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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the Ugandan government’s crackdown on peaceful dissent just as the US sends combat troops to help them fight opponents of freedom and democracy; how the UK and IAEA are ramping expectations of an imminent war with Iran; why the US and Israel – not Iran – are opposed to a nuclear-free Middle East; how the military’s reluctance to start another conflict could keep the US limited to a war of words with Iran; and Paul Wolfotitz’s lame-brained idea for a Plan Colombia in Afghanistan.

MP3 here. (28:25)

John Glaser is Assistant Editor at He is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

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  1. Noam Chomsky, “Iran is the danger of a good example.”

    For it is a most moral near-zero divorce rate Iran, compared to Saudi Arabia the richest and most immoral dictatorship on earth, and Empire USA the richest, most enslaving and war-hawk voting majority the world has ever known.

  2. I hate the words "cracking down" when the words "suppressing, forcing, oppressing,censoring, denying freedom" are more apt.


    Yesterday on the NPR weekly summery of the reverse news, the darkness that they pawn on the public as light, as usual it was madding crowd syndrome with a popularity contest to see who could be the most mainstream and the leader of the herd. One caller criticized the four news experts for not being pro-Obama enough, another criticized them for not being optimistic enough.

    You see, the more mainstream we are, the greater is our ability to generate darkness which is an illusion of good hiding misery. And the greater is our ability to be enriched upon the misery of those less educated, in a society where education is the god above all gods.


    All of our wars, are they the result of our being an Empire? But articulate a rational for such a conviction we must, for Empire building could be nothing more then a smokescreen, an illusion to hide our insatiable desire for the glory of conquest, glory that can only be achieved by wars of plunder.

    Reflect for a moment on that video WikiLeaks released of our helicopter pilot who enjoyed slaughtering those reporters and kids with such zeal and passion., surely his goal was not Empire building, but hero glorification and mass destruction.

    In Palestine we see 63 years of unending war which has for all the neighboring nations caused one war after another. A group of nations not oil-rich or with not much of anything of value, nothing that to our economy could add value, yet the financial cost of supporting Israel’s wars of aggression are perhaps the number one cause of our bankrupt Empire.

    In Iraq, if we had replaced their dictator with a democracy doing virtually damage to their infrastructure, would it not have been a giant boost to our Empire and economy? The same with Afghanistan.


    If Empire profit was our quest instead of war, how insane it would have been to make Iran and Venezuela our two worst enemies. But just savor the glory of it, with “bombs bursting in air,” as into these oil rich nations we attack with all the might of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and CIA drones, with every commissioned officer of ours beaming with pride.

    George S. Patton
    “Americans love war. All real Americans
    love the sting of battle.

    War is the most magnificent competition
    in which a human being can indulge.

    A good plan violently executed now is better
    than a perfect plan executed next week.”

  6. I'd like to see the polls that say that around the Arab world and the Middle East, when asked which state is the biggest threat to them, they say the U.S. I've heard of a poll like Pakistan (which, of course is not Arab). The situation in Pakistan, where drones are routinely patrolling and killing people, is different.


    “I need to see the polls showing that the Arab world and Middle East… say the U.S. is the biggest threat to them?”

    But, virtually no one in the oil rich nations you mention get their news from our corporate owned mainstream media, so how could they possibly be so brainwashed as to think that we do good by:
    (1) Carpet bombing Iraq back to the stone age and slaughter over a million civilians.
    (2) Pay Israel $4 billion a year to terrorize and enslave Palestine.
    (3) Pay Egypt $2 billion a year to terrorize and enslave its people.
    (4) Terrorize and enslave the people of Afghanistan for 10 years non-stop.
    (5) Back up Saudi Arabia with all our military might enabling it to terrorize and enslave its people and all the neighboring nations.

    1. John, the people of the Middle East (I didn't mention any particular countries) are well aware of what the U.S. does or doesn't do. I'm simply saying that I doubt that polls would show that, and I'd like to see some references, in the interest of accuracy. I think he's alluding to polls from Pakistan, which do show those results. (I don't consider Pakistan or Afghanistan as Middle Eastern countries, and they're certainly not Arab countries.)

  8. And we can use the Car 54 theme song with some lyric changes to describe our disasters all over the world.21st century post pre modern wacko nonsense.

  9. By the way I work for US gov. and my job is to impersonate 10 online personalty among them, “A-rabs and Muz-lem pro US gov.

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