Brandon Neely


Former Guantanamo prison guard Brandon Neely discusses the first six months Guantanamo was open for business (covered here by CNN) when no guidelines existed for prisoner treatment; why the guards thought all Gitmo prisoners were 9/11 terrorists and treated them accordingly (as it turns out the vast majority were not guilty of anything); covering up brutal prisoner beatings by Initial Reaction Force (IRF) teams; how soldiers and prisoners alike are bullied into keeping quiet about their experiences at Guantanamo; and why Gitmo is a “black eye on America.”

MP3 here. (22:27)

Brandon Neely is a former Guantanamo prison guard and current Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) member.

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  1. I never talk about the physical acts of torture or the techniques used to accomplish it, for such knowledge has a most negative effect — to instill in people a fearful submission to authority. Far better to enlighten people of the root cause of torture and the solution needed to end it, for mainstream media, all owned by the corporate rich, such propaganda feeds us only about the bloody effects of it.


    Greater the disparity in wealth between we the people and High Society, the greater must be torture that trickles down in a multitude of ways.

    From CIA physical torture, to minimum wage starvation torture,
    to Bank bailouts funded by taxes torture,
    to a butcher medical industry designed to keep us the sickest the longest,
    such is life for a lower half with the richest upper half of society any empire on earth has ever known.

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