Jeff Paterson


Jeff Paterson, Project Director of Courage to Resist, discusses whistleblower Bradley Manning’s December 16th court hearing, his first after a year and a half long pretrial detention; Manning’s lawyer’s complaints about the government’s refusal to disclose evidence; the life-sentence facing Manning for allegedly leaking information embarrassing – but not harmful – to the government and military; how Manning’s treatment at the Quantico Marine brig clearly violated the UCMJ; and how you can donate to Manning’s legal defense and/or participate in a demonstration supporting him at Fort Meade on December 16th and 17th.

MP3 here. (20:00)

Jeff Paterson is Project Director of Courage to Resist.

8 thoughts on “Jeff Paterson”

  1. The lawless creeps running the show in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon should be looking at padded cells for themselves instead of swollen paychecks.


    For darkness is an illusion of good hiding misery, a liar’s pretense of good hiding an intent to be enriched upon our misery, and when it comes to Manning establishing before all the world that pure corruption is Empire USA — surely all darkness has given way

  3. You can visit to learn about solidarity events taking place during Bradley's 2nd day in court, December 17th. They are being organized by the Bradley Manning Support Network!

  4. 18 months makes an ironclad case. Actually three months makes an ironclad case, 18 months suggests the need for a patch job.

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