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IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses his article “Doubts Shadow Egyptian Election;” remembering the rigged parliamentary polls of 2010 as former Mubarak officials jostle for position in the upcoming elections; how the dozens of newly formed parties have greatly complicated the task of following Egyptian politics; why the Camp David Accords with Israel will remain intact no matter who wins in Egypt; and how former IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei has faded from political prominence.

MP3 here. (20:06)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

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    Yes of course, we can have an intelligent conversation on politics in Egypt without saying a word about the corruption inherent in democracy — when men of the stuck-up, educated and intelligent middle-class rule society.

    For during the height of a most violent Revolution, all of law enforcement and all of Security, all of the educated middle-class, their brutality was not sufficient to beat down the slow and careful thinkers of the laboring class, so shop owners and tradesmen of such a stuck-up class came running out of their stores to confront the protesters with large wooden clubs. And the “thugs” of Egypt, who just like the KKK of America, in their slim came charging out of the darkness with knives, chains and metal rods, ask yourself, were they not all men with a god-ego thinking their higher intelligence made them the gods of society to rule over laboring men?

    For the men of Empire USA with middle-speed brains, they being to intelligent to ever do a hard days manual labor, yet to dumb to ever be rich, surely the geniuses of High Society have turned them into the most gullible and egotistical slave driver class the world has ever known. Bless their darling hearts, that’s what I always say.


    In most all nations on earth we have government run by High Society, but not so in Egypt. As Mubarak ran a make believe democratic government, while for three decades the top generals ran a real privatized government making billions upon billions supplying most of the goods and serviced consumed by government.

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