Gareth Porter


Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses the lies and innuendo in the IAEA report on Iran; the whole story on Vyacheslav Danilenko, the Russian scientist accused of helping Iran’s (alleged) nuclear weapons program; former IAEA inspector Robert Kelly’s doubts about a “containment chamber” for testing high explosives used in nuclear weapons; why this “intelligence” is most likely passed on to the IAEA by Israel; how the “alleged studies” documents got the current Iranian missile design wrong (proving they are forgeries); why Iran’s cooperation varies with regard to IAEA inspections and additional protocol agreements; and how everyone is hyperventilating about stuff Iran was alleged to have done in 2003 or earlier.

MP3 here. (25:01)

Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. He is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. THE REAL FACE OF THE USA,A terrorist regime that uses anything to make war even a note from a 6 year old,Our murderist government will bring us down a dark road,it has already bankruped us in to borrowing from China and Russia believe it or not check the memos from the white house.We are now worst than the terrorist we want to kill,we kill,murder,terrorize,extort,assassinate ,and bomb every one on the planet that is weak,no wonder every one hates us,can Obama walk the streets by him self anymore,here or in Europe or asia,no and why because he killed every one he felt like how did this man get a peace prize now tell me this warmonger who just started a new war in Africa if you want all this to stop and not have a family member come home in a bag vote with your heart for a man who will give your children a future,american made jobs,food for the needy and a family that has a smile vote RON PAUl a man for the people by the people and a future for you


    Western media now tells us that the CIA spies in Iran just made some small “stupid” mistakes, but because CIA pathological liars are so vastly more intelligent then anyone in Iran, they will soon be back on top.

    Problem is, stupid refers to the stupidity of thinking your more intelligent which gives those with greater intelligence the ability to entrap you in your own stupidity, the predicament liar CIA has got itself into.

    A character trait of those who rule the Western world, they so stupid as to see nothing immoral in deceitfully spying on those who intend you no harm.

  3. Unfortunately, the vast majority of American readers have it fixed in their minds by now that Iran is building nuclear bombs. They'll never see the debunking or won't pay attention to it.

  4. — = rs a–hole
    _ = p like _enis

    Does anyone asks, SO WHAT if they are making a bomb? I mean really how stupid are these people? World is full nuclear bombs to destroy everything 10 times over. Yet these ar–ols bugger about a maybe-bomb??
    I wish democratic and exemplar USerperofA could start acting as an example and destroy some of those nuclear bombs that cost them millions in maintenance. Oh well whats a few million dollars against such sacrosanct duty as to keep us all safe from big bad terrorist. Iranians suffer from _enis envy, they look at USerperofA and see this big _enis like objects the USerperofA keep producing and think hey we want one of those. Look how USerperofAmericans can satisfy their wives with those!! We want one too, they say.

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