Scott Horton Interviews Philip Giraldi

Scott Horton, December 21, 2011

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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “NATO vs. Syria;” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the CIA working overtly and covertly to undermine the Assad regime; how the lack of reliable news from Syria makes it hard to tell if there really is a civil war or major uprising; the worse alternatives to secular Middle East dictators who at least tolerate religious minorities; the Syrian opposition’s receipt of “training” and weapons from Europe, Turkey and Libya; and how Obama wages war on the sly, using drones, covert operations and “rebel” proxy fighters on the ground.

MP3 here. (19:47)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

23 Responses to “Philip Giraldi”


    The Western world buys most of the Middle-East oil at a fraction of its true value, which somehow gives its NATO Christian Crusaders the right to invade Libya, Syria and Iran in that order. Yes, and my great grandmother loves to wear combat boots.


    If for no other reason then self-preservation, one might think that the Syrians rich nobility would have as their highest priority to organize a fair and unified government.

    But then, often have I wondered how I would respond if my wealth was immense and it was in harm’s way? For the years of accumulated agony and stress that were endured to amass wealth, surely equal motivation must there be for mortal combat to protect wealth. For a master-slave relationship is there between a man and his wealth, which is why the more wealth a man has the bigger a fool he is forced to become.

  3. Has Hillary Clinton ever said anything that has actually turned out to be true?

  4. Empire USA gathers its vultures for a blood fest

    (1) CIA, M16 and Israel Special Forces train and equip their sadistic terrorist mercenaries.

    (2) NATO Christian Crusaders move their mercenary forces and killing machines from Libya to the Turkey border with Syria.

    (3) Turkey, the greediest backstabber of them all, the no-fly zone baby bombers, they prepare to move in for the kill.

  5. Great question, Cosmo. The answer is "NO"! Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. And despite her Yale law degree, she is not well educated beyond knowing how to double charge clients or twist and manipulate words so that "is" is no longer a simple linking verb but rather a legal-philosophical-linguistic in sophistry. As some of you will remember, the sophists, in the words of Socrates, were "those who make the better appear the worst cause, and the worst, the better cause." Which is to say, to turn things upside down and make the meanings of words shift meaning until everything is nonsense and a lie.
    Hermes Trismegistus

  6. My short answer is "No!"

    What the hell can one say about The Pantsuited One that hasn't already been said? She's a statist of the vilest sort. She's a lust-for-power megalomaniac. She has no regard for the Constitution and civil liberties. She's owned by every big interest with a checkbook. Her main goal in life has been the aggrandizement of Hillary Clinton.

    In short, The Pantsuited One is typical denizen of the District of Corruption.

  7. Giraldi's latest column "Meet the Republican Chickenhawks"… is masterful.

    Do as I did: If you know anyone who lives in Iowa, ship Giraldi's column off to 'em ASAP. Send it to Iowa newspapers. In sum, ladies and gentlemen, get the word out!


    My gray hairs were 60 years young when Empire USA used 9-11 to lock the entire Western world in absolute darkness. Darkness being a liar’s pretense of good to hid an intent to be enriched upon our misery. So, as they played that video of a jetliner turning into a ball of flame when it disappeared inside the World Trade Center, three predominant thoughts kept replaying in my mind,

    (1) Finally our imperial plunder most brutal has reached its ultimate conclusion.

    (2) Why all the media hype? Surely people realize that occupied Palestine has suffered a thousand times more of a holocaust and misery then this.

    (3) If for no other reason then self-preservation, surely now our 51% most wealthy shall vote out of office each and every war-hawk politician in Congress.

    I know, terribly naive of me to imagine that the shock of big time reality could force all the fiction to give way in a world so in love with fantasy and fairy tale. But, the hope for change shall live eternal for surely an old wisdom rings true,

    “Take kindly the counsel or years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.”

  9. Crusades most deadly — What goodness is all about

    The Christian Crusades, Western Europe and NATO, all one and the same. For since the Dark Ages, they have all been Christians who labored under the illusion that only they have the inner goodness sufficient to be savior of the world. For the battle cry of their unending Crusade is the illusion that good can overcome evil — only so long as good has deadly force superior to evil.


