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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Newhouse discusses his article “Half of Vets Returning From Iraq and Afghanistan Need Medical Attention;” how advances in emergency medical treatment have greatly decreased battlefield fatalities from catastrophic injuries – though surviving soldiers often have debilitating brain injuries and require lifelong care; how the VA‘s increased budget has improved the quality of care (but not nearly enough); and the wasted lives of mostly poor and patriotic soldiers who were sent to fight and die in stupid wars.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Newhouse is the author of two books: Alcohol: Cradle to Grave and Faces of Combat: PTSD and TBI. He writes the Invisible Wounds blog at Psychology Today. A retired editor of the Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune, Newhouse won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism in 2000 for a 12-part series of stories on the effects of alcoholism in Montana. He also served as a juror for the 2007 and 2008 Pulitzer Prizes.

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    Natural instinct for survival: If you harm others, undue the damage done or suffer lifetime fear of vengeance.

    Out conscience, this is our natural instinct for survival, and it controls all our actions and every aspect of our mind, character and personality. For it tells us what we own, what we do not deserve and what is a free gift that we should be grateful for.

    Comes now war to be a worst case condition for keeping our conscience free of the terrorizing fear of vengeance. Especially our Empire USA wars of plunder will their brutal imperialism essential to enforcing our concept of national security, “There is security only in expansion.”

    And so the only way, for an ex-warrior to get his conscience out of harm’s way, is to oppose all wars and sojourn with a group like in quest of a way to tear the bloody guts right out of all wars.

  2. Each and every of your listeners should read "Johnny Got His Gun" written by Dalton Trumbo, a notorious blacklisted commie writer. It tells the story of the plight of a multiple amputee victim of the Great War. It is heartbreaking. The tragedy the state inflicted on the protagonist has not changed in almost one hundred years.

  3. what we do in groups we never do individually because we are conditioned to trust our masters moralitywhile the soldier puts his probity on a shelf…now thats immoral…serve your society by compassion…heroes save lives,they don't take them..all warriors are paid for terrorists,gangsta's of capitalism and hired guns….

  4. I suggest veterans take up arms and shoot those who sent them to war. Direct your grievance rightly. They will feel a lot better afterwards, Guaranteed satisfaction.

  5. 99% TAKERS
    If a man feels he deserves life, has an “unalienable right” to be all he can be in life, in essence is an ingrate toward nature, then he will have no choice but to feel he deserves the food and wealth needed to live, deserves to take all he can take, own all he can own and to go to war against all try to take what he owns.

    1% GIVERS
    Whereas, if a man is grateful toward nature feeling this day of life is more then he deserves, then he has no choice but to believe that everything he owns belongs to those who have less then him. Then most guilty would he feel if ever he failed to give all he can give, such that lay down his life to stay out of war is what he would give.

  6. Agree with jest of your comment, but
    deserve, give, have, own…. we are trapped in a world of words.
    I still think the vets should shoot’em.

  7. NorwegianHooter, boasts, “I still think the vets should shoot’ em.”

    Now if this Norwegian is referring to solders shooting in combat, he is a war-hawk, otherwise he is a terrorist. But then, my being a fellow Norwegian, maybe he like me grew up in an all Norwegian town where kids were taught funny little fantasies such as,

    “Ten thousand Swedes, chased through the weeds, by one lonely Norwegian.”

  8. John Ellis, funny name for a Norwagina!! Your English is not good enough to understand what I wrote. But keep trying.

  9. Be careful hooter, you may end up in a rendition program. Remember you live in democratic society with free-speech. If you say such things, in a free society, you are a terrorist but if you kill 100thousands+ then we talk about peace prize.
    Besides Internet is not there for free-speech, its there to monitor behaviour you dummy.

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