Muhammad Sahimi


Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical Engineering and political columnist on Iran issues, discusses the specific accusations against Iran in the IAEA report; the truth about the “Soviet nuclear scientist,” the “exploding bridge wire” detonators, and old recycled allegations from Olli Heinonen and Israeli intelligence; and how Iran has never been given access to the “stolen laptop” documents – or the computer itself – and can’t properly respond to allegations or conduct a digital forensic investigation.

MP3 here. (20:03)

Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of chemical engineering & materials science and the National Iranian Oil Company chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California, has published extensively on Iran’s political development and its nuclear program. He is the lead political columnist for the web site PBS/Frontline/Tehran Bureau, blogs at The Huffington Post, and contributes regularly to and National Public Radio on issues related to Iran.

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  1. Sorry Mr. Sahimi…. "The evidence that WE were able to get from Iran is classified"….. "But if the evidence actually originated from Iran as you are claiming, then Iran would already possess it and know it;s contents, Therefore it is a contradiction to NOT allow them to see what YOU contend THEY entered into the computer . Either Iran entered what you claim is the incriminating content and therefor knows the information and therefore there is no reason to keep it secret as they already know it… OR there is a pressing need to keep the information secret ONLY IF Iran does NOT posses it and has not possessed it . You cannot have it BOTH ways… It must either be ONE scenario, or the OTHER…!! It is NOT rational to claim they are the source of the information, while seeking to keep it secret from them. Access to the information is essential for the purpose of defending themselves against YOUR accusations.. Therefor please choose: Either stop making the accusations OR Provide the information on which your accusations are base! The onus is on you to prove the information that YOU claim indicts Iran is legitimate and not a forgery like the Niger uranium documents and the "Mobile Bioweapons Labs" that YOU used as evidence for the attack on Iraq that killed more than half a million Iraqi citizens! Those people YOU killed were victims of your forged evidence and lies! Therefore because of YOUR recent record of LIES and FORGERIES…it is YOU that needs to establish your credibility… …NOT expecting Iran to prove that they are NOT the authors of what you irrationally refuse to produce".

  2. The problem with Iran is that it is in a catch 22. It seems that it is goaded into getting nuclear weapons in order to avoid a war. I hope cooler heads will prevail and the middle east stays safe

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