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William Astore, Professor of History and author of Hindenburg: Icon of German Militarism, discusses his article “Fighting 1% Wars: Why Our Wars of Choice May Prove Fatal;” how willy-nilly US interventions discount the chaotic and unpredictable nature of warfare, virtually guaranteeing blowback; the young Americans who regularly play video war games yet remain ignorant of actual US wars (while military drone pilots, sitting in comfy chairs in front of computer screens, resemble gamers); and how the US military has transformed into a foreign legion, detached from legitimate national security concerns and the public they supposedly protect.

MP3 here. (20:08)

William J. Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF), is a TomDispatch regular. He has taught at the Air Force Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School, and now teaches History at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

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    William J. Astore
    “Our wars of choice… we don’t think of them as right
    or wrong, because we don’t think of them at all.”

    Above is equivalent to saying that, the 51% most wealthy are the voting majority with full ownership of all the wealth — because they never think of wealth.

    Guess what, above bull by above Bill was written by one of the 51% most wealthy.


    William J. Astore
    “We need a more discerning understanding of what
    were fighting for… the reason were fighting wars is
    kept so confusing that we are willing to fight…”

    But, if our voting majority is the 51% most educated and wealthy, why has our guest speaker so severely restricted the discussion that — ignorance of facts is only cause of war — more knowledge of facts our only salvation from war?

    Does our voting majority not know that our defense economy is why they are the most wealthy voting majority the world has ever known?

    Why is it that the educated upper half of society all have great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare, while the uneducated lower half all suffer poverty?

    Why is it that a third of children in America suffer some form of poverty?

  3. if countries want to go to war…. the squabbling government leaders should be jailed until they can solve the "issue"…they should be put in the same cell… all these wars and so destructive on so many levels its like a cancer on our earth and a terrible sickness within the collective conscience of humanity…

  4. Why should Americans not experience what their government is doing to peoples in other parts of the world? What is happening to law enforcement in America is a form of justice. Are the American people not responsible for the atrocities committed by “their” government? Americans certainly thought so after WW-II when they blamed the German people for the acts of “their” government. Shouldn´t we be judged as we judged others? As our police become more militarized, we will indeed experience more of what we permit done to innocent people in other parts of the world. So be it.

  5. If only the daily gore and horror of war were broadcast in hd for everyone so to see, so that they would be forced to confront the consequences of U.S. actions abroad. Instead, the violence is censored and sanitized, or not reported at all by msm.

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