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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses his article “Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, ‘Serial Fabricators’ and the Tale of Iran and 9/11;” the US court judgement finding Iran liable for the 9/11 attacks in a civil lawsuit brought by victims’ families; the testimony of an Iranian defector, previously discredited as a “serial fabricator;” the alleged secret meeting between Iran’s leadership and OBL’s son, complete with miniaturized models of 9/11 targets and an ominously dangling toy missile; the anti-Islam groups peddling a grossly exaggerated, conspiratorial narrative in “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” style; and how Iran’s passport-stamping practices have become the basis of “material support” of al-Qaeda charges.

MP3 here. (29:04)

Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. He is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. His articles appear at Truthout, Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. is any of this even covered in MSM…

    if it is I would be sure that it is always claiming everything against iran is fact..not fiction


    Laboring men never win in divorce court, while men of the educated middle-class never loose. Which means that the laboring-class is a matriarch ruled society, while the educated middle-class is patriarch all the way.

    Never for an absolute do you want to go into court against anyone more wealthy, for greater wealth means a greater ability to advance the careers and political ambitions of all lawyers and judges, they all being most wealth orientated and glory hungry.

    Question: In a child custody lawsuit, do judges get a third of the attorney fees under the table? Enough said.

  3. Jeez man. Iraq did 9-11. Afghanistani barefooted goat herders living in caves outsmarted the entire US Military, Norad, the Pentagon and the most sophisticated air defense systems in the entire world. Now, Iran is the new culprit who did 9-11.

    Isn't it interesting how the nation that really did do 9-11, Israel – keeps pinning the false flag event that they and their neo-con co-conspirators in the Bush Administration engineered – on the next enemy on their endless list of nations that they want the USA to attack and destroy for them?

    Before long, they'll be blaming Tahiti for 9-11 and we'll be told we need to invade them.

    Or, maybe they'll get really inovative and blame in on aliens living on Mars and use that as an excuse to get our Space Program back online and open up vast opportunities for space war profiteering?

  4. High Society — One big happy family

    “Isn’t it interesting how the nation that really did do 9-11, Israel…”

    You see, Steve suffers the illusion that the corporate rich who rule Israel are somehow not in perfect harmony with the corporate rich that rule Empire USA.

    But, why should the High Society of one Western nation ever be out of harmony with the rich nobility of another Western nation?

    Did not the rich ruling class of all Western nations collectively fund, arm and control Israel in 1948, so that the Zionist state could establish a dictatorship over all of Palestine?

    Have not all Western nations achieved great “stability” for their oil investments in the Middle-East, thanks to the high degree of terrorism achieved by the Zionist state?

    And the end result of 9-11, has it not become a gigantic money maker for all the corporate rich in all the imperial Western world?

  5. 1. Does this mean that this so-called judge has access to information that constitutes legally defineable evidence and proof that even al-Qaeda — let alone Iran — was involved in 9.11? If so, then he (and somebody else) knows something that the so-called "9.11 Commission" couldn't provide: legally defineable evidence and proof.

    