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M.J. Rosenberg, journalist and Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, discusses his article “American Enterprise Institute Admits: Iran Threat Isn’t That It Will Launch Nuclear Attack;” why the neoconservatives fear Iran getting a nuclear weapon and then not using it, dispelling the “crazy Ayatollah” image carefully created by Iran-hawks; how a nuclear-armed Iran would disrupt the “balance of power,” so the US and Israel could no longer wage undeclared war with impunity; the new round of “crippling” Iran sanctions, which would end conventional trade and create nation-wide black markets; and why Israelis keen on attacking Iran should expect retaliation from Hezbollah’s large arsenal of missiles in Lebanon.

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M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.

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    U.S. Constitution — does it protect us from a butcher medical industry that enriches itself upon our misery the more miserably sick it keeps us?

    For the name of the game being to keep we the people apprehensive, anxiety driven and in fearful submission to authority, the authority of government and the corporate giants we must slave for, we see the corrupt processed food industry fattening us up for the slaughter with a 50% fat diet, then after a dozen medical specialists milk our life savings for all its worth, finish us off they surely do on the butcher operating table.

    For if having a constitution should guarantee anything, it should be to protect us from a conspiracy to destroy our most priceless possession — our longevity and essential need for a healthy lifestyle.

    1. For we are the sickest society of any industrialized nation on earth, all because the average American diet is 50% of calories fat. Go into any fast food restaurant and you will come our with a gut full of 75% fat that will strain every internal organ in the body. But rest assured, no matter how bulging in fat your body becomes, your doctor will never embarrass you by saying a word about it.

      SOLUTION: Put nothing in your grocery cart that is more then 15% fat. That will eliminate all junk food which is 80% fat, and eliminate most processed foods

      10% complex carbohydrates, 40% protein and 50% fat

      80% complex carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat

  2. M. J. Rosenberg is a man who "knows the enemy"–he once worked for AIPAC!

    You can't help but think that Iran is the most put-upon country on earth. It doesn't have nuclear weapons, and it hasn't invaded anyone in–what is it, 400 years, or something like that? Of course, that doesn't stop the Zionist fanatics in Tel Aviv from urging an attack on Iran. Nor does it stop the U.S. Government–which grovels to anything Israel, its "51st state," demands–from acquiescing.

    I'd like to see every Israel-Firster shipped the hell over to Israel–and told to stay there. It's where their loyalties lie, anyway.

    1. Obama is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Obama is been held hostage by Israel and now he has fallen in love with Israel.

      1. He is a career politician with almost no worldly experience, totally out of his depth. Don't get mad at him – instead get mad at the system which could elect such a person tor such a role. US public opinion is shaped by the media and the allegedly impartial opinion polls.

    2. >You can't help but think that Iran is the most put-upon country on earth.

      And don't forget that Iran is currently surrounded by non-NPR/IAEA signatory nuclear states AND has the U.S. and associated international Invader/occupier forces on two of its borders.

  3. Money dictatorship — How can people control it?

    The Supreme Court uses our U.S. Constitution not to defend the law, but to desecrate and declare null and void the fundamental principle of all organic and natural law,

    “No one shall enrich themselves
    upon the misery of another.”

    Take the way tobacco corporations have a right guaranteed by the Constitution to enrich themselves upon the misery of their customers, and to the extent that exempt are the corporate rich from paying any of the medical bills suffered by their dieing lung cancer customers.

    For the rise and fall of Empire USA has about run full cycle, and what we now see is the ultimate conclusion of a money dictatorship that has gone baby bombing crazy. Special Forces troops and satanic Drones flying all over Africa, aircraft carriers committing acts of intense military aggression in the South China Sea, Iran and Venezuela already included in next years bombing schedule, and life kicks on down…

  4. Instead of thinking in terms of Israeli security strategy, why not consider the most direct incentives people like Pletka have to spout such contradictory nonsense — those would be the incentives that relate directly to their CAREERS. If you are a "pro-Israel hawk re Iran," for instance, you become professionally irrelevant as soon as Iran is shown to not be a real threat. That is, if it is shown that Iran is not working to get the bomb, or else a nuclear armed Iran is shown to be a non-threat, then your life's work is irrelevant and your future career prospects are toast.

