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Michael Klare, professor and author of Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet, discusses his article “Playing With Fire: Obama’s Risky Oil Threat to China;” why the geopolitical struggle for oil resources is more about leveraging power and influence than economic exploitation; changing the US foreign policy focus from the Middle East to Asia and the Pacific; China’s increasing dependence on Middle East and African energy resources; and how a US naval incursion in China’s coastal waters is akin to a Chinese fleet dropping anchor in the Gulf of Mexico.

MP3 here. (19:58)

Michael T. Klare is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College, a TomDispatch regular, and the author, most recently, of Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet. A documentary movie version of his previous book, Blood and Oil, is available from the Media Education Foundation.

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  1. Why can't we go to war with China? After all it's what we most like to do? Haven't you heard: If you love freedom thank a war! What's peace ever done for us? Does Hollywood ever make any movies about World Peace I or II? Nobody would go see it. People say: Imagine Peace. But the truth is that we have been imagining war and then building up for war forever – on steroids since WWII – you can thank Hitler for that, oh and that guy Chamberlain, where would we be without him? He's provided the example for us for every single incident we;ve ever been confronted with. 'Whatever you do, don't do the Neville Chamberlain thing'. Nobody dares to propose peace, it would be too risky.

    1. Chamberlain's mistake wasn't seeking peace at Munich, but in pursuing war because of Danzig. He should have just minded his business altogether.

  2. U.S. Constitution — Greatest smokescreen on earth

    On the one hand we see Empire USA plundering by brutal imperialism, the likes of which the world has never known, while on the other hand we see a piece of toilet paper called the U.S. Constitution that makes all our baby bombing legal.

    For this toilet paper does two things: First, it creates the illusion that we do not have any gifts from nature, turning us into ingrates thinking that we have rights that make us gods above the laws of nature, such that we may legally plunder and cannibalize nature.

    Second, this toilet paper becomes a god that we worship, for it is the almighty protector of these toilet paper rights, rights that we do not have, do not deserve and in fact do not exist.

    1. For what ingrate man needs to comprehend is, that we do not even have a right to this day of life, it being a free gift from nature that no one deserves.

      For organic laws are free gifts to man from nature, gifts, not rights, and nothing that should give us an ingrate mind and a greedy heart. For by natural law we are guaranteed freedom of speech, an organic law that we must die to protect or man is just another mammal animal — just an animal governed only by the law of the jungle — survival of the fittest.

  3. Sorry for the comments above, I’m a sick person. I suffer from multiple personality syndrome. When I am John Ellis I am as stupid as Newt. But when I am Ellis John, then I see what a dirt bag I am. I also sometimes appear as IP Kaliph.

  4. “But when I am Ellis John… I also sometimes appear as IP Kaliph.”

    Such are the gods of society, men to smart to ever do an honest hard day’s manual labor, to dumb to ever be rich and stupidity perfect for empire building.


    Ben Franklin experienced three years of the French Revolution first hand, so when he returned home by boat in 1776 he quickly assembled all his slave owner buddies and gave this speech,

    “Fellow slave owners and lovers of big business plantations, we have no time to loose, for the rich nobility in France have failed to gratify fully the men of the educated middle-class, so all those who supervise laboring men, all the cops who establish a police state for the laboring men and the young officers who slave drive young laboring men in the military, they have invented the guillotine and many rich and noble heads will soon roll into bloody baskets.

    “So, we need to create a paradise for middle-class men, such that these the gods of society get all the free sex their heart desires from laboring class girls, get a court system that turns the laboring class into a police state ruled by men of the middle-class, in essence a paradise on earth for men with middle-speed brains.”

    Bingo — Empire USA.

  6. Michael and Scott tried really hard to sound fair but as a non-yank you still both stink of US exceptionalism. But i appreciate you trying, and hey most british still talk like that so i guess it takes a few more generations to humble yourselves.

  7. Tell us who pays your salary El-lis.
    “dumb to be rich” here you demonstrate to which part of your % groups you would like to belong. Are you smart not to be poor or are one of those protecting the rich?
    Do you do hard manual labour?
    Or are you threatening me with jail, pellis?
    We know who pays you and what you do for living.
    Stop commenting bullcarp, and mind your own business.

  8. It doesn't matter what kinds of plans they have or may not have there is no money to fund it. And every dollar the US spend to "contain" China, that same dollar cannot be spend on the domestic economy while China is investing heavily in it's domestic economy making America even less competitive in the global economy.


      But what difference does it make? For every day our wars of plunder continue is a day more of glory for all the gutless wonder officers in the military. And one day longer before all our troops come home, have a real Revolution and line up all the most greedy rich before a firing squad.

  9. Occupy movement — Is it a smokescreen?

    As 100% of the wealth and power is owned by the 51% most educated and wealthy, the only honest course of action is to organize the 49% uneducated laboring class and have nationwide strikes that destroy all profit for the most greedy upper half of society.

    (1) Occupy movement talks only about the 1% rich slave owners, says not one word about the 50% enriched slave drivers — is this a smokescreen?

    (2) Occupy movement is virtually all of the educated middle-class, only marches in educated neighborhoods, only protests in rich neighborhoods and never sets one foot down in a slum neighborhood. Is this a smoke screen?

    (3) The rich love it when they are blamed for all of it, as it puts zero pressure on the delicate conscience of the self-absorbed 40% educated middle-class. So, all of corporate mainstream media has a blackout on the word “laboring-class,” and label everyone as either poor — middle-class — or rich. Comes now the Occupy movement to do the same, now is that a smokescreen or is that a smokescreen?


    High society is only 1% of the people, which means that it is 99% free of the guilt. The guilt being that everyone is striving to enrich themselves upon the misery of anyone less educated.

    Love is a two party affaire, as it is a giving action that produces a grateful response. So, a rich man gives all his estate to a museum and one of a kind things are preserved for future generations, while another man so rich his estate is all left to the poor and accomplishes nothing but to inflate pride and make an ingrate and greedy society more greedy. So, who did more good then harm?

    Before there can be a 1% high society that gets rich, first there must be 99% of society so ingrate toward nature as to think that they all deserve to be rich.

    It is absolute, society allows 25% of American children to suffer excessive poverty for only one reason, society allows the rich to have excessive wealth.

    Before the rich can enslave the uneducated lower half of society, the 50% most educated and wealthy must first agree to be slave drivers.

  11. We can´t win wars with small bands of armed men called terrorists or defeat the smallest and poorest countries in war, so what makes anybody believe we could last an hour with China?

    How can China have a housing bubble when it is the government building those cities? Doesn´t the bubble come from private ownership and speculation? China is indeed investing heavily into their country; they have the money to build all the cities they desire, without causing a bubble. China has the people to fill those phantom cities in a week´s time and could build a hundred more and fill them as well.

  12. Scary stuff. Especially since Germany exports so much high tech machinery to China. This is one of the pillars that makes Germany such a powerhouse, and Germany is really the core of the European economy. We really are all in this together.

    Great interview!

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