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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “Washington’s Secret Wars;” Obama’s newly signed “findings,” authorizing covert operations to destabilize the Iranian and Syrian governments; how the US and Israel use the Baluch Jundallah, Kurdish PJAK and MEK groups to commit terrorism-by-proxy; the MEK’s energetic and well funded campaign to get de-listed as a terrorist group (in order to more easily commit terrorist acts); and how the 1996 neoconservative policy document “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” is going according to plan.

MP3 here. (20:09)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for


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    But so what, who cares? For most certainly it is not the upper half of Empire USA, the only half that votes, as they all have great jobs, terrific homes, deluxe healthcare and loves things just the way they are. For they know that the more brutal becomes our imperialism and plunder, the greater, more terrific and deluxe becomes their lifestyle.

  2. The larger the government, the more their upper half loves to expand the one-world global economy. Turkey for example, when it looks down upon Syria it envisions all the consumers and capitalist growth opportunities just waiting to be explored.

    1. This is a simplistic statement: Turkey's Muslim Erdogan-led government is motivated first and foremost to project influence in the areas that surround it (Balkans, Caucasus, and especially Middle East–North Africa) and that it deems were parts of the historic patrimony of the Ottoman Empire; in this way it gains legitimacy not only in the eyes of its own people, but also the Muslim people it hopes to influence (and maybe eventually dominate). For over 500 years the Ottoman Sultans also were Caliphs, i.e. the nominal leaders of Muslims everywhere.The key concept here is legitimacy (for example this something that the Soviets never understood, hence their ignominious implosion); whether the Turks will succeed is another matter.
      I don't know what "capitalist growth opportunities" means in the case of Turkey other than the fact that the traditional Muslim trading & social networks will have the freedom to expand, thus spreading wealth more efficiently. These networks however are nothing new, they have been around over 1000 years, were constrained by Kemalism, the exigencies of the Cold War and Western domination of the Middle East, conditions which no longer exist.
      As for Syria, the motivation is much simpler, if one knows a modicum of history: Syria is ruled by an Alawi minority, which has reached an accommodation with the other minorities, Christians and the Druse. An effort is being made by the Turks and the Saudis (supported by some of their western friends) to impose a Sunni regime; for the Turks this is seen as part of a kind of imperial restoration project, in the aforementioned effort to project influence and leadership of the Sunni Muslim world.

      1. GET HUMBLE

        (1) Turkey by arming and training a terrorist militia to invade and over through the government of Syria, is becoming a most hostile enemy not only to Syria, Lebanon and Iran, but Russia, China and all nations and peoples opposed to the brutal imperialism of Empire USA.

        (2) Turkey says it is in a near state of war with Israel, but if we set aside all the rhetoric they are business partners, tourist partners and in a mutually beneficial military action the best of comrades in arms.

        (3) Turkey just approved a US base on their soil for a major component of a missile shield to turn Russia into a gutless wonder with no defense against first-strike.

        (4) Turkey above all things desires for the EU to hurry up and grant them full economical rights and privileges in the European Union.

        1. (5) Turkey is part of NATO, a most corrupt power combine that just committed a holocaust genocide on Libya, and would love to do the same first to Syria and then Iran.

          (6) Aristide Caratzas is of the somewhat stuck-up intelligent middle-class, as his explanation is Babylon confusion to half of the English speaking world. Whereas my slow of thought dumb laboring class mind expresses itself in a way that any fifth grade English student could easily understand.

  3. Dear Ex-Case-Agent (if there is such thing), do you know of a country that is not an artificial construct?
    Are we just repeating an order, or we just utter some known sentence cause some authority has uttered it before so it must be correct?

  4. @Aristide Caratzas
    Turkey is a client state, it does what’s expected of it when it’s expected. Like giving the names and pictures of “bad” Turks to be assassinated on mavi marmara by the fascist so it can make a lot of fuss and enter a leading role. You want to know the history, Syrians were living there long before anybody spoke turkish there. You want to know more find out what’s the connection between Korean and Turkish language. Alawi’s religion bears much more resemblance to the dominant religion of that area before islam (read sort of buddhism).

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