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Robert Stinnett, author of Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, discusses how he found the McCollum memo – outlining the FDR administration’s eight step plan to provoke a Japanese attack – while searching through the National Archives; the radio “listening stations” that intercepted the Japanese fleet’s coded transmissions, earlier decrypted by the US; official orders from Naval command to stand aside and let the attack happen; and Stinnett’s new work-in-progress book, dealing in part with whether Admiral Kimmel’s was complicit or framed-up.

MP3 here. (21:10)

Robert Stinnett is a Media Fellow at The Independent Institute in Oakland, California, and author of George Bush: The War Years and Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor. See the Independent Institute’s Pearl Harbor resources page here.

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  1. Pearl Harbor is over and done.

    September 11, 2001 — the PNAC "New Pearl Harbor" — is far, far, Far from done.

    It would be nice if The Independent Institute devoted even a QUARTER as much time, effort, energy, and life force to exposing the Lie, Sham, Hoax, and Scam of 9.11 as it is insistent upon wasting on 12.7 .

    But then, that would put it at odds with its keepers and thus/thereby, out of business.

    1. I disagree; while Pearl Harbor is over and done with, its legacy lives on as does legacy of JFK, RFK, MLK, the Gulf of Tonken, the use by the Bushes of the US Military as their personal police force on Panama, the phony lead up to Gulf War 1, Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing Case, the Anthrax Attacks, the phony lead up to Gulf War 2 (fool me once. . ..) and of course 911.

      It is all part of the growth process of the national security state in US and Great Britain and Israel.

      December 7, 1941 is a date that continues to live in infamy.

      1. Nobody is denying the "infamy" of December 7, 1941.

        What i am denying is its significance and relevance to those who seek meaningful methods and effective tactics and strategies to confront, combat, defeat, and destroy those who have given us this “national security state,” and its so-called international and domestic "War" Against so-called "Terrorism."

        The people responsible for the Lie, Hoax, Sham, and Scam of Pearl Harbor are all dead. The people responsible for the America’s Reichstag Fire and the Coup of September 11, 2001 are still very much alive and still very much at the helm of The Ruling Regime. If this nation, if this planet is to survive, it is THESE people and not some Ghost of FDR that must be exterminated.

        Pearl Harbor means virtually nothing to any American under the age of 60, and absolutely nothing of any Afghanistani, Iraqi, or Iranian. 9.11 means everything to all of these people because that Day was The End of The World As We Knew It.


        1. PS: If you want to talk about “Black Flag” Operations and the genesis of the national security state, why stop — or start — at Pearl Harbor? Why not go back to the sinking of the RMS Lusitania that got a reluctant U.S. into World War I; or to the destruction of the USS Maine, that got us into that grand expansionist crusade known as the Spanish-American War? In fact, why not go all the way back to the border incursions into Mexico that provided the a casus belli for that War of Imperialist Conquest back in 1846-8?


  2. Alan Stang wrote a great book called "the Actor". in which i believe he addresses breaking code purple a year prior and this 8 point plan.

  3. This 'paper' was fabricated by right wing zealots. There is no truth in it. Smear campaign. Wasting our time and our minds on this fantasy.

  4. Armed with the knowledge that my Great Uncle, Admiral James O. Richardson, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet was fired by Roosevelt for insubordination…his crime, going to the press with the concern that our fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor were "sitting ducks" due to the Office of Naval Intelligence's 8-point plan to induce an attack by Japan, I subsequently purchased Robert Stinnett's book "Day of Deceit." The book details the ONI's plot. This great historical work should give all citizens pause before rushing headlong and with patriotic spirit to believe anything the government advises is a true rendition of events.

  5. An important historical issue, but a rehash of a flawed thesis; there are too many holes in the back door thesis. A more nuanced thesis, that it is was the unintended result of economic saber rattling on FDR's part, is much more solid. However, the idea that FDR had no idea that Pearl Harbor was coming is not as crazy as it sounds. The world is a complicated place, and leaders confidence in their abilities to manipulate it are inversely proportionate to their actual knowledge and powers. The cock-up theory of history is one I mainly subscribe to; if a bad thing can be explained by either malice or incompetence, it is usually incompetence.

    Even the 9/11 conspiracy theory has too many holes. 9/11 can be easily explained by blowback from the US Middle East policy and incompetence. Truthers as much as neo-cons think history began on 9/11.

    1. With respect to Churchill and probably even Roosevelt knowing much more about the pending attack than has ever been officially admitted, BBC's documentary "Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor" reaches similar conclusions with better documented evidence. It's on YouTube.

    2. If you had any understanding of history whatsoever, particularly the robust historical record of government treachery against their own subjects, you wouldn't be making such stupid statements. It's clear that FDR et al. conspired to get the U.S. into WW2 by provoking the Japanese to attack, as there is simply no other theory that explains the facts.

