Mark and Ian


Mark and Ian, co-hosts of the talk radio show Free Talk Live on the Liberty Radio Network, discuss the hazards of doing a libertarian antiwar show on commercial radio; losing advertisers and affiliate stations for their insufficiently-deferential Veteran’s Day show; and why real military heroism and bravery is exemplified by Ehren Watada’s refusal to deploy and violate the Constitution, not by soldiers blindly following orders and killing civilians to avoid a dishonorable discharge.

MP3 here. (19:52)

Mark and Ian co-host the talk radio show Free Talk Live.

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  1. I don't really listen to the show anymore, since it went from being an independent thing to being on GCN, the callers just give me the creeps personally. But, I am happy they still haven't sold out. Definitely, if locked in a room and had to choose between Free Talk Live or Alex Jones, I'll take Free Talk Live.

  2. Wow, I haven't heard the truth about the BIG LIE since reading Henry David Thoreau's "Resistance to Civil Government." You guys are spot on! There's NO HONOR in being a soldier participating in an illegal, immoral war!!! We don't call someone "courageous" that's perpetuating a crime. Those people who truly love this country do not support or whitewash its crimes.


    CHRISTIAN: a pacifist, one who follows our Lord’s example and obeys his command, “Do not use force to overcome evil. If they strike you on the right check, turn to them the other.” Mt 5:38 OGV

    So, evil being a crime in any fair and just society, we could instantly end all wars if 70% of Americans just stopped being hypocrites — just practiced what they preach.

  4. Imagine if all soldiers refused to fight! Then I could "support the troops." By the way, you gotta love the "we're at war" excuse for murder put foward by so many idiots.


    1% High Society — Investor class, just loves our Military Industrial Complex

    10% Country Club class —- Executive and upper management class for High Society

    40% Educated Middle-class — Empire slave drivers, richest middle-class in history

    49% Uneducated Laboring class — Slaves not so stupid as to waste time voting

  6. Ironic that a "religious zealot" should attack Mark and Ian for being peace-makers. Once again, this proves that if there really is an iota of truth in the apocalyptic aspects of Christianity, today's "Christians" are basically the anti-Christ when it comes to their pro-murder views on war.

    1. Yes Lawrence, all Christians follow the teaching of Jesus, which is all about peace. Those who preach war and call themselves Christians are indeed the Anti-Christ. The definition is perfect.


    If people love darkness more then light, it is because their deeds are greedy and they refuse to come into the light for fear their greed will be exposed.

    Darkness is a pretense of good that hides our greedy intent and allows us to be enriched upon the misery of others.

    And though we have an unlimited number of ways to enrich ourselves upon the misery of fellow Americans, we can only enrich ourselves upon the misery of foreigners by first creating a state of war.

    Honduras for example, last year our CIA executed a military coup to install a new president so that this year we could make Honduras the cocaine shipping hub of all central America

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