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Tom Engelhardt, creator of and author of The United States of Fear, discusses why the US withdrawal from Iraq seemed a lot like defeat, despite the “success” story peddled by Obama; how the ambitious Bush administration, confident of a “cakewalk” victory, never got the “enduring bases” and tens of thousands of permanent occupation soldiers they wanted; a catalog of what the US took home, and what remains behind; Dick Cheney’s reasonable explanation (in 1994) why George H.W. Bush was wise not to go all the way to Baghdad in the Gulf War; how the State Department has become a junior version of the DoD, more interested in war-making than diplomacy; and the militarized transformation of the US, in response to an al-Qaeda terrorist organization that (in its best days) could pull off an attack every few years.

MP3 here. (19:49)

Tom Engelhardt created and runs the website, a project of The Nation Institute where he is a Fellow. He is the author of The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s, a highly praised history of American triumphalism in the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture, and of a novel, The Last Days of Publishing, as well as a collection of his Tomdispatch interviews, Mission Unaccomplished. Each spring he is a Teaching Fellow at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

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    We all live a doomed existence, and as only pleasure can kill the thought that death is lurking at each bend in the road, from birth to death we must seek all pleasure and avoid all pain.

    Now, what gives you pleasure depends entirely on what you feel is due. For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest priority in life, his high watermark to achieve and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality.

    So, if you feel that life is due and owed to you, that life is not a free gift from nature and feel no gratitude toward nature, but that life is an “unalienable right,” then you have no choice but to be convicted that you also deserve the food and wealth needed to live. Which then gives you no choice but to have conviction that you deserve to “Be All You Can Be,” to earn all you can earn, take all you can take, own all you can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that you own.

    1. Whereas, if you get pleasure reflecting on how life is a free gift and most grateful do you feel toward nature, then pleasure for you is give all you can give, as you own nothing and everything you have belongs to those who have less then you.

      1. Nah!
        The American Jesus wants you to be rich.

        He also wants you to be caring and sharing and selfless, but only with people who believe in the same Jesus you do – those, like yourself, who are 'rewarded' for your 'goodness'.


          "the same Jesus you do – those, like yourself,
          who are 'rewarded' for your 'goodness'.

          After I express nothing but physical facts, physical logic base only on how the physical brain rationalizes things in the physical world, comes now above comical satire darkness to try and force my new light to give way.

          What those with excessive wealth won’t do to protect their Empire USA.

  2. “Hezbollah blames US for Syria bombings”

    “Condemning the car bomb explosions, which left over 55 people dead, Hezbollah accused Washington of orchestrating the Friday bombings in revenge for the failure of US policies in the Middle East region.

    ''These bombings which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people, mainly women and children, are the specialty of the United States, the mother of terrorism," read a statement released by Hezbollah's press office.

    The resistance group said those affected by the historic US defeat in Iraq are now taking revenge on nations and groups who helped Iraqis to end the occupation of their country.

    "This horrific crime committed by enemies of humanity a day after coordinated crimes in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, signifies that powers affected by the US defeat and withdrawal from Iraq have begun a process of bloody and coward revenge, targeting all forces and countries that have had a clear position of the US occupation and helped the heroic Iraqi resistance in its fight to take the American occupier out,'' it said.

  3. No-fly zone Libya — No-sanctions Egypt

    “Tahrir Square rally denounces violence against protesters”
    “17 protesters have been killed in clashes with the military in the past week”

    In Libya we tried to overcome evil with evil most deadly, comes now Egypt and a complete reversible of things. For notwithstanding both nations suffering brutal imperialism clearly equal, we see the entire Western world remaining not the least bit forceful toward Egypt as they strive to overcome evil with a most deceitful illusion of good. For surely, supplying Egypt with a lethal type of tear gas has caused a dozen deaths and all the crowd control weapons the troops, police and goons need to run riot over peaceful protesters, while warning the generals to not be naughty, must be the unkindest evil of all.

    But then, the end result for both Libya and Egypt must be the same, Western colonialism in full force and effect, for trading war materials for oil is the best money maker the corporate rich has ever know.

  4. Iraq is now, and has been for years a group of City States controlled by various factions. The South near Iran is under Iranian influence and the North Kurds and the rest a lot of groups.

    This is what Obama and Bush have accomplisheded. Nothing.

    Withdrawal? Yes in the sense of the rapists getting tired of raping the same person over and over. Now the rapist is looking at the neighbor…Iran.

    Where they will FUCK everything up over there too. Leaving Choas and calling Rape a form of Freedom

  5. What was so great about Shock 'n Awe anyhow. Took U.S. 3 weeks to defeat an undefended country, whereas Hitler defeated a well armed country, France, in the same amount of time. And Hitler's military accomplishment in France followed a relatively hard fought conquest of Poland. U.S. military looks incompetent by comparison.

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