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John Glaser, Assistant Editor at, discusses the US-influenced drug war in Mexico; how harsh drug crackdowns lead to more hardened criminals taking over the enterprise; the DEA’s five commando-style militarized squads of drug enforcers operating in much of Central America; why the War on Drugs hasn’t reduced drug use in the US; why it makes sense to allow legal businesses to manufacture and sell drugs, and treat drug abuse as a health issue; how the US plays one Mexican drug cartel against another, spiking murder rates; and the sweetheart deals for connected bigwigs who can transport cocaine with impunity (like in Honduras).

MP3 here. (19:48)

John Glaser is Assistant Editor at He is a former intern at The American Conservative magazine and CATO Institute.

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    (1) In both Mexico and USA, the rich nobility of High Society are never kidnapped, threatened of bothered in the slightest by any drug cartel.

    (2) The disparity of wealth in Mexico, it is the greatest in all the world with the USA rich almost as greedy.

    (3) Therefore, the rich nobility of Mexico USA, the richest for hundreds of years of the richest of the rich, they personally own and control all the drug cartels.

    (4) Therefore, the richest men in each county of America, they are a dichotomy mixture of absolute good and absolute evil. For while they fund all churches in their county, they also are the drug lords who decide the volume of drugs that will be shipped into their county.


    John Jorge, thinks, “Poverty is related to a lack of education or information. Get rid of poverty with a guaranteed annual income and free education all the way to a PhD.”

    Over 95% of all USA jail and prison inmates are fighting age laboring men. Result being, over a forth of all inmates worldwide are fighting age laboring men, age 12 to 40. For law enforcement is all of the educated middle-class, they spend 95% of their time policing laboring men, and most arrests are for drug addiction.

    A most beneficial corruption for the voting majority, as they be the upper half of society with all the wealth and keeping young laboring men enslaved is an essential part of such a democratic dictatorship.

    For our voting majority all have education beyond high school, and the fiction that such smart people know is fiction, is the illusion that we slow and careful thinking laboring men are all to lazy to get an education.

    1. LIGHT
      (1) If we laboring men were all too lazy to study text books sitting on our butts in an air conditioned classroom, then surely we would be too lazy to, in the sweat, filth, smoke and dust of it, to hard labor generate all of society’s wealth.

      (2) Brains like wealth and sex appeal pass from father to son.

      (3) To say that head work deserves greater pay then back-breaking, harm your body, repetitious drudgery, this shows you how deep the super-intelligent rich nobility have society locked into a fake morality.

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