    Today in Syria two suicide bombs killed 40 and wounded over 100, which RT News reported as follows:

    “reports suggest the attacks… by an increasingly well-armed section of the opposition.”

    “Syrian officials… violence is… the work of organized terrorist groups.”

    “opposition leaders… accusing the government of escalating its crackdown…”

    But really, who cares who did it, all we want to know is who controls things and who ordered such a satanic thing?

    Fact is, be it a democracy or dictatorship, the 50% most wealthy are always in absolute control.

    So, Syria has a civil war going on inside the upper half of society, a most greed driven and self-absorbed class, and the outcome all depends on — which side can out terrorize the other.

  11. I say 50% chance satan gave the order, 50% chance god gave the order. According to darkness/lightness also known as black and white believers these to are the ultimate order-giving, Führer, commander-in-chief powers there is. So one of them did it.
    Can you refute that Ellis???


    horus v seth
    “I say 50% chance Satan gave the order, 50% chance god gave the order.”

    I say there is no God on earth giving any orders, for it there is a God he is not intervening in the affairs of man. As logically this would can have but one purpose for all this war and misery, to prove the harm in it.

    I say that if there is a Satan, to his most valuable disciples would go the most valuable real estate, all excessive wealth would be a gift from the evil one and Satan would not order evil. For we are tempted to do evil and all the blood guilt would be in our criminal brains.

    horus v seth
    “According to darkness/lightness… the ultimate order-givers are, the Fuehrer, the commander-in-chief , the rich powers that be.”

    Darkness is a liar’s pretense of good hiding a criminal intent to be enriched upon our misery, whereas, light is any truth that forces such illusion to give way.

    As to who gives the orders in each and every government on earth, surely it is you men of the 40% educated middleclass, you the gods of society who supervise laboring men, establish a police state at home and military discipline abroad for we slow and careful thinking men. Think about, in the French Revolution that started in 1776, what class of men was it that caused many rich and noble heads to roll off the guillotine?

  13. If you don’t believe in god and satan, why do you use terms like “satanic act”, “light & darkness”
    You be a fake leftist or a fake religious pater?? Or just disturbed?

  14. There is evidence to suggest that we make nuclear war now and then and with few survivors in the mountains we forget all about it.

  15. Kommisar Klinton speak the truth? That's a big "negatory" good buddy.

  16. By the way, I´ll recommend Risaralda,Caldas in Colombia. Highest up in the coffee mountains, nice warmhearted people. Will we meet ?


    “9/11 attack was engineered by Bin Laden who was given safe haven by the Taliban government. That is history. And the Taliban only had to agree to give Bin Laden over to US.“

    News is the reality that makes history,
    priceless knowledge is history,
    and pure misery is it to repeat bad history.

    For reality is, the US failed to give the Taliban proof that Bin Laden engineered 9/11, as they had no proof and that is why the Taliban refused to cooperate.

    For Empire USA, it engineered the root cause of 9/11 by a criminal and premeditated imperialism most brutal. Which generated the vengeance that drove otherwise honorable family loving men to commit 9/11.

    So, ready, willing and able is above poster to engineer a repeat of bad history, by voting for his Empire to fatten his paycheck by more funding for his military, so empire builders can go for more imperial plunder.

  18. Clear and present danger
    We have seen the enemy and them is us

    "We need to get our head out of the sand and start taking public health advice from scientists rather than industry lobbyists."

    Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

    DoD is looking for contractors to provision renewable energy
    DoD is concerned about reliance on imported oil
    DoD is concerned about climate change

    Cook county (Chicago) Board of Education recently put in that they will be looking to purchase organic chicken. It's a small measure at first (the article said only 2-3 meals per month per child), but if the public takes note and the idea becomes popular, it'll get really big, really fast. It's a step in the right direction. At this point, they were only able to purchase that much because that's all they could get their hands on. It's just not readily available on such a massive scale.

    If the DoD could decide to purchase organic chicken we might all be able to live
    Bless you everyone

  19. [...] can listen to columnist and former CIA officer Philip Giraldi talk about these things here with Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton. Pepe Escobar talks about it here as [...]

  20. Cook county (Chicago) Board of Education recently put in that they will be looking to purchase organic chicken

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