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M.J. Rosenberg, journalist and Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, discusses his article “The ‘Israel Firster’ Brouhaha” about the Politico article chiding Media Matters for supposedly trying to turn the Democratic Party establishment against Israel; AIPAC’s dossiers on journalists (including M.J.) unwilling to parrot Likud Party talking points; the political risk-reward calculation that makes almost the entire Congress rabidly pro-Israel; why even Tom Friedman understands Netanyahu’s fawning reception in Congress was “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby;” Israel’s demographic change from secular liberal Jews to religious right-wing Russian immigrants; and why those who really love Israel oppose war with Iran.

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M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.

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    Scott Horton
    “I’d blame Americans first for this, because
    its Americans that have tolerated the
    creation of this world Empire.”

    “Americans” being the only Americans that count, the voting majority 51% most wealthy, those who have been able to double their wealth by their brutal imperialism and plunder, those who glory in their splendor, have they really “tolerated” such grandeur?

    For stupid is as stupid does, and if our 51% most educated and wealthy are anything — its anything but stupid.

  2. Why is AIPAC always taking the extreme right position ('super uber-hawks' says Rosenberg)? Let me suggest that a key element, apart from the doling out of money by a few, which Rosenberg mentions, is the 'diaspora complex' – Likud has been very successful in playing the guilt card in the US "you weren't born there (Israel), you live a soft easy life in the US – all we require of you is that you give us your money and shut up" – and the response is to bend over backwards to show support, to show these strutting, contemptuous emissaries that, indeed, they are no less zealously 'pro-Israel'; that, indeed they are even to the right of Likud! And it works, because who wants to be looked down upon?


      My thought is, Abraham was the most intelligent and wealthy man of his day, which is why his Hebrew blood decedents in America are among the 20% most wealthy. Which is why they support Israel and all the brutal imperialism it commits for Empire USA, for they are not stupid.


    The high society of Empire USA may continue a brutal imperialism that allows them to plunder the world — only so long as they keep the American public divided, self-absorbed, apprehensive, insecure, anxiety driven and in fearful submission to authority. And so, they have this game plan,

    (1) Do everything behind closed door forcing the public to have blind faith in government, for the terrorists will get you — terrorists will get you — terrorists will surely get you.

    (2) Corrupt processed food industry will fatten you up for the slaughter, then the butcher medical industry will make a killing off of your fat clogged veins and arteries on a place of worship called an operating table. For 95% of illness is due to a high fat diet.

    (3) A fake morality creates an illusion that happiness is mutual gratification. Where those in a class give equal gifts to only those in their class expecting equal in return. Where government gives tax payer charity causing tax payers to hate the poor and the poor to be most ingrate.


    Zionists, including everyone in that eight story skyscraper know as AIPAC, their total accumulation of wealth equals less then 2% of that hoarded by the corporate rich power combine that rules Empire USA.

    So, Zionists and their impoverished Israel, so poor that 40% or Israel society have more debt then wealth, they are a most perfect smokescreen to hide our darling High Society, our rich nobility that own 80% of all the capital from Wall Street to LA, from the Atlantic to Pacific and every mansion and 10,000 acre ranch in-between.

    And so, is Rosenberg keeping this light from the public because he is so stupid, or so he can continue laughing all the way to the bank where he sits as board chairmen?


    Why is it that every nation on earth has a High Society, a rich nobility that rules absolute over government — be it a dictatorship or democracy?

    Could it be that everyone but the rich, in their lust to get rich, is blind to the reality that their to dumb to ever be rich?

    Such is this planet of the ingrates, where everyone enriches themselves upon the misery of anyone less intelligent, where everyone worships those more intelligent and where maximizing pleasure is enjoyed by all but the homeless.

  6. I think I can say without fear of contradiction that AIPAC doesn't own our friend Rosenberg. He calls 'em out. He brooks no bullshit.

    Of course AIPAC controls Knesset West–er, uh, the U.S. Congress. That's why NuttyYahoo, that Likud lunatic, got such a rapturous reception last May. Mustn't offend NuttyYahoo and his boys in Tel Aviv, now, must we, Knesset West? (In this connection, I'd like to call out Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, the senators from my state, Minnesota: Will you two start putting our interests ahead of Israel's? And, Senator Klobuchar, curb your fascist tendencies, will you? You voted to extend the PATRIOT Act, remember. . . .)


      Orville H. Larson
      “Of course AIPAC controls Knesset West… the U.S. Congress.”

      Empire USA is ruled by a corporate rich power combine, the most elite, wealthy and powerful men on earth, surely men of power and dominion unequaled and not of a mind to allow anyone to rule over then. And as Zionism is a big money maker for them all, trading war materials for Middle-East oil and all, surely they are in perfect harmony and all the corruption they do is by mutual consent.

