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Brian Phillips, author of the Truth And Culture blog, discusses his article “Saturday Night Frights” about the most recent GOP presidential debate; the Republican candidates playing to their pro-war and pro-torture constituents; why regular people who occasionally read a newspaper are better informed than half the presidential contenders (especially the front runners); and why Ron Paul – the lone voice of reason in the GOP – somehow gets less airtime than Rick Santorum.

MP3 here. (20:05)

Dr. Brian Phillips works as a pastor, history and philosophy teacher, and writer.

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  1. Why don't the politicians get advice from smart men like this? Smart world-watchers know something is screwy with the direction this nation is being led.

    1. I´m afraid that our politicians have no interest whatsoever to get advice from smart men – they need and want their wars. Evil is taking place, right before our eyes.

      1. “Smart” being wisdom born of a humble, slow and careful thinking mind. Whereas, ability to be stupid is in direct proportion to one’s intelligence, the speed at which you can rationalize a problem and take all you can take.

    2. They say what they think you want to hear. The only "experts" they listen to are focus groups that tell them that. In the end, they'll do whatever their financiers want them to do. So watching pol "debates" is nothing more than a very unsatisfying sort of mental masturbation. Here's a cartoon that displays what it's all about in reality, dividing us with the illusion of choice:

  2. CBS was talking about Gingrich's spike in the polls.
    I wonder if Walter Cronkite is spinning in his grave? They gave R. Paul very little time. Of course it was done and had input from the weirdest warmonger of all Lindsey Graham's state of S. Carolina


    50% — Ron Paul
    40% — Obama
    10% — Gingrich

    Republicans fight for the elite High Society and all the executives in the Country Club class, the 10% most wealthy. Whereas, the Democrats represent the 40% Educated Middle-class who with the rich divide up all the wealth.

    So, Ron Paul has the entire lower half of society, like ripe fruit on a tree, his for the picking. And it all depends upon how he handles minimum wage.

  4. Yerp, Y’all remember to vote! Voting has solved all our problems these past 200 years or somethin. And remember be proud of the nobility (founding uncles) that founded United Suckers of America.
    Do your patriotic duty! Yeeha & Yahoo! God Blast all presidential candidates. They all are gods gift to humanity. By the way, hope and change is not lost yet, its just late some couple of years, that’s all. Either Onigga, Grinch or Run Pole wins United Suckers of America will once ‘again’ become what god intended it to be, the new Jerusalem, Atlantis, ………………
    Fooled me once ….


    For if a politician is an ingrate toward nature, feeling that life is not a free gift from nature, then he will feel that he deserves life and has a right to the food and wealth needed to sustain life. Then he will have no choice but to feel guilty if ever he fails to be all he can be, to earn all he can earn, take all he can take, own all he can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that he owns.

    Whereas, if a politician is grateful toward nature, feeling that this day of life is more then anyone deserves, then all the property he has belongs to those who have less then him be his way of thinking. Then most guilty would he feel if ever he fails to give all he can give.

    So, a politician has no choice but to be a slave to good or a slave to greed. For the human conscience has only two states of being, all grateful — or all ingrate.

    1. Take mutual gratification for example, where a politician associates only those of his class, gives mutually gratifying gifts to those who give equal in return, surely this is pure greed and the complete reverse of love. For love is a giving action that produces a grateful response.

      Take gifts to the poor that only inflate pride, again pure greed and the total destruction of love.

  6. As far as I'm concerned they might as well have had the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders up there answering those questions. or perhaps Miss America contestants. The only consistently intelligent ones, Paul and Huntsman, are crowded out and held back not because they can't run the race but because they can.


    Most profound, Ron Paul is the only Republican able to defeat Obama, defeat him by a landslide even, yet all those upper-class snobs prefer a looser. Just shows how unified and orchestrated our one party Dem-Repo form of government really is.

  8. Yes Ellis, All are equal, but some are more equal than others specially those with free-willy ie those with license to f### others ;p

    To all commentators whom write ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ will I become a member of your exclusive club; if I too start doing the intended mistake???
    Skott knows what I’m talkin about.

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