  6. sorry Null Void, you got it wrong on PH. the US govt had cracked the japanese code "purple" and were monitoring thier embassy transmission in hawaii. Roosevelt knew what was coming. that's why the carriers were sent out.

    the thing you may need to accept is the fact that there are some people whose evil is just too hard to imagine.

    read alan stang's book.

  7. The United States needlessly pursued a hostile foreign policy against Japan for at least ten, I could argue, twenty years, before Dec 7, 1941. This was the end result.

    1. yes and all to please the british because itis for the british that american arms exists and is used to serve english interests-england owns americva even today


    So, Roosevelt and all those navy Armorials suckered Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor, just so they could be war-time heroes saving us from a war they started.

    But, is it not self-evident? Is it not like someone yelling at us that its about to rain as the lightening explodes with thunder all around us? So why all the need for research?

    For surely, common horse sense is not a thing we can give to anyone, for either you have it or you don’t.

  9. isWorld War II was not fought to "save the world from fascism." It was fought to smash the rivals of the Anglo-American Empire and provide the Empire with an insurmountable lead over everyone else. Guess who actually started WW II? It wasn't Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. The same people started WW I, the Spanish American War, the Boer Wars, and also the Napoleonic (world) Wars which crushed France the second time and the Seven Years (world) War which crushed France the first time. Each victory established an insurmountable lead for the Empire over all of its rivals.
    if you are dumb enough to trust the u sa and england then you deserve what you get —– the only way to deal with the england and uisa is to be more treacherous and much stronger — the anglos love to beat up suckers and weaklings.

  10. There are many ways to lick a wound (or more), but this many years after the fact, lickin it will just prevent it from healing. How about those drones ay?

  11. There´s still no proof that OBL had anything to do with 9/11. No evidence. Zero. Facts are sacred. 9 scientists, among them Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, did find nano-thermit. Science is science-or what ? Fallujah is worse than Hiroshima according to doctors and scientists. In Panama City the US Army killed about 6,000 unarmed civilians when they invaded to kidnap the president according to Ramsey Clark. And now they are trying to provoke Iran the same way as Japan. The Russian NATO-Ambassador went to Washington and asked: If people from Mars had completely disarmed Iran, would you still want to deploy the missiles in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland ? They answered: Yes, that will be made as decided ! Let´s hope the US will soon go bankrupt, then it can´t afford to terrorize the world.

  12. Horton hears a Who? I wish we wouldn't be subjected to these conspiracy entrees every Dec. 7th, Sept. 11th, and Nov. 22nd. Scott, there is a vague foreboding memo, but it is not definitve proof (at least for careful historians) that FDR and his men knew about this exact attack at Pearl, ordered the carriers out to sea, and let it happen. Like Oswald's murderer's Chicago roots, it only fits nicely into place after years of speculation and fog and ignorance of what we actually know.

    1. Whether or not FDR was aware of the impending attack is not as important to me as the fact that he did everything he could to provoke the Japanese into firing the first shot.

  13. Government creation — Work in progress

    How silly of corporate media to try and lock us in darkness — with the illusion that our Occupy movement should not protest against government until after our vision of good government has been finalized by a complete set of blueprints with detailed specifications. For most every invention was the product of shotgun engineering, where you drill one hole, attach a bold and screw and see which direction it rotates.

    For necessity is the mother of invention, and when the rich own most of the wealth and power, when the entire upper half of society are all slave drivers who love things just the way they are, any change would have to be an improvement.

  14. The fact remains that nano-thermite was found. Ask Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen. Facts are sacred. Does anyone suggest that OBL had access to nano-thermite ? There´s no proof, no evidence, ZERO that OBL had anything to do with it. There are other possibilities. The Vice President in command of NORAD on that day ? And what about the Israeli "art students" celebrating as it happened ? Please watch google: www. Dead in the on USS Liberty.

    1. Scott is afraid to cover certain "C" word events-you mention 911-good for you–I mention the political assassinations of the 1960's.

  15. There's no doubt FDR wanted us in the war as England was about to go down for the third time. As to knowing the surprise attack was happening at Pearl Harbor the Japanese naval officers who were part of the attack didn't know this until December 6 while they were at sea. Nobody in DC thought they'd attack Pearl, they assumed the Phillipines.
    But why the shock about provoking a war with lies? People don't remember Tonkin Bay, WMD? The Lusitania was loaded with ammunition and parts needed for weapons, the Maine was blown up by problems in its coal bunker but blamed on Spanish sabotage. These are ways the US goes to war and pretends it's right to do so.
    btw, unless Stinnet has changed his mind, in Day of Deceit he agrees with FDR that we needed to get involved in WW2 or face a world run by Germany and Japan.

  16. Scott what is wrong with you–you have no problem (although you refrain from using the dreaded "C" word) implying a con—sorry I know that word is forbidden–suspicious behavior regarding the Oklahoma City Bombing, Pearl Harbor, and Waco–good for you I agree–but cannot bring yourself to cover JFK, RFK, or MLK assassinations-why?

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