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Jack Hunter, talk radio host, Charleston newspaper columnist and Ron Paul 2012 blogger, discusses the Michele Bachmann/Ron Paul debate on Iran policy; why David Frum is (sort of) correct that Republicans live in an alternate reality quite apart from the real world; the consistency of pro-war pundits, from the Reagan era to today; why Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are both responsible for a million Iraqi deaths; and how a timely release of the 2011 National Intelligence Estimate could help avert war with Iran (like the 2007 version did).

MP3 here. (21:13)

Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the “Southern Avenger“, is a conservative commentator (WTMA 1250 AM talk radio) and columnist (Charleston City Paper) living in Charleston, South Carolina. Check out his YouTube channel.

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  1. Muamar Ahamadinejad x2??
    That’s a good one! And everyone will wrongly consider it misspoken.
    Geeeeeeeee! Hillary Bachman ist happy now.
    Scott, screw (Ehud)Barak Obombya? Man you are a terrotist and a war hawck according to Alice!
    They do not have “nucelar” bomb and if they do it’s none of your business, basta! Anyone of you want to know what’s going on, read “Prague Cemetery” and read between the lines. Political tic tac toe
    Ron Paul will be president he was on with Jay Leno.


    Did you happen to notice that court-martial judges always have silver or gold bars on their shoulders? Did you ever wonder why that is?

    For commissioned officers are all of the upper half of society, the 50% most educated and wealthy and the half who own all the wealth. Surely slave drivers all, who in their moral stupidity think they deserve more pay then anyone less educated, who after the rise and fall of their Empire USA will sit and wonder, as we who labor refuse to do a thing for them requiring manual labor.

    So, should not at least two of the three judges be enlisted men? But then, surely half of you would say yes, half would say no, and it would all depend upon where you fit into the pecking order.

    1. john,

      i've read your comments before, and quite frankly…nothing you say ever makes ANY sense. there is NEVER any logic to your arguments. you generalize and make invalid assumptions. you cite quotations as if that places you on the same level as those you quote. seriously, every time your write something, or as the bible would put it, "open your mouth", you reveal how foolish you are.

      you said, "Did you happen to notice that court-martial judges always have silver or gold bars on their shoulders? Did you ever wonder why that is? "

      have you ever noticed that officers in nearly every military in the world wear gold or silver NON-SUBDUED rank? did you ever wonder why that was? do you think it's a conspiracy?

      did you know that enlisted in the US military wear gold or silver NON-SUBDUED rank?
      jeesh, man. please think before you type. you're not coming across as a wise person, but the exact opposite.


    Jack Hunter
    “Americans can’t wrap their heads around the concept that Iraq War
    cause over a million dead Iraqis, they don’t know what to do with it,
    they can’t handle it. But they need to handle it, (need to have it
    jammed down their throats), they need to know the consequences
    of war and why our victims become mad at us and want to do bad
    things to us.”

    We libertarians come from three different schools of thought,

    (1) Root cause is voter ignorance and knowledge jamming will change voter morality.

    (2) Root cause is voter morality and until we give them an attitude adjustment — forever will voters want to remain ignorant.

    So, as you decide which school you desire to join, keep in mind that my 49% uneducated laboring class are the half of America who never go to the polls.

    And so, in your goal of teaching a lessen in good government to the voting majority, keep in mind that it is the 51% most educated and wealthy, the 51% who hoard all the wealth — and not by ignorance gentlemen.


    Today comes good news from Iowa, that Ron’s opponents have in the last week lost half of their popularity, do mainly to “an overwhelming number of volunteers, such young people and so energetic…” See DemocracyNow.org

    And looking at recent pictures, most all are youth in their late teens and early twenties, surely not seasoned warriors in our libertarian cause, surely not is their conviction born of knowledge accumulation that finally broke some kind of ignorance barrier.

    For giving common horse sense to those who love darkness more then light, surely this is not our burden, for wisdom is not born of knowledge, is not a thing one human passes on to another, and unlike brains and sex appeal — wisdom does not pass from father to son.

  5. I would agree that calling the bombing campaign in Iraq during the 90s a Clinton policy would make it easier for conservatives to wrap their heads around a bad policy decision. The only problem was that the air strikes and no-fly zone was a continuation of the Bush (the father) campaign of keeping Saddam inside his borders and not attacking others (including his own people). Clinton was wrong, but was only extending an existing, bad, Republican policy. You can put lipstick on a pig…


    Ron Paul has a goal to have government so moral and just, that everyone pays their workers a living wage. And to the point that the amount charity needed for what few poor there be, this could be satisfied by freewill donations.

    For a living wage is an ample amount that could purchase decent healthcare, save for a quality retirement and fund all the education your heart desires.

    For now 80% of all the wealth in America is poured into a black hole called High Society, never to return into circulation for a robust economy, and just imagine what would happen if Ron Paul were President and the rich nobility could no longer use the deadly force of government to force the laboring class to slave for starvation wages. Just imagine — taxpayers never again plundered to bailout the banks nor forced to fund socialism only for the rich.


    Forced charity — How to destroy moral fabric of society

    High Society, since the Dark Ages, has always known that the only way to plunder most of the wealth is to so destroy the moral fabric of society, that their excessive wealth looks pale in comparison.

    So, instead of a true morality in society, where everyone experiences compassion, pity and charity in a way that heart warming gratitude is enjoyed by all, the rich have created a fake morality called mutual gratification. For everyone is grouped together in a class, where only those of equal income join your class, which maximizes the pleasure of equals giving equal and expecting equal in return.

    Comes now Ron Paul with a goal to have government so moral and just, that everyone pays their workers a living wage. And to the point that the amount of charity needed for what few poor there be, this could be satisfied by freewill donations by a new type of society, one where everyone felt most guilty if ever they missed an opportunity to give all they could give.

  8. Doctor Ron Paul is a giant among pygmies. Unlike everyone else in the District of Corruption, unlike everyone else in the Parliament of Whores, his principles are intact. And what principles! Personal freedom . . . economic freedom . . . regard for the Constitution and the law . . . a just, noninterventionist foreign policy. How can you NOT support a man like Paul, ladies and gentlemen?

    Bush The Lite and "Blow Job Bill" Clinton are swine. Neither had any regard for the Constitution or the truth. Both were warmongering interventionists. The vile Madeleine Albright–Clinton's UN ambassador, and later Secretary of State–said that half a million dead Iraqi children were "worth it."

    Lord, I'm not a praying man, but could You do this much for me? Namely, make Ron Paul President of the United States?!

  9. @rick
    Don’t let Alice intimidate you! To me you seem very wise indeed. Yes they know a lot about many but many know a lot about them too 😉

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    And may I say you do a great job! And I’m sure you are as beautiful as your name!

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