  7. Yes, but you don’t want to believe everything you read in the news papers, especially when 100% of mainstream corporate media is owned by “old money,” making most all of it misinformation and a complete reverse of the truth.

  8. What is amazing is the fact that Israel is quickly being the former homeland to the jews. They bribed and got a million former russian jews in the early 1990 and those individual stayed only long enough to get passports to were they wanted to live. The latest release of numbers from the Israel government is 2005 and it has 650,000 leaving for over a year which means 2004 is the date on the figures. Since then the large number of those leaving has increase to flood Why is this important. IT is all about the money. Why is the USA sending more and more aid to the Nation with lese and less population? Are we giving huge payouts to people who actually live in New York? I am opposed to dual citizenship. You can live in any country but you cannot be loyal to both.

    The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics states that as of 2005, 650,000 Israelis have left the country for over one year and not returned. The great majority of these were Jews. In addition, polls show that at least 60 percent and as high as 80 percent of remaining Israeli Jews “sympathize with those who leave the country.

    Among those who stay, there is the conviction that the safe thing is to have a second passport issued by the United States or a European country.

    At present, the United States has issued over half a million passports to Israelis and a quarter million additional applications are pending. Germany runs second with 100,000 passports given to Israeli Jews and 7,000 new ones issued yearly.

  9. Pleasure of greed — Exceeds desire for freedom

    Syria is about to be made into a colony of Turkey and the other NATO nations, so are the good people of Syria wise to such an eminent catastrophe?

    Yes, of course they are, but the upper half of society are hoarding all the wealth and the greedy opposition is not quite happy with their share of such plunder. So, the only fair solution is to pass half of the wealth down to the laboring-class where it belongs, and establish a democracy where the hard working laboring-class have a full half of the power and control.

    Actually, the identical situation prevails in Palestine with the PLO fighting to protect the upper half of society, while Hamas defends the laboring-class and their right to equal control.

  10. 1% Capitalist slavery — 51% Democratic slavery

    “Capitalism and Democracy… they paint the wealthy as most
    “benevolent industrialists who wouldn’t use their wealth to
    “manipulate the political system to their advantage… Problem is,
    “plutocrats make sure they pick the actors in this political theater.”

    Blind faith in a religion that allows the 1% most intelligent to steal 80% of the wealth from society.

    Blind faith in a religion that allows the 51% most educated and wealthy to hoard all the wealth and enslave the lower half of society.

    Excepting the physical fact that the 25% most wealthy will always have gold as their highest priority, which will cause them to motivate the 51% most educated and wealthy to impoverish and enslave the lower half of society. Therefore, true morality is to never allow the 25% most wealthy to vote or have any control of government or politics. For that would allow the laboring-class lower half of society to have 50% of the vote and half of the power and control.


    Empire USA could start World War Three, that it has the stupidity and nuclear ability to do. But, since 1945 the US Empire has not won a single war — has not faced a world class military anything equal to Iran — US military hardware is designed only to make corrupt profits for US war materials industry — and surely neither Russia nor China will sit idly by while best and closest trading partner Iran is battling an all-out attack.

    Wayne Beckett
    “Do you think Iranian's will put up with…
    a sham democracy for much longer?”
    Press TV

    You see, Wayne is of the voting majority in a secular democracy, the 51 percent most educated and wealthy who always vote to impoverish and enslave the lower half of society. For Wayne hates the thought of a Muslim government that controls such a fake morality, for a government ruled by a standard above that of a self-serving majority, this is the only way to prevent the democratic corruption of man.


    (1) In the court of public of public opinion shall Manning’s freedom be won or lost, surely I would ridicule, insult, degrade and show total contempt toward such hanging judges. “This kangaroo court is a joke… These hanging judge proceedings are a stench in the nostrils of any man with integrity… Cow manure judge, surely your speaking pure bull… This is justice… Why not just declare the man guilty and spare us your degrading freak sideshow?”

    (2) Hammering home the fact that Manning is gay, this should be neutralized and ridiculed as pure smokescreen to hide military corruption, to draw attention away from the real criminals and focus it on any side issue they can come up with.

    (3) What is the ounce of harm Manning might have done — in comparison to bringing into full force and effect of his ten billion tons of good?

    (4) Did Manning’s lawyer even mention one of the multitude of crimes against humanity committed by the military that was exposed to the light of day by Manning? If not, I would surely quick fire the man.

    (5) What does proving Manning’s internal and subjective sanity or insanity have to do with external and objective good actions committed and physical good accomplished? For if everyone had Manning’s frame of mind there would be heaven on earth.

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