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M.J. Rosenberg, journalist and Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, discusses his article “‘Attack Iran’ and AIPAC’s infamous chutzpah;” the AIPAC-sponsored bill in Congress that bans diplomacy or negotiations of any kind with Iran; how the “lobby” channels influence from Bibi Netanyahu straight to Congress; AIPAC’s ability to craft US foreign policy legislation, especially that pertaining to Iran sanctions; how a similar diplomatic prohibition in 1962 would have turned the Cuban Missile Crisis into WW III; the brief schism between the lobby and Israel’s government during Yitzhak Rabin’s peace process; and how an Iran war will endanger Israel and the US and force Iran to withdraw from the NPT and make a deterrent nuclear weapon for real.

MP3 here. (23:24)

M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.

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    1. eCAHNomics
      "you mention Ron Paul, I stop listening."

      All your one-liners, are they not just opinions without facts that convince no one? But surely you have a mind, so express it.

        1. Ok, I have not seen anything in that link that violates property rights or the non-agression principle. So, what are you saying, that Ron Paul is consistent?

          Sorry, I am just not seeing what you're getting at. Please elaborate.

        2. "Scott, every time you mention Ron Paul, I stop listening.

          Your choice."

          And when you say things like this, your utter ignorance shows. Your choice if you want to remain ignorant.

          Everything in that article sounds like hes trying to reduce the power and influence of the fedgov. Whats not to like? The authors comments are also misleading such as when he says "Perpetuates the tax code’s inherent discrimination against middle- and low-income people.", he leaves out the part where Ron Paul wants to get rid of the income tax and the entire tax code with it. Boy, he really wants to discriminate against those poor people so much he doesnt want them paying taxes at all.

          "HR 391: “To amend the Clean Air Act to provide that greenhouse gases are not subject to the Act.”"
          Since "Global Warming" is a total scam, this sounds like a good idea too. Yeah we need to "regulate" CO2, a gas emitted by every living animal on earth. What about water vapor? Its a "greenhouse" gas. I guess we need to regulate that too!

          OMG NO! you mean to tell me Dr Paul wants the US out of the UN? Say it aint so! You mean to tell me that in addition to downsizing Mordor on the Potomac, he wants to downsize the globalist elite UN monster too? whodathunkit? You have convinced me! I guess I wont be supporting him after all!

          Ron Paul is a LIBERTARIAN, not a "liberal". People like this Noel guy think they are somehow "exposing" him when Paul has never claimed otherwise. If you lefties don't like Ron, by all means, vote for Obama again. Just remember, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I guess the war issue isnt that important to you after all….

  1. … and Netanyahu gets his marching orders from the settlers. And the ultimate goal of the settlers is to destroy the people of Palestine, Iran is just a surrogate and a conduit to that destruction. Unless America retakes control over our government Israel will lead us, and through us, the world, to its destruction. These people are so fanatical that they actually want world-wide destruction.

    1. Roger Lafontaine, says,
      "Israel will lead us, and through us, the world…"

      But, what if Russia were to nuke vaporize Israel out of the real physical world, would then Empire USA become what it has never been before, a caring, giving democracy?

      And as Zionism is not a religion, but a system of economics designed to give the corporate rich a monopoly on the global markets, a power combine with all the corporate leaders together like a charging herd, how could anyone be in command of such a madding crowd?

      1. There is little chances of Russia attacking Israel. Israel was basically created by the communist of Europe. Israel has million of former Russians so they still have a lot of political power in the land that they came from. I suspect like the USA there are a lot of Russians who have dual citizenship even if that system does not exist on paper it exists in reality. They have no loyalty to anyone.

      2. John,
        Zionism is the ideology developed around 1900 by jews in Poland/Germany about how te reïnstate Israël. It tells to do it by buying land (which the settlers did until ~1945; nothing wrong with that), and gradually move out the existing population by small local short violent conflicts.
        Those local violent conflicts started in the 1930ths moving palestian villagers out of their houses. The UK government of Palestina tried to stop those conflicts but then got a very effective guerrilla by the settlers against them. As it did cost the UK a lot (in lives and financial) to keep things under control, they proposed the division in 1948 in the UN which was accepted. By next wars Israël enlarged its area at the cost of the old population.

        The present policy of Israël (a.o. starting new settlements in the occupied territories) is in line with this very smart Zionsm ideology. Not strange as Netanyahu committed himself fully to the Zionsm ideology.

        The only real problem now is that the present Palestinian people don't flee away.
        So what to do with them???


    Its like a half century ago on the Flip Wilson Show, where the nation’s most beloved comic dressed up like a women and in a high pitched voice coined the phrase, “The devil made me do it, the devil made me do it.”

    So, what is wrong with war, is it not always the end of some destiny and the birth of something new? And this ideology that we must always strive to be good, this idea that we be slaves to good, why for all we know the ultimate conclusion of good is evil — making good the highest form of evil.

