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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Will Washington Thump the Syrian Domino;” how the Obama administration’s belligerent foreign policy almost makes you pine for the wisdom and restraint of George W. Bush; the unwinding of poorly-conceived post-colonial countries, including Syria and Iraq; reports that Saudi Prince Bandar is forming an al-Qaeda style posse to fight in Syria, with US consent; and the collusion between current and former US government officials and the MEK terrorist group.

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Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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    If our Empire had not pressured Iran with economical sanctions and terrorist acts, would the Iran government have felt it necessary to create a fake landslide reelection for their incumbent President?

    I don’t think so, and so, our deceit is radicalizing and subverting Iran democracy and having the desired effect.

    Notwithstanding, a major good has been accomplished as we are now one step closer to gaining a full and perfect understanding of darkness, the ultimate good that will end all evil.

  2. Where are all the experts?

    “Syria is not a real country cause a lot of ethnic groups” REALLY NOW?
    Guess that exclude US among majority of countries in the world to also not be a real country.

    Syria first created in 1921? Syria was there long before Moses began jerkin off.

    nottin but water for fascist? Really dude??
    Minority dictatorship (Syria) versus Majority Dictatorship (US??)

  3. The recent “discussion” of the IAEA report with the Secretary General of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” offers a shocking insight into how the U.S. media looks at Iran through Israeli-tinted glasses. After the extremely lucid, intelligent Mohammad Javad Larijani had left the studio, Mika Brzezinski asks CFR president Richard Haass to give viewers the “big picture, the more intelligent picture.”


    Once each week in Iran, an MEK terrorist group blows up real estate belonging to the government, but unless you pay attention to Iran media, never would you know it happened. For news being new reality, the moment you stop getting the news, or propaganda is fed to you as news, from that point on your mind is put in a time capsule, as Howard Zinn did always say,

    “If you don’t know history, its as if you were born yesterday.”

  5. If the latest IAEA report is true, that Director Amano is so incompetent as to have no idea if Iran is working on nuclear weapons, so dense of mind he can’t even ask Iran the needed questions to get at the truth, then why would he release such a self-condemning and character destroying thing? Well its simple, everyone in the UN knows the IAEA report is fiction, and Amano is held in high honor for his ability to produce world-class propaganda.

  6. EGYPT — $2 a day wages

    Today, Tahrir Square, Egypt’s freedom epicenter, looks like a battlefield, a might worse then any prior rock thrower in their Revolution. So, one of two things has to happen,

    (1) The 51% most wealthy voting majority must terminate their economical slavery. Laboring class wages being $2 a day.

    (2) A new Constitution must bar the 51% most wealthy from voting, and bar everyone but government from funding elections.

    1. Why 51%, John? What if many of the people in that 51% are making, say $2.50 a day? Because they make 50 cents more, you, in your infinite wisdom think they should be deprived of their ability to elect who governs them? Yeah, great plan. Should work wonders.

      You are a piece of work, pal. You may very well be the most breathtakingly ignorant person on the planet, not to mention one possessing a Napoleonic complex.

      The world according to John Ellis, dictator at large. What a nightmare that would be.

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