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Philip Weiss, investigative journalist and author of the blog MondoWeiss, discusses the small, secret Gaza aid flotilla that was thwarted by Israeli warships; why Israel’s four year blockade of Gaza amounts to state terrorism against a civilian population; comparing the US response to Operation Cast Lead (in which over 1000 Palestinians were killed) and the allegedly forthcoming massacre of Libyan rebels in Benghazi; how aid flotillas succeed at grabbing international attention and further isolating the US diplomatically, even when they fail to deliver cargo; how Palestinian membership in UNESCO has forced the US to choose between protecting American corporations and coddling Israel; and why Americans still aren’t well informed about Israel/Palestine issues.

MP3 here. (19:59)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps.

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  1. One little question on the side: At the time Op. Cast Lead ended there were 1400 Palestinians killed. But there were also some 6000 wounded. How many of those eventually died from their wounds? Shouldn't they be added to the 1400 thus raising that number much higher?


    The net effect of this encounter now shows the world just how new, improved and most non-violent Israel is in the way it handles activists and their naughty “provocations.”

    Non-violent resistance? Not hardly, how about passive solidarity most friendly while collaborating with the enemy.

    Could they not at least have put up one strand of barbwire and sprinkled water on the deck to show some displeasure for the intrusion? For is not a best description for non-violent active resistance the battle cry,

    “Dam the torpedoes!… Full speed ahead!”

  3. One of the first attacks Israel did was to move into Gaza. One should read the diary of Moshe Sharett the second prime minister of Israel to understand events. In 1953 at a high level meeting LaVon defense minister suggested to Ben Gurion that Israel should invade Syria because of the political situation in Syria. Ben Gurion responded that he was not interest and they should continue with the plan to invade Egypt. In 1955 Israel did attack Egypt official because Egypt took over the suez canal. The fact that they were making the plans two years before kind of tells how much you consideration you should give to any official release from the Israel government. BTW the need to attack Egypt sooner rather than later was because they needed to hit Egypt before the soviets could update the military equipment of the Egyptian military. Egypt did everything to be friendly to the USA only to be
    the victim of the aggression of the Zionist.

    Gaza has a high water table to you can be sure the wasteful people of Israel will never give up their desire to get water and they do not care how many die to allow them to have swimming pools in the desert.

    The zionist goal is greater Israel or recreation of an empire that never existed.

    1. Ancient Israel existed for 819 years. From BC 1405 when it invaded Canaan and committed genocide on most of the indigenous tribes, until BC 586 when it was conquered in war and all the Hebrews were exiled to Babylon.

      Jerusalem was rebuilt for a time, then in AD 70 the Roman Empire leveled every stone flat to the ground and evicted all Jews from the city.


    What a man feels he deserves, from this springs all his desires and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality. For if he feels grateful for life, grasps the reality that no one deserves even this day of life, guilty will he feel if ever he fails to give all he can give. Most guilty if ever he goes to war over things as he knows that everything he owns belongs to those who have less then him.

    Thanks to slave owner and luxury lover Thomas Jefferson who wrote our Declaration Of Independence, we have a most ingrate state religion controlling our government and society. A theocracy most high with the highest law of the land being, “Laws of… God… all men are created… their Creator… unalienable Rights… Life… pursuit of Happiness (wealth).

    So, locked in darkness is our Empire USA, by the illusion that we have a command from our “Creator” to pursue the happiness of wealth by brutal imperialism that plunders evil nations, like evil Iraq and Gaza that stood in the way of our happiness.

  5. Greed: an illusion that you deserve life. Which gives your conscience no rest unless you strive to “Be All You Can Be,” to earn all you can earn, take all you can take, own all you can own, and to be a dictator over all who are on land that you own.


    Click the CommonDreams link below to see an Oakland protest photographer take a rubber bullet to the body, even though he was way back from police and asking for permission to take pictures.

    Very good arguments being made by the non-violent protesters, and by those who want to get physical with their eye for an eye concepts of self-defense. My idea of active non-violent resistance being to step in harm’s way saving others from harm, I would propose that the blow-for-blow types, especially those into martial arts, that they reflect on the irreversible nature of such a warrior course of action.

    For over 30% of our fighting age young men are out of work and broke, most everyone in debt knows who has all the wealth and how they corrupted government to get it, and like a field of dry straw in autumn — one small spark and everything downwind gets wasted.

    For if the police keep shooting hard rubber, look for the protesters to throw rocks. Then its police batons against baseball bats, Tasers against chains and water cannons against fire bombs. Then after both sides start firing lead, look for assault rifle shootouts between SWAT teams and militias.

  7. The Torah says that the Phillistines translate to Greek and get Palestinians were in Gaza when the Patriot Abraham came into the region, which means that they were there first. Sort of makes that often said modern Israeli comment that Palestine didnt exist before 1948 a bit of an Untruth, Do they not believe what the Torah says.

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