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Christopher Anders, senior legislative counsel in the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office, discusses his article “Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a ‘Battlefield’ They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window;” the secretly-negotiated bill proposing indefinite detention in military custody for US citizens accused of terrorism (or donating to the wrong charities, etc.); how the Non-Detention Act of 1971 (the “never again” response to Japanese-American internment during WWII) envisioned Congress as a moderating force that would prevent Executive abuses; why the Supreme Court is the last obstacle preventing military POW camps from replacing the civilian justice system; indications that Obama may actually veto (rather than encourage) the Constitution’s destruction; and why you should call your senator to help stop this bill from passing.

MP3 here. (20:00)

Christopher E. Anders is the senior legislative counsel in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington Legislative Office. He represents the ACLU in lobbying Congress and the executive branch on lesbian and gay rights, the faith-based initiative, conflicts between religious claims and civil rights, fair housing, oversight of federal civil rights enforcement, restoration of civil rights protections eroded by the courts, hate crimes and HIV/AIDS issues.

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  1. Supremes as "last obstacle"? Is that some sort of a joke? These black-robed nimrods have created the beast that acts the way it does. They may have thrown bones of distraction to the mob on occasion but I highly doubt, unless the public shouts loud and long, that it'll stop this train wreck. That would be like cutting off their own hand… the one holding the hammer to pound us all.

  2. So, the Senator who based his political career on playing up his time in Vietnamese detention now wants to lock up Americans in McCain Detention camps.

    1. I said the very same thing this morning. All the crying and sympathy begging by this man and he wants to allow the same thing to be done to the people of his country that he supposedly represents!! Hogwash!

  3. Of course, since both Obama and Bush have already declared their 'right' to just simply kill any American they don't like any time they want to … simply by crying 'terrorist', this is really secondary. And, the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court have already express their approval of this policy.

    We really, really, really need to vote every single one of these tyrants out of office in 2012. Don't vote (D) or (R) (except in some rare cases like Ron Paul or Barbara Lee)


    So, anyone who differs openly against the rich and powerful, especially any Occupy Wall Street activist who does the organizing, off to an Army base and a prison dungeon they go. Perfect timing and just in time for the Occupy Spring of 2012.

  5. The McCain-Levin Enemy of the State Act?

    Justice Jackson:
    'Protective custody meant that you were taking people into custody who had not committed any crimes but who, you thought, might possibly commit a crime?'

    Hermann Goering:
    'Yes. People were arrested and taken into protective custody who had not yet committed any crime, but who could be expected to do so if they remained free… the original reason for creating the concentration camps was to keep there such people whom we rightfully considered enemies of the state.'

    Nuremberg 1946.

  6. TotatarianismSucks
    “We really, really, really need to vote every single one of these tyrants out of office.”

    “We really, really, really need to” fantasize that the voting majority is we, that the 51% most educated and wealthy own the wealth and enslave society are not the voting majority, for we are the voting majority and if we could just elect an honest president all our problems will go away.

  7. Remember, the people down in Arizona had a golden opportunity to hit the flush handle on the toilet that Juan McAmnestyMcCain crawled out of and replace him at the last election and those dimwits were too stupid to do it.

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