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IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses the early parliamentary voting results in Egypt, with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties dominating so far; why the leftist/liberal parties fear a new Egyptian dictatorship will take hold; the unpopular supra-constitutional principles that permanently subordinate civilian government to the military; why Egypt’s revolution seems to have been anticipated and manipulated by the military council; and why you shouldn’t believe anything the US State Department says in public (the WikiLeaks cables are another matter).

MP3 here. (20:09)

Adam Morrow writes for Inter Press Service News Agency.

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    “In January the people were tricked into giving
    the military authority over the revolution…the
    people want stability…”

    Not so, for only the lower half of Egyptian society was tricked, and only the upper half prefers stability over revolution. For never has Mubarak or his generals defied the will of the 51% most educated and wealthy, the voting majority with all the wealth and power.

    And as this interview said not one word about Egypt being 80% Muslim, what we have just been fed is a mixture of light and darkness, the absolute worst kind of darkness.

  2. Scott is still pushing this facebook revolution propoganda. He said it was not a revolution by islamic people, eventhough all the mass rallys occured after friday church services, he obviously watches too much MSM and not RT. Typical agnostics like to think they dominate just because they dominate the media doesnt mean they dominate anything else.

  3. I'm no muslim but where is the justice in a small minority of libertarians imposing their ideology upon a majority muslim population, If they want to live like Saudis shouldnt that be their right. After all Saudi Arabia is a great place to be if your muslim. Just because you believe it is a womans right to be anorexic with surgical implants, and have endless free abortions, doesnt mean that other women dont believe its their right to be under Sharia law and be beaten by their own sons. Take away the coping mechanisms(drugs, religion, consumption) and which would be the happiest i honestly couldnt tell you.

  4. The young, media-savvy 'revolutionaries' were never in the majority, but they're the kind of people that the U.S. media can get to easily and feels comfortable talking to. Now, people claim that it was a liberal, secular revolution, but that was never the case. I remember that in the beginning, they never gave any views except that it was only about getting rid if Mubarak, which everyone could support. Remember the huge numbers of people that came out to pray the Friday prayer behind Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

    Most Egyptians are Muslim, and they want to live as Muslims (which has nothing to do with being beaten by your sons – s/he has obviously never sen the respect given by Muslim men to their mothers). Same with Tunisians, Libyans, Syrians and Yemenis. Contrary to what most of the media reports (although Adam Morrow is a breath of fresh air, who seems to just report what's actually going on), the Muslim Brotherhood is well known among the Egyptian people and has been for decades. When they vote for it, they know exactly what they're voting for.

    As Scott asks about what the CIA or the State Department are trying to do, I'm reminded of a verse from the Qur'an that all Muslims know and refer to often in this kind of context:

    {And they [i.e. the disbelievers] planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners.} 3:54

    (Allah is the Arabic name for God – the same God worshiped by Christians and Jews.)

  5. From an AFP article titled "Islamists claim lead in Egypt vote count":

    "The real surprise is not if the Muslim Brotherhood wins, the real surprise is if it does not win," wrote commentator Tariq al-Hamid in the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat earlier in the week.

    "The Brotherhood is a powerful force because it works day and night, on the ground and not through social networking sites," he added, in a swipe at the noisy liberals active on Twitter.

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  7. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt represents only the 30% most educated and wealthy in their religion. And if you think that Egypt’s generals rule over the Muslim Brotherhood, then must needs get brain unscramble. For the 30% most wealthy in Egypt, since before days of the Pharaohs, have always had absolute rule over all deadly force.


    So, if Egypt has $22 billion foreign reserves, while half its people has $2 a day starvation wages, why is $1.5 billion a year of our taxes being handed over to their generals for nothing more then crowd control? For all those dictatorships we subsidize have a military for but one reason — crowd control.

  9. %51 + % 49 = %100 almost, perhaps.
    %51 + %49 & little umph ≃ %110
    Some $ Billion more or less is some $ Billion.
    Was that bribe for no more massacres in Oslo??
    OK; now that we got that away ;D

    Every US state should consider cessation, not only you’ll save your state, you’ll save much of the world, including Egypt. Perhaps then they (Egyptians) can start charting their future, on their on, without meddling of USrael.

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