    For mental darkness is an illusion of good hiding misery, a liar’s pretense of good hiding an intent to be enriched upon our misery. And as the more intelligent one is, the greater is their knowledge of good and the greater their ability to enslave us by a pretense of good.

    For on both sides of a war we see most intelligent rulers using some concept of good to call their people into battle.

    And so, wars accomplish the greatest of all good, to reach the ultimate conclusion of misery, so we may know if good is our only way to gain salvation from misery.

      1. expat, asks,
        “…your planet, John?

        Two things known to be real, will establish an unknown thing as equally real.

        But of course, if everything is relative with nothing absolute or permanent, then this world has no purpose and the highest goal of man is to seek all pleasure, with the battle of war being the most glorifying of all pleasure.

    1. The interesting thing is none of them would be bothered by this statement. AIPAC has gotten such control of the 535 prostitutes in the house and senate that they just do not care. You cannot get anyone elected that have not been groomed by AIPAC from the lowest political office. The sad thing is we can all watch the same people beating the war drums to attack an enemy of Israel and there really is nothing that we can do. We are only the source of bodies to die in the battles the zionist start for profit.

    1. And, as the Senator from Jerusalem is the US FA minister, we do need to hold our breath.

      Obama has allowed the US to sink even deeper into the Israeli quagmire. Read up on TE Lawrence " The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" and the conclusion is clear.


      1. I presume you're referring to The Pantsuited One, the corrupt, bought-and-paid for hack who's U.S. Secretary of State? You're right–she's an Israel-Firster all the way.

  3. Run Pole is a godless son of an American. He should be helped to end his life like Qaddafi. Who is he to try and stop our Arab-Kalifa plan in middleyeast, with Saudi-Arabia as a model?

  4. ummabdulla, asks,
    “Ron Paul… Who is he to stop our… plan in the Middle-East, with Saudi-Arabia as a model?”

    But, Ron wants to bring all USA troops home, so how could he stop anything in the Middle-East?

    And anything “with Saudi-Arabia as a model,” it being the most satanic and corrupt dictatorship on earth, surely it is doomed to destruction.

  5. Wouldn't a nuclear bomb attack on Israel also kill Palestinians? So why would Iran want to do as the whole world seems to be suggesting? Makes no logical sense. I almost hope Iran gets nukes, just so they can prevent any further U.S./Israel attacks.

    1. rick, asks,
      “why would Iran want to do (nukes) as the whole world seems to be suggesting?”

      Its only the Western world, for the “international community” is only Western Europe, Canada, US and Australia.

      For Israel was created by the Western world to keep the Arab world terrorized, so that Western war materials could be traded for Arab oil. And Iran putting a stop to such corruption, the danger of this is why the IAEA was created.

    2. YOu do not need to attack Israel. They have no war. Gaza has a high water table and they were attacked first in 1955. The zionist cry that they took the desert and made it a forrest. They did this by planting millions and millions of trees. This was pure stupidity and ruined most of the water table in the nation of Israel. The trees soaked up all the water and became a major fire danger. It is impossible to get rid of the trees and when the trees do burn the water in the trees leave the area in the wind.
      Israel has to get the Latia river which is in the middle of Lebanon. The attack on Iran is important because Iran is providing arms to the few who kicked the IDF out of Lebanon a few years ago. Israel would also like to grab the gas fields off the lebanon coast.
      Iran understands attacking is not going to do any good. They now are the major power in Iraq thanks to the stupidity of Bush. Iran will be a major power in Syria is destroyed. Iran and Turkey are slowly recreating the old Ottoman empire and all they need to do is keep Israel in check and let them dry up and blow away.

    3. YOu do not need to attack Israel. They have no water. Gaza has a high water table and they were attacked first in 1955. The zionist cry that they took the desert and made it a forrest. They did this by planting millions and millions of trees. This was pure stupidity and ruined most of the water table in the nation of Israel. The trees soaked up all the water and became a major fire danger. It is impossible to get rid of the trees and when the trees do burn the water in the trees leave the area in the wind.
      When you live in a desert water is the most important thing on the planet.

  6. It's not just Knesset West–er, uh, the U.S Congress–that's "Israeli-occupied territory," it's the whole damn U.S. Government. O-Bomb-a and The Pantsuited One take their orders and instructions straight from Tel Aviv. This is why the U.S. is on the way out. Any country that subordinates its national interests to another country is no longer a viable nation.

    M. J. Rosenberg's column "'Attack Iran' and AIPAC's infamous chutzpah" is damn good.

    1. All of the corporate rich are Zionists in pursuit of a one-world government, so what difference does it make who gives the orders?


    The corporate rich who have always ruled Germany, they hand picked Hitler, funded Hitler and ordered him to nationalize all the wealth owned by the Hebrew race. So, if Hitler had refused to do it, or the Hebrews had not amassed such wealth, the European exodus to Palestine would never have happened and modern Israel would never have been born.

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