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James Bovard, author of Attention Deficit Democracy, discusses his article “Dying to Corrupt Afghanistan;” Hamid Karzai’s empty promises of reform as Afghanistan claims the title of most corrupt government in the world; Mitt Romney’s eager prostrating to the military in a time when “support the troops” has exempted the whole institution from public reproach; and why it’s no coincidence every country the US is about to go to war with has a (supposedly) crazy ruler who can’t be negotiated with.

MP3 here. (20:01)

James Bovard is a contributor to The American Conservative magazine and policy advisor at The Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal and many other books.

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  1. A Canadian soldier serving with the NATO contingent in Afghanistan made the following comment about the war against the Taliban, he stated: " We have the watches, they have the time."

  2. Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org-wrote on the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland: "Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike." This leads to Launch On Warning, probably by 2014.


    Money over people and property ownership over human rights — what the ultimate conclusion of democratic Empire USA is all about.

    For allowing the 51% most educated and wealthy to vote, this will always establish a dictatorship ruled by the upper half of society.

    But, if you stop the 25% most educated and wealthy from voting, that will give the lower half of society a full 50% of vote, 50% of the power and turn an upper half dictatorship into all-class democracy.


    As democracy in Empire USA is brutal imperialism by the 51% most educated, wealthy and greedy, as only a power combine of nations more deadly then our Empire could ever force to give way all that darkness, in our 51% most wealthy so locked in darkness, that’s what I always say.

  5. The U.S. Government's war in Vietnam–er, I'm sorry, Afghanistan–is a colossal disgrace. President Thieu–er, President Karzai–is another criminal propped up by the U.S.

    Mitt Romney–like the rest of the GOP candidates, except Ron Paul–is a chickenhawk, Israel-First scumbag.


    I know, everyone here is of the stuck-up 51% most educated and wealthy, but you will just have to stomach the stress

    For, true democracy is not the 51% most educated and wealthy being the voting majority, owning all the wealth and enslaving the lower half of society. For that is what the Western world is all about.

    For wealth would corrupt anyone, as the more wealth a man has, the more he feels deserving of wealth and all the more is he willing to kill to protect it.

    For true democracy allows the lower half of society to have 50% of the vote giving it 50% control of government.

    For true democracy stops the 25% most wealthy from hoarding 90% of the wealth, and does it in the only way possible — by taking the right to vote or participate in government — away from the 25% most wealthy.

  7. Quite the reverse, for instead of our Empire USA being deficit democracy, all of law enforcement and all regulations have as their highest priority to enforce pure and holy democracy. For as every third grader is brainwashed to store in their memory banks for life, democracy is the most holy, moral and wise 51% voting majority being the unquestioned absolute ruler over society.

    And so, we have the 51% most educated and wealthy being the voting majority, having all the wealth and always voting in a way that best enslaves the lower half of society.

  8. Bring all of our troops home. Take military action only if: 1, Congress declars war. 2. Taxes are raised to pay for the war. 2. The draft is activated, so as to not have large, standing forces who are led by officers who are anxious for war to justify their next star, and to spread the lives lost to all classes of our citizens..

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