enrich themselves upon our misery in darkness, the good of forcing such terrorizing darkness to give way, could there ever be a greater good?

  4. WERE THE 49%

    1% High Society
    10% Country Club class
    40% Educated Middle-class
    49% Uneducated Laboring class

    Virtually no one in a mansion or who belongs to a Country Club is looking for work, and those of the Educated Middle-class are all employed except about 1% who lack a marketable job skill do to our bankrupt economy.

    So, the 49% of America without education beyond high school, my slow and careful thinking Laboring Class, this is the class of people the ‘OWS movement should be inviting into their group and in their meetings address the wants and needs of we who hard labor generate all of society’s wealth.

    Problem is, most all of the ‘OWS protesters are of the low end of the Educated Middle-class and hardly a one has ever invited one of my laboring class over for a home cooked meal. And if you ask them who are the Laboring Class, why they would point to the homeless in the park and say, “They are the poor laboring class, here we give them food and warm clothing, and we are protesting so that the poor laboring class can have Medicare.

    Unkindest cut of all, saying that we who hard manual labor need charity healthcare from government, when all we need is a living wage from business.

    So, reflect on what High Society is doing to our society, they way they trickle down 20% of the wealth and by the time it reaches my laboring class nothing is left but a starvation wage.

    And so, over half of society loves things just the way they are, surely and to improve things for the better, a royal battle will we have with the 51% most aggressive and wealthy, all those with great jobs and terrific homes. And unless we can win them over by friendly conversation or a bad economy puts a forth of them out of work, a gun toting rebellion is suicidal out of the question.

  5. Almost no discussion of the actual provisions of the patriot Act aside from Bovard's reference to national security letters.

  6. Ian, "Almost no discussion… of the Patriot Act "

    The Patriot Act is only one of a great many corrupt effects of the problem, all of which give us very little insight into the root cause or solution to the problem.

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