    It's sick to think that this is what drives people, but this is nothing new. All "objective" experts know which side their bread is buttered on.

  5. Pitchfork you fail to appreciate that when they were all wrong about the threat posed by Iraq their careers did not become "toast" – they just moved on to the next available target. They still appear regularly on talk radio and FOX television and they still are making a lot more money than you or I. Promoting the Israeli agenda, whatever it is at any given moment, a is a guarantee of lifetime employment…

  6. Impeach Obama BEFORE he triggers ThermoNuclear World War !III.
    Click on http :www.larouchepac.com/node/20069 for an interview with
    Professor Francis Boyle, who has volunteered, free of charge I might add,
    to draw up and file the Articles of Impeachment of Obama on behalf of ANY Congressman of ANY political party.

  7. The real problem is deeper. See recent issue of Der Spiegel. The Russian NATO-Ambassador was in Washington. He asked: "If people from Mars were to disarm Iran completely, would you still deploy the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland ?" They answered: "Yes, that will go ahead as decided." The bloody fools in the Pentagon can´t think Launch On Warning. The good news is that according to Der Spiegel the missiles won´t be fully deployed till 2020.

  8. Isn’t l’rouch the guy who sell desired info to spooks?
    He’s tight with all alphabet agencies.
    Or is it something else???

    1% Slave owners

    50% Slave drivers

    49% Enslaved laboring class

    51% most educated and wealthy, the voting majority with all the wealth and power

  10. Occupy movement — Is it a smokescreen?

    As 100% of the wealth and power is owned by the 51% most educated and wealthy, the only honest course of action is to organize the 49% uneducated laboring class and have nationwide strikes that destroy all profit for the most greedy upper half of society.

    (1) Occupy movement talks only about the 1% rich slave owners, says not one word about the 50% enriched slave drivers — is this a smokescreen?

    (2) Occupy movement is virtually all of the educated middle-class, only marches in educated neighborhoods, only protests in rich neighborhoods and never sets one foot down in a slum neighborhood. Is this a smoke screen?

    (3) The rich love it when they are blamed for all of it, as it puts zero pressure on the delicate conscience of the self-absorbed 40% educated middle-class. So, all of corporate mainstream media has a blackout on the word “laboring-class,” and label everyone as either poor — middle-class — or rich. Comes now the Occupy movement to do the same, now is that a smokescreen or is that a smokescreen?

  11. You have described how we have always done things – we invaded Mexico, Mexico responded, and the US cried "they fired the first shot" and declared war. That´s just what we are.

  12. How come no one, including Scott Horton and M. J. Rosenberg, ever links 2 front page news stories that have been running for half a year half a year side-by-side. One story is about some leaking reactors in Japan that are destroying Japans economy and threatening the health of the planet. The other story is about Israel, the US, UK and probably all of NATO planning to bomb nuclear reactors and refineries in the Persian Gulf. Duh. If a leaky reactor in Japan is trouble, then maybe blowing up reactors and refineries in Iran might be trouble, too? Do ya think? Nah. Anyway, the region that will become uninhabitable is just some Persian and Arabian deserts, right? There is nothing there that is valuable to anyone.

  13. As described in The Counterforce Syndrome and First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy For Nuclear War by Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org-the Pentagon has for decades been working overtime to achieve a disarming first strike capability including fully developed anti-submarine warfare capabilities (Robert C. Aldridge: Nuclear Empire, ch. 9 and articles on http://www.plrc.org). That´s the reason GPS (NAVSTAR) was developed-to get a CEP of less than 30 meters for Minuteman-3 and Trident-2. You don´t need that for MAD !

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