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In this interview, produced for KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi reprises and expands on his previous interview about his article “Washington’s Secret Wars,” Obama’s newly signed “findings” that authorize covert operations to destabilize the Iranian and Syrian governments, how the US and Israel use the Baluch Jundallah, Kurdish PJAK and MEK groups to commit terrorism-by-proxy, and the MEK’s energetic and well funded campaign to get de-listed as a terrorist group.

MP3 here. (29:13)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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  1. I had a curious experience regarding the story on Yahoo about Iran 'not returning the CIA drone to the US yesterday morning. Many of the comments were along the lines of 'We should just nuke them' or 'the drone is some kind of booby trap that will blow up and kill a bunch of them' etc. There was one comment that said simply : 'Why don't we respect other nations' airspace and stop flying these drones ?' Can you guess which one of these posters is now banned on that website? The ones who said 'nuke em all' or the one that said 'make peace not war' (essentially)? Well, you guessed right. I knew you would. That would be me of course. Reuters has also announced that I am banned. Is someone out there tracking me? Strange co-incidence that this should happen in the same week. Wait… wasn't Al-Alawki murdered because of his opinions?

    1. Roger Lafontaine
      "Reuters has also announced that I am banned."

      Now if I had excessive wealth, above is exactly the verbal terrorism I would post on a comment page, for above all things the rich hate for us men to get together in a communicating way that could finally generate the camaraderie needed to organize our first and only American Revolution.


    01% High Society (republican)
    10% Country Club class (republican)
    40% Educated Middle-class (democrat)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (non voters)

    High Society, being all blood descendents of European rich nobility, Daughters of the American Revolution being their social club you see, they have created Empire USA to be the most perfect way to hoard the maximum amount of land and wealth.

    For Republicans fight to keep 90% of wealth hoarded among the rich ruling class, and Democrats fight to stop all wealth from flowing down to the lower half of society — except enough to keep the laboring class demoralized with starvation wages.

  3. Again. It has happened again. Scott Horton is interviewing an expert about the coming war on Iran and everyone perfectly avoids mention that Israel, the US, and NATO are planning to bomb nuclear reactors and nuclear refineries. Are there any consequences to blowing tons of radioactive fuels into the atmosphere? Hmmm. Probably not, at least not enough to mention or talk about on AntiWar radio. Bomb a radar station, bomb a military headquarters building, bomb a nuclear reactor…..what's the difference? There is a big explosion and something the Iranians made of concrete and steel gets blown sky high. No big deal, except for the millions of people downwind who will sicken and die, including our own soldiers. No big deal, except for people on the planet who need to drive cars and trucks. Has anyone heard of a nation that depends on gasoline? When a reactor leaks a little bit of its contents, as at Chernobyl and Fukushima, then a lot of real estate is off limits to humans for centuries. The off limits real estate in this next war is going to be the Persian Gulf. Which produces half the world's oil. It has never happened than anyone on the planet has been dumb enough to bomb nuclear reactors and refineries. But that is going to be us, committing economic suicide while we commit genocide against the Persians. And Scott Horton, Phil Giraldi, and most of the crowd have not noticed. They will. Everyone will.

    1. WhichWaldenPond
      “everyone perfectly avoids mention that Israel, the US,
      and NATO are planning to bomb nuclear reactors”

      Yes we know, your grasp of the obvious is astounding, but be reasonable. For not everyone for fun or pay, enjoys rehashing the self-evident to burn up their day.

  4. Constitution — Anti-war movement

    (1) We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are not created equal, but are endowed by nature with more then an ability for only ingrate mutual gratification, equals giving equal gifts expecting equal in return. For happiness is a giving action that produces a grateful response, with compassion, pity and charity being given in a way that encourages a heart warming grateful society.

    (2) As this day of life is more then anyone deserves, everything we own belongs to those who have less then us, such that most guilty should we feel it ever we miss an opportunity to give all we can give.

    (3) Nature is our guarantee of life, liberty and a freewill, the freedom to pursue happiness as we perceive it to be. For we humans have no rights, especially not the right to cannibalize nature by an illusion that we have unalienable rights that give us power over the laws of nature. For nature guarantees us life, but only so long as we preserve nature which is the source of all life.

  5. What we permit our government to do to others it will eventually do to us. Drones are coming home. Administrative torture is coming home. Detention for life without trial under the supervision of drooling militarists is coming home. Hadn't we better stop these fucking monsters?

  6. @WhichWaldenPond
    Absolutely right bro, but what did you expect, we are talking about “Ex” spooks and mils.
    This is antiwar not propeace, there’s a big diff. If you get my drift.

  7. Imagine the deal justice could make with state, law for control rather than the other, oo,,, chaos burned right down with tyranny defined, itself, keep our eye on the ball, except for rover, being the spellbreaker/dreamaker & all

  8. @jack
    So you think there’s just one ball? And you’ve been trained by ACADEMI?
    PLease doo, KEep htat eye on the ball

  9. Let's see. WH Gingrich CClub says Palestinians are invented people…Jesus PUH was a Palestinian…Ibrahim-Musa PUTH died in Falastine.

    Indeed You have no faith othat Jesus is coming to wipe yr Mannisrael from Arabian map.

  10. I have been observing the US-Iranian scene since the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war and how Tehran was dealing with the Iraqi attacks using weapons supplied by the US and its allies. The intensity of the Iranian push against criticism of any kind has grown to such level that Tehran gives an impression of daring the US/Israel to stage military action against. The consequences of such action will be catastrophic for the entire region if Iran is left with the ability to retaliate even in the hypothesis that the US and Israel take out its offensive and defensive capabilities. That line of thinking would lead to a post-nuclear attack Japan, unable to raise even its finger. I hasten to add that I do not favour this hypothetical scenario. Even anti-war nuclear experts said so in several years ago.

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