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Jeb Sprague, author of Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti, discusses his article “WikiLeaks Reveal: U.S. and UN Officials Oversaw Integration of Ex-Army Paramilitaries into Haiti‚Äôs Police Force;” a brief overview of Haiti’s history, from colonial slave state to current times; Aristide’s democratic election following “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” Duvalier dictatorships; and how international aid agencies have destroyed Haiti’s domestic rice production and spread cholera.

MP3 here. (29:23)

Jeb Sprague is a blogger and PhD candidate in sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti.

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    1. I think it's because of what Haiti, historically, represents, The West will always do whatever it can to continue to punish her for her rebellion. This they see as a lesson for other would be self-directed nations.


    In Empire USA — the 51% most educated and wealthy are the voting majority, which is why they have all the wealth and the lower half of society all have impoverished wages. So, as human nature will never change, the only solution is a nationwide strike that never ends, as only refusing to labor for the upper half will end such a dictator mentality.


    Haiti is identical to Empire USA in the respect that both countries have always been ruled by the 50% most educated and wealthy, the upper half that has always jointly owned all the wealth, shared in an agreeable way all power and acted in a way that best enslaves the laboring-class lower half.

    For when Haiti became the first nation to ever abolish slavery by a violent revolt, the French embargo was like water off a duck’s back for the laboring-class lower half of society. They had their food, shelter, farm tools and more then enough to satisfy all their simple wants and needs, as none were so fool as to think they could achieve wealth, which gave none a desire to compete for wealth.

    But not so for the 50% most educated and wealthy, all being so fool as to think they could be rich, and all desiring above all things for the French embargo ended so they could export, import and strive to be rich in the only way possible — by forcing the laboring class to produce extra so that the upper half could hoard extra.

    1. So, Haiti has always been ruled by the 50% most educated a wealthy, all of the police and paramilitary groups are of the 50% most educated and wealthy — and the simple solution is a nationwide strike that lasts forever. For if the 50% lower half refused to lift a finger for the upper half, as a wise old man once said to me,

      “A rich man’s gold would be worthless
      if everyone refused to work for it.”

      1. I don't think 5% of the population of Haiti is wealthy or educated, let alone the 50% you keep saying. Sadly I don't see any solution to Haiti's problems. If it continues with its population growth and environmental degradation, it may even become ecologically permanently uninhabitable in a few more generations. I see a humanitarian tragedy just waiting to happen. And only a few hundred miles from our shores.

  3. Andy
    “I don't think 5% of the population of Haiti is wealthy
    or educated, let alone the 50% you keep saying.”

    Yes of course — less then 5% of Haiti enjoy good jobs, good homes and good healthcare.

    Yes of course — the 5% of population that earns a living directly or indirectly from law enforcement, their of course paid starvation wages.

    Yes of course — the Haiti laboring-class is all jammed and crammed into the big city slums, this is because all the middle-class homes and upper middle-class homes that surround for miles and miles all the cities — are owned by foreigners.

    Yes of course — the rich are able to keep the entire laboring-class lower half of society enslaving with less then 5% of the population.

    Yes of course — laboring-class men having no wealth or ability to do anything but make babies, this has nothing to do with their $2 a wages.

    Yes of course — because corporate owned mainstream media says Andy is walking in the light…

  4. You should listen to the interview. Powerful wealthy people in the country with support from US have used armed groups for years to attack the poor. The same could be said about many places around the world, but scott and jeb discuss here the unique way in which it occurred on that island.

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