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Seymour Hersh, award winning investigative reporter for The New Yorker magazine, discusses his article “Iran and the I.A.E.A.;” how extensive CIA/JSOC espionage (and perhaps assassination and sabotage) in Iran failed to find any evidence of a clandestine nuclear weapons program; why Iran’s interest in nukes prior to 2003 was to hedge against an Iraqi weapon; the new IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, who has no problem regurgitating old innuendo to make a case for war; and why the bluster coming out of Israel exists mostly at the top, since common sense attitudes about Iran are common in lower ranks of the military and Mossad.

MP3 here. (20:40)

Seymour M. Hersh wrote his first piece for The New Yorker in 1971 and has been a regular contributor to the magazine since 1993. His journalism and publishing awards include a Pulitzer Prize, five George Polk Awards, two National Magazine Awards, and more than a dozen other prizes for investigative reporting. As a staff writer, Hersh won a National Magazine Award for Public Interest for his 2003 articles “Lunch with the Chairman,” “Selective Intelligence,” and “The Stovepipe.” In 2004, Hersh exposed the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in a series of pieces in the magazine; in 2005, he again received a National Magazine Award for Public Interest, an Overseas Press Club award, the National Press Foundation’s Kiplinger Distinguished Contributions to Journalism award, and his fifth George Polk Award, making him that award’s most honored laureate.

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  1. "I'm off to lunch."

    Seymour Hersh is a cold man. No fun and games for that guy. Nothing new that hasn't been discussed on the show several times by more entertaining and friendly guests, but a good summary for those who are new to the issue.

    1. Stu, for fun and games we have Fox News. Personally, I don´t find anything funny or entertaining about a war with Iran. What Seymour did for me was to sum up the situation so that we can clearly see what was happening. I totally "enjoyed" the interview.

      1. Now, dont get me wrong here Walter, I was only joking. It was a good interview, but I do appreciate the courtesy of Gareth Porter, Eric Margolis, Pepe Escobar, etc. over a guy who just hangs the phone up without so much as a good by and good luck.

        There is nothing funny about a war with Iran, but you know, there is still something to be said for civility. As for entertainment, you can in fact be informative and entertaining at the same time. Actually Ive never watched fox news, but Id bet Scott Horton is a hell of a lot more hilarious and entertaining than anything theyve ever put on. The suggestion that you cant find some humour in the darkest of times doesnt work for me — i guess its just a survival mechanism, but I use it so that I dont get depressed, so I'll probably keep at it.


    Comes now Empire of the ingrates to establish for eternity, that if it proceeds to plunder the most peaceful nation and moral theocracy on earth, then all corruption is irreversible and all evil has reached its ultimate conclusion. Which will then of course cause Empire USA to put of of its misery — and all things on earth will turn toward the good.

    That’s what I always say.


    Who owns Palestine — who owns Israel — who owns North America? The great debate, for first the holy land for thousands of years was Canaan, then for 816 years it was Israel, then for 2,300 years Palestine and now for 63 years ruled by Israel.

    And so, the original and true owners of all nations, they are the first mammal animals that discovered, settled and occupied them. And it most certainly was not that ingrate mammal and most cruel and inhuman animal we know as ignoble man.

    For be it by evolution or creation, first came the land, then came four legged mammal animals to settle the land — then came indigenous natives to invade, eat the animals and occupy — then came the white man to invade, genocide and occupy.

    So, the goal being free and equal possession of all land, namely equal ownership of all the wealth therein, only we in the here and now may enter into the equation. For to claim that you have squatters rights because a distant ancestor did the squatting, is this not what predigest and bigotry is all about?

  4. My surgeon in Tuluá, Colombia, told me his theory: Very long ago all-out war happened Moon-Mars. The few survivors settled here. So, we are three-in-one according to my good surgeon in Tuluá. The Piri Reis Map, a 600-million-years-old metal vase and a 400-million-years-old gold chain among other things have been found, suggesting that we´ve blown it up before, maybe several times. Few people survive in the mountains and in 100,000 years-or in a million years-everything is forgotten and we can blow it up once again.


    If this war torn world has a purpose, if the misery of it has a purpose, then what could the reason possibly be? Well, I have a theory and if you have a better one let me know.

    Is it possible to have a freewill, to be harmless or be cruel as your heart desires?

    No, for either you will be grateful thinking life is a free gift and always give all you can give, or be an ingrate thinking life is an “unalienable right” you deserve and always take all you can take.

    So, the purpose of this world is to reach the ultimate conclusion of what happens when the majority are ingrates, and they make life slavery most miserable for the grateful few.

    If after all this misery, our world should end up with all things toward the good, with everyone caring, giving and doing good, then what possible reason could there be for such misery?

  6. Hey Ellis, You seem to have a lot to say (write). Why don’t you start a blog or vlog (video) or something?!
    We then come to your site and read about your thoughts on everything. No pun, do it man just do it.
    Start here or (not promoting these, the ones I could remember)
    Good luck

    Unless of course you do this for the commondream lot.
    In which case you may be hypnotized/programmed

  7. Unless they want their country to be invaded by US/NATO, and end up with thousands of civilians slaughtered and the bodies of their leaders dragged through the streets…they better get nukes up and ready ASAP!

  8. I think it's inevitable that Iran will get it's own nukes, they are trying REALLY HARD to get them. (Pakistan's bomb(s) are another threat to, nobody thinks it's a good idea for their Islamic crazies to get control of them, how does that differ from Iranian Islamic crazies???.)
    1)Iran is governed by a crazy house of anti Democratic women hating religious crazies (remember the sight of that woman shot in the head by the Savam?
    2) I don't see that the UN as the bad guy, remember they told us Sadaam had NO WMD?
    3) I don't trust Netanyahu, he is as right wing as they come.
    4) The commenter who said Iran was the most peaceful and moral country surely was speaking of another country…ask the gay folk, or women hanged in the streets!
    5) Iran is not a gentle peaceful free society!

  9. @ TomDem
    Your are apparently a Democrat, so why do you hang around here on antiwar?
    You have the right to bend over and let UN fist you, but you may not ask others to do so just cause you enjoy that act.
    As for you comment on Iranian regime, those crazies are much more sane than those crazies your beloved preZident trains and courts as Palestinian Invades (theZZ or is it SS) and those fascist Wahhabist.
    And the only freedom you have in US is the freedom to SHOP.

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