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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses the large bombings in Iraq after US withdrawal; Prime Minister Maliki’s attempt to arrest Vice President Tareq Hashemi as a “terrorist;” Iraq’s coalition government falling apart, as Maliki overreaches; the 700 US troops scheduled to remain behind as trainers; the military’s report justifying the fatal US air attack on Pakistani border posts; back-channel negotiations between the US and Pakistan’s civilian government to undermine the Pakistani military’s power; and indications NATO is staying in Afghanistan for the long haul.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. Fast thinkers + Middle thinkers = Civil war

    Iraq like all nations does not allow the laboring-class lower half of society to have any control over government. So, we see the 25% most wealthy the ruling party, the 25% intelligent middle-class the opposition party and a civil war between the two most deadly.

    Perfect solution would be to not allow the 25% most wealthy to vote or get involved in politics, that would give the laboring-class lower half of society 50% of the vote and 50% control.

    But then, never in world history has the laboring-class ever had any control over those more intelligent.


    In a master-slave relationship like our Empire has over Pakistan, we of course want overbearing and massive communications so we can have absolute control. Problem is, since we wasted Bin Laden, the rulers of Pakistan have strived to eliminate the master-slave relationship by cutting way back on communications.

    Comes now our Empire to teach client state Pakistan a lesson, restore the communications we need to control you, or in the wasting of you, you will be wasted.

  3. Maliki — A grand smokescreen to hide the state

    The “state” being the deadly force of government and those who rule over it, money being the lubricant that gets things done within it, surely and forever does High Society rule over it.

    So, on its face the Maliki dictatorship has most everyone convinced that a one-man show has established all power and dominion over the state and by such deadly force he has become King over Iraq.

    And so, the rich nobility that have ruled Iraq for hundreds of years, they are back in control and what they will do next is what will centralize power, give them absolute rule over the economy and maximize their ability to accumulate excessive wealth.

  4. ever occured to you that there maybe ‘somethin somethin’ in the ground within the perimeter of that ’embassy’ that must be safeguarded no matter the cost ? History babe, read history! Start off with Zinn’s people’s history of usa. At least chapter 1. See how thing has changed ;o then slowly read somethin more advanced.
    And Beautiful Beautiful Von Trier Girl movie ;( am tainted.


    Yes of course, genius Maliki was so smart the he out-smarted all the super-smart rich nobility brains that own the world’s richest and most powerful multinational corporations, those who in their spare time rule absolute over Empire USA. Yes of course our troops in their last years in Iraq, their not daring to leave base after dark, not daring under pain of death to travel around during the day except in heavily fortified and well armed convoys, of course this had nothing to do with our quick exit from a butchered and slaughtered Iraq.

    Truth is, paid actor Maliki was hand picked by our corporate rich for one reason only — like clock work he reads only from our script, speaks only what is on our script, and writes only an exact copy of what is handed to him each and every morning — all his decisions, voice inflections and facial expressions described in a detailed script.

    1. Of course Maliki always has another way, the ignoble end of JFK. For just like our paid actor President follows the Bush-Obama Administration script to perfection, Empire USA is an absolute top-down intelligence dictatorship where everyone advances to their highest level of incompetence, where no one crosses one higher on the pecking order more competent, or by the CIA they surely will get wasted.

  6. War on Iraq — A class perspective

    After years of sanctions that were killing too many babies, the rich nobility of America met with the high society of Iraq and called out: “Look, we have no choice, the men of our intelligent middle-class need the blood, guts and glory of war to keep them self-absorbed in temporary pleasure, least they go for permanent happiness and freedom by a Revolution. So, either give our middle-class men the spoils of war they lust for, a return to the dollar standard and privatized oil fields they can buy up and glory in, or all our middle-class pilots, big tank drivers, artillery officers and Navy admirals, they will flow the blood red and make body parts of a million of you, including your babies, even your little babies.”

    1. Whereupon, the rich nobility of Iraq replied: “And you think our egotistical men of the middle-class are any less rebellious, especially after your years of sanctions have cut back their glory by miserable austerity? Surely not, and though a quick invasion of Iraq looks to you like quick glory, the blood letting and gut spilling of occupation your men of middle-speed minds will have to suffer, you don’t want to even think about it.

      “For all the hard work we have put into keeping our intelligent middle-class men divided and unable to organize, all the religious, ethnic and political warfare we have conceived, this will blow up in your face and a civil war impossible to manage you will forever have to face.”

  7. “8,000 US troops remain in Iraq

    “Some 8,000 US troops have remained in Iraq despite Washington's plan for the complete withdrawal of US forces by the turn of 2011, Press TV reports.

    “The troops, along with 14 warplanes, 125 helicopters and 28 drones, are mainly based in Iraq's Kurdistan region in the north.

