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Mark Sheffield of the Policy on Point blog discusses his article “I Drink Your Milkshake! Checking the Chinese in Central Africa;” learning geography by tracking US military interventions the world over; deploying troops to central Africa to fight a has-been Christan millenarian cult – though curiously Uganda has lots of oil resources and no cultists; how US access to DRC (Congo) rare earth minerals could counter the current Chinese stranglehold on the market; the not-too-surprising increase in African deployments since AFRICOM‘s founding; and how Obama’s Libyan intervention seems to have emboldened him to begin new conflicts without even asking Congress.

MP3 here. (19:54)

Mark Sheffield runs the Policy on Point blog.

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  1. correction: AFRICOM is not based in DC; it's based in Stuttgart, Germany.

    secondly, for scott. it may not be JSOC in Uganda. FID is not typically a JSOC mission. JSOC does mostly DA.

    sounds like one of the SF Bns got this mission. perhaps it was 3rd SFG.


    Those the most aggressive, they are the most wealthy because they are the most deadly, they being of European ancestry.

    Whereas, those the most friendly and least aggressive, they are the least wealthy because they are the least deadly, they being of African ancestry.

    Comes now 100 legalized killers who get a god-ego strapping a killing machine to their body, Special Forces even, and they to do unto Africa what the US Marines did to Haiti

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