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Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses his article “Support Your Local Police State;” the history and evolution of policing in the Western world; how grand juries have changed from being tools for citizens investigating government crimes, into the playthings of prosecutors; why mall cops deserve more respect than their government employed counterparts; the difference between a law enforcement officer and a peace officer; and how Occupy Wall Street protesters are treated like “disruptive” Guantanamo prisoners.

MP3 here. (23:53)

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. Thanks to Will Grigg for an informative overview of the history of policing in the US. The first appearance of a modern paramilitary police force here in Britain was in 1984 during the year long miners strike. Overwhelming force was the order of the day, and the 'battle of Orgreave' in particular is instructive. There are a series of videos available on YouTube.
    The pictures and accounts of police brutality coming out of the US from the OWS campaign today include those of war veterans and even a pregnant woman being severely injured from unprovoked assaults.
    This is the very reason why we saw an unsuccessful attempt to outlaw photographing police officers in public places in the UK a few years back, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7888301.stm but it seems that in the US the police don't give a damn about being filmed as they go about their work. Their masters still remain squeamish about this issue however, which is why journalists were kept out of Zucotti Park and news helicopters were grounded during last week's eviction.

    1. The blood decedents of the war lord princes who established grand old England, surely they were the rich nobility that created a fake U.S. Constitution and a fiction democracy known as Empire USA. Both your government and ours being non-governments actually, just money dictatorships and anarchy, run by and for High Society.


    Our police state is the ultimate conclusion of the dominant paradigm taught nationwide in every freshmen psych class, “to self-actualize… Be All You Can Be.” So, the dominant morality being to take all you can take and to hoard all that the law will allow, law enforcement becomes a high growth industry, with law makers, legalized killers and the legal profession never being quite able to keep up with the demand.

    So, a better way —

    A society where everyone is able to experience the most pleasing of all emotions; to feel compassion, pity and benevolence toward those in a lower class, and to receive a grateful response in return.

    So, a take all you can take mentality requires the deadly force of government and all those legalized killers who get a god-ego strapping a killing machine to their bodies. Whereas, a give all you can give morality requires the elimination of all force, especially deadly force.


    If this war torn world has a purpose, if the misery of it has a purpose, then what could the reason be? Well, I have a theory and if you have a better one let me know.

    Is it possible to have a freewill, to be harmless or be cruel as your heart desires?

    No, for either you will be grateful thinking life is a free gift and always give all you can give, or be an ingrate thinking life is an “unalienable right” you deserve and always take all you can take.

    So, the purpose of this world is to reach the ultimate conclusion of what happens when the majority are ingrates, and they make life slavery most miserable for the grateful few.

  4. This is fantastic stuff Will and Scott. I would like to hear a lot more detail on this phenomena. I have sent this link to a few friends that loved it also. BTW Will get back on the air yourself! Please?

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