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Kate Gould, Legislative Associate for the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), discusses her article “‘Nuclear Option’ Against Iran’s Economy Paves Way for War;” the harshest sanctions yet making their way through Congress, designed to shut down Iran’s central bank and crush their currency; language that prohibits Obama from making national security exemptions on Iran sanctions; Rep. Brad Sherman’s open admission that sanctions are designed to hurt civilians, in order to effect political change (sounding much like the definition of terrorism); and the research that shows sanctions are far more effective at starting wars than solving problems.

MP3 here. (19:57)

Kate Gould is the Legislative Associate for Foreign Policy focused on Israel-Palestine, Iran, and other Middle East issues.

Kate began her career with FCNL as a program assistant, where she served in the foreign policy program from 2007-2009. Her lobbying work at FCNL inspired her to seek first-hand knowledge of the impact of U.S. policies by traveling and working in the Middle East for nine months.

Kate taught Palestinian schoolteachers for AMIDEAST, helped coordinate a joint Israeli-Palestinian radio show at the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information, and worked as a freelance journalist in the West Bank. In Gaza, she documented the impact of the blockade on civil society organizations in a report for the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in conjunction with the Rebuilding Alliance, a U.S. NGO. Kate also interned for Senator Jeff Merkley both in southern Oregon and in his Washington, DC office.

Prior to re-joining FCNL’s foreign policy program, Kate served as the Director of Advocacy and Outreach for Just Foreign Policy.

Kate completed her undergraduate study of International Development and Political Science at Western Washington University and studied abroad in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Zanzibar/Tanzania.

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  1. It's no surprise that Senator Kirk introduced the war-paving amendment. According to the Washington Report,

    "Despite receiving more contributions from pro-Israel PACs than any other candidate in the 2010 congressional elections, Rep. Mark Kirk won the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama by less than 2 percentage points. As a result of those contributions, however, Kirk was able to join the list of top 10 Senate recipients before he even took his new seat. Of course, it didn't hurt that in 2008 he received $91,200 for his House race."


    Hardly, more like a slave market — just like slavers auctioning off their human cargo to the highest bidder.

    For what is the difference between the good old days when slaves in a boat were given food and shelter but no wages, and the bad new days where sweatshop slaves in Haiti, Honduras and Egypt are given food and shelter — but only if their $2 a day wages can pay for it.

  3. So why does Iran need a central bank? Didn't Ron Paul write that End the Fed book? Wouldn't it be funny if they forced Iran to adopt the Ron Paul platform?

  4. It Stinks of AIPAC, or the warmonger faction of the Republican party, not that they are mutually exclusive. This is an end-run for a declaration of war for acts of war. Obey the constitution. Restore American sovereignty.

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