    “The US troops have been stationed in Jordan and some Persian Gulf Arab countries as well as some new locations in Kuwait after leaving Iraq while a small number of them have returned to the United States, a Press TV correspondent reported.

    “The last US military base was handed over to Iraqi officials on December 16. However, Washington is reportedly seeking to pose threats against Iran by maintaining its troops' presence in Iraq's Kurdistan.

    “According to the report, a delegation of US military and security officials met with leaders of the anti-Iranian group of Komala at its headquarters in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah. The delegation was headed by an American general working for the US Consulate in Kurdistan's capital Arbil.
    . http://www.presstv.ir/detail/218122.html

  8. Voting majority USA — Love their excessive wealth

    Andrew P
    “We U.S. people are as ignorant as… are lazy…
    don’t read… don’t learn anything about the
    world outside their own town… and they vote.”

    Quite the reverse, for Andrew is of the voting majority USA, the 51% most educated, the 51% most aggressive and because of this the 51% with all the wealth. In short those who always vote to enslave society and the weaker nations of the world.

  9. My, how our greedy 51% do love their Empire USA, their wars of plunder and their bloody imperialism most baby butchering and brutal.

  10. Iran sovereign territory, the Strait of Hormuz — What is an act of war?

    12 miles of sea around USA is sovereign territory that no one but USA ships may enter without permission. So, would it not be an act of war if Iran sent a war battle ship into this sovereign territory? And so, does not Iran also have that right?

    If USA allowed Iran battle ships to sail through its sovereign territory for hundreds of years, and then decided to blockade this sovereign territory to all foreign ships, would it not be an act of war for Iran to run the blockade by firings its guns and missiles at the US Coast Guard? So, does not Iran have that same equal right?

    For what is an equal right, if it is not equal?


    So, anti-Iran nations put a sanctions blockade on Iran’s unalienable and organic right to market its crude oil.

    And so, Iran blockades all such criminal anti-Iran nation from sailing in its sovereign territory, the Strait of Hormuz, which it has a full and perfect right by international law to do.

    Comes now to be the worst possible time for bankrupt Empire USA to start another war, when it already has three war fronts with battles raging in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas, there could never be a better time for Iran to terminate such a criminal monopoly on world oil markets and save itself from the slaughter of a Western invasion.

    Therefore, gutless wonder USA will cower back in a weak and helpless stupor.

    A window into reality gentlemen, a vision of the future that is most absolute.

    1. JE… Sweet lord almighty! If you didn't suck out all the air from every topic you deign to post to you might actually have someone respond. It's not necessary, nor warranted, to post your doctoral treatise.


        “JE… you didn't suck out all the
        air from every topic you deign”

        You see, there are three types of posters in this place: Those who build it up, those who tear it down and those like MoT who are brain-dead to the truth, for they care not if love to lie, so long as wit and whimsy gives them an emotional high.

  12. Strait of Hormuz — anti-Iran nations must pay a fee

    As anti-Iran nations are putting a sanctions blockade on Iran’s unalienable and organic right to market its crude oil, as this is a criminal monopoly on world markets, surely this is an act of war and Iran has a full and perfect right to stop these war criminals from sailing through the Strait of Hormuz, which is inside their territorial waters.

    For any nation that is criminally and deliberately trying to bankrupt Iran would not be entitled to “Innocent passage.”

    “Innocent passage through the Strait of Hormuz
    may be granted the ships of a nation if they are
    not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security
    of the coastal State.”

    Therefore, let there be a fee charged to all nations engaged in such a market monopoly against Iran, such that the total fees be equal to the loss Iran has suffered by the sanctions.

  13. But, am I not of no importance, just a slow of mind careful thinking laboring man? So, how could I be “the best thing that happened to” anything or anyone?

    But tnen, gutless wonder paid actor take care, for as your confusion establishes, I’m the best thing that happened to end your corruption.

  14. US Navy — Above Congress and a law unto itself

    Criminal nations are planning an illegal monopoly on world markets to bar Iran from selling its crude oil. So, Iran gave fair warning that such criminals would not be allowed to enter its territorial waters in the Iran Strait of Hormuz.

    And so, today the US Navy, not the US Congress, warned that it would declare war against Iran if they refused to let oil tankers, war ships, fighter jets and attack helicopters to violate Iran territorial air space and waters.

    But, what kind of global navy is this, acting totally independent of any Congress or governing body, as to establish absolute power and dominion over any and all nations that oppose its will?

  15. the global navy is working for the forces of light of course! What else is there? Every navy work for forces of light! Don’t you believe me? Send them the question and they all will answer that god is on their side and the forces of light will eventually with some unimportant life loss prevail. May god bless russian, us (including israel), chinese, iranian, saudi, french and english(bugger welsh and scottish) navies. May god help reduce the number useless eaters so there’s more for our navies. Alleluia, bless you all. darkness has lost already, even before light starts shining. god bless, alahuakbar, light lord father bless all believers and kill all non-believers. don’t forget to eat jesus’ body and drink jesus’ blood too, is good for you.
    oh, almost forgot god bless all intelligent services without which we would have CHAOS on earth and no body to plant bombs here and there for the forces of light and god.

  16. Take care — Opportunities come only in portholes of time

    Ten years of sheer misery and living hell has the Iraq survivors of our brutal imperialism had to suffer, all to keep their society so destroyed it never again nationalizes its oil fields.

    Comes now a battle royal to undue such corruption-USA, with our puppet Maliki pretending to be our enemy while striving to keep oil privatized and government Western dominated. Comes now a realization that the people having reached the ultimate conclusion of misery, surely they have the most perfect opportunity to turn all thins toward the good.

  17. Take care — Opportunities come only in portholes of time

    Ten years of sheer misery and living hell has the Iraq survivors of our brutal imperialism had to suffer, all to keep society so destroyed they never again nationalize the oil fields.

    Comes now a battle royal to undue such corruption-USA, with our puppet Maliki pretending to be our enemy while striving to keep oil privatized and government enslaved by Western corruption. Comes now a realization that the people having reached the ultimate conclusion of misery, surely they have the most perfect opportunity to turn all things toward the good.

  18. Washington Post shall eat its words — Mark my word

    “Iran unlikely to block oil shipments through Strait of Hormuz, analysts say

    “And Iran — which has enjoyed record oil profits over the past five years but is faced with a dwindling number of oil customers — relies on the Hormuz Strait as the departure gate for its biggest client: China.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/d

    Media brainwash, surely, for it is not China oil that Iran would block, but only that of criminal anti-Iran nations who create an illegal monopoly on global oil markets.

  19. 30K blackwater academiez&Mossad SPYcorpz r roaminccc Irakwi++ jB Morgon for ZoO HUnts 24×7 untill Khalifah Aaed take their IT


    Empire USA would turn all its nuclear warheads into paper tigers, if it were to suffer the unbearable humiliation of allowing Iran to harm its most valuable possession — power and dominion over Middle-East oil.

    Whereas, if Iran were to do nothing to stop the new sanctions that would create a criminal monopoly on its right to market oil, this would bankrupt its economy and within months an embolden West would bomb Iran back to the stone age.

    Therefore, gutless wonder USA will cower back in a weak and helpless stupor.

  21. Intentional confusion — Why?

    “if Iran’s potential blockade is to target only western
    and other Asian states oil then its clearly an act of
    war… the west can legally deal with it”

    Surely Norway knows that Iran would only target a criminal power combine that is creating an illegal monopoly on global oil markets to keep Iran from selling its crude oil.

    Surely Norway knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons or ability to build them for the IAEA has fully informed him.

    Surely Norway knows that criminal nations trying to bankrupt its economy, that they have forfeited all right to “Innocent passage” by being allowed to enter Iran’s territorial waters, the Iran Strait of Hormuz.

    So, Norway, please disclose exactly how much excessive wealth you own, so we may properly judge your true intent.

  22. Life — A right or a gift?

    War is caused by wanting more, peace is caused by wanting less and the game changer b what is due us. For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest goal in life, his high watermark to achieve and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality.

    So, do we deserve to live or deserve to die. Namely, is life an “unalienable right” giving us power, dominion and an ingrate attitude over nature, or is this day of live more then we deserve instilling in us a grateful mind toward nature?


    Before we may end our wars of brutal imperialism and plunder abroad, we must execute our first “American Revolution” at home. For just as all the dictators we keep in power enslave in poverty their laboring-class lower half of society, since 1776 we have done the exact same thing in “America the land of the free…”

    Comes now you educated men of the 51% most educated and wealthy, you who hoard all the wealth thinking we laboring men need to get educated by stop being so lazy. But, do please slow down your fast thinkers and for a change listen to some slow and careful thought.

    For when America has always had the entire lower half of society with no education but some high school, how can lazy be the root cause? For are not we laboring-class folks most ambitious in the way we generate the manual muscle action needed to hard labor produce all of society’s wealth?

    1. For brains like sex appeal and wealth, does it not pass from father to son?

      Surely yes, for we are all born with a different level of intelligence to fit perfectly into our life’s destiny, to with a song in our hearts as we merrily shovel a ditch or glide a jet liner down onto the runway.

      So, all those Occupy Wall Street people, all of the educated upper half of society, when are they going to come down here and give us the laboring half of society some liberty? For someone should give them the light, for the illusion that the 1% rich are the only slave-drivers needed to keep the entire lower half locked in poverty, this is the darkness that enables High Society to keep 80% of the wealth you see.

      For the 20% of wealth that the rich don’t get to keep, a full 20% of the richest Empire in world history, exactly who does it trickle down to?

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