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Kate Gould, Legislative Associate for the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), discusses her article “End of ‘Brown Rice Diplomacy’ with Iran?” that refers to the 45 total minutes spent in direct talks with Iran in the past 30 years; how Congress bill H.R. 1905 makes war more likely by outlawing diplomacy with any Iranian official who “presents a threat to the United States;” why there’s plenty of common ground for a uranium swap deal – if only the US would engage in meaningful talks and stop sabotaging the process; how the newest Iran sanctions hurt US relations with China and Europe; and why you should call your representative (1-877-429-0678) and tell him/her to oppose H.R. 1905.

MP3 here. (20:04)

Kate Gould is the Legislative Associate for Foreign Policy focused on Israel-Palestine, Iran, and other Middle East issues.

Kate began her career with FCNL as a program assistant, where she served in the foreign policy program from 2007-2009. Her lobbying work at FCNL inspired her to seek first-hand knowledge of the impact of U.S. policies by traveling and working in the Middle East for nine months.

Kate taught Palestinian schoolteachers for AMIDEAST, helped coordinate a joint Israeli-Palestinian radio show at the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information, and worked as a freelance journalist in the West Bank. In Gaza, she documented the impact of the blockade on civil society organizations in a report for the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in conjunction with the Rebuilding Alliance, a U.S. NGO. Kate also interned for Senator Jeff Merkley both in southern Oregon and in his Washington, DC office.

Prior to re-joining FCNL’s foreign policy program, Kate served as the Director of Advocacy and Outreach for Just Foreign Policy.

Kate completed her undergraduate study of International Development and Political Science at Western Washington University and studied abroad in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Zanzibar/Tanzania.

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  1. IMO Iran should be the one imposing "sanctions". They have the addictive substance everyone wants. Who ever heard of the junkie cutting off the dealer? That's just nuts. Iran should immediately halt all sales of it's petroleum products to ALL belligerent states. You wanna talk sh!t? Fine, walk to work @sshole.


    So, our sanctions go all the way back to when Iran shipped the Shah back to USA where he belonged, the grand year 1979. This I did not know, which means that the oil giants that rule our Empire have as a highest priority a regime change to get back all of Iran’s natural gas and oil reserves, an orchestration that looks like its about to reach a crescendo.

    (1) False claim that they are innocent of assonating two Iran nuclear scientists.

    (2) False claim of innocence in explosions at Iran military bases.

    (3) Deceitful sanctions designed to create a state of war.

    (4) Unending threats to bomb Iran nuclear facilities.

    (5) Starting an Internet embassy for Iran travelers, in order to attract more spies to assonate more scientists.

    (6) Threatening to assonate Iran officials, and to the point that Iran today filed a warrant for the arrest of two high ranking US officials who testified before Congress asking for permission to assonate an Iran official.

    (7) US Drone sent 140 miles inside Iran border.

    1. (8) All of the diplomatic world, worldwide, knows that the fiction IAEA report was bought and paid for by Empire USA. A show of extreme arrogance — for no other purpose then to provoke a war.

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