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Brian Phillips, author of the Truth And Culture blog, discusses his article “The Imperial Boomerang Returns;” why conducting wars abroad inevitably leads to tyranny at home; the weapons of war returning to America in the form of Texas sheriffs with drone aircraft; why the US empire is economically and morally unsustainable; the veteran soldiers-turned cops who will be using their night-raid experience in Afghanistan (and the same dubious intelligence) when doing drug busts in their hometowns; and why “collateral damage” isn’t just for foreigners anymore.

MP3 here. (18:30)

Dr. Brian Phillips works as a pastor, history and philosophy teacher, and writer.

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  1. True Christian – A pacifist
    "Jesus said, ‘Do not use force to overcome evil.
    If they strike you on the right cheek, turn to them the other.’” Mt 5:38 OGV

    "Every man – government with its deadly force he must be in submission to. Never for an absolute is there force that kills if not under God. The reason being by God it is allowed to prove the corruption of it…
    Because of this then also taxes pay to government authorities who rule by deadly force. For the Lord allows it to exist to establish something, for their terrorism in this way continues without end." Ro 13:1 OGV


    Rightly understood, we in America are prodigious against anyone less educated then those in our class. For it is not by accident that all of our wars since 1945 have been in countries where the laboring class has been almost entirely illiterate.

    Our laboring class for example, our 49% of population with no education beyond high school. For with a guilt-free conscience do we pay them a starvation wage and in doing so force them to go without healthcare, force them to raise their kids in slum housing.

    Why is it that we have in American prisons and jails over 25% of all prisoners on earth and their 95% fighting age laboring men age 12 to 40? Could it be because all of law enforcement is of the educated middle-class and they spend 95% of their time establishing a police state for laboring men?

    In New York were thousands each day are by legalized killers subjected to Stop and Frisk, are they not all fighting age laboring men? By all I mean 100% black, brown and white impoverished looking young men.

  3. All empires in the human history have so far ended the same way. i.e in the abyss and there can't be an exception because the same cause produces the same effect.

    What is called EU today was founded by a bunch of empires that all collapsed after WWII because they could no longer sustain fight in their empires in Asia and Africa (Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Belgium). After they let their colonies go, they started a new project called EU today that is totally vassalized by a new empire called NATO which treatens to bankrupt them again!!!

  4. This just shows that Americans believe in justice – we kill and torture innocent peoples over there and we are now prepared to do the same in our own country, to Americans. Aren´t we wonderful?

    The reason ex-GIs are being hired into the police departments has nothing to do with their knowledge and experience, but all to do with the fact that they have been insensitized through their military experience – we can´t have a police force filled with people who believe in human rights, law and order, due process, and so on and have a properly run police state.


    As evidenced by our jails and privatized prisons housing over 25% of all the prisoners on earth (most all uneducated laboring men), in the past our police have been at the low end of the educated middle-class, pay wise and brain wise.

    But not so in the future, for Special Forces are all at the high end of the middle-class, super killers that they be, for ability to kill in man-to-man combat is the speed at which you can rationalize a problem and take corrective action.

    For our bankrupt economy is forcing a great many upper middle-class men into unemployment, men with a better ability to kill then street cops, which is why Special Forces veterans will be the new super cops and the cutting edge of high-intelligence law enforcement.


    “all men are created equal… their Creator… unalienable Rights… Life… pursuit of Happiness (wealth).”

    And not only does our Declaration of Independence establish a state religion most absolute, thanks to James Madison our Constitution makes it eternal and unchangeable, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

    Problem is, a most ingrate religion is this satanic thing our ingrate and slave owning founding fathers established. For if life and the pursuit of wealth is something we deserve, then we deserve the food and wealth needed to live as a child and this makes us most ingrate toward our parents. Then we deserve to “Be All You Can Be,” to earn all you can earn, to own all you can own, and to be a dictator over all who are on land that you own.

    Truth is, this day of life is a free gift from nature that no one deserves, which means that everything we earn and have is a free gift from nature, a gift that we did not earn, that we do not own and that we do not deserve. Which means that such a conviction will make us feel guilty if ever we miss an opportunity to give all we can give. Which means that the very idea that we own things is pure corruption, as everything we have belongs to those who have less then us.

    For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest priority in life, his high watermark in life to achieve, and it controls every aspect of his mind character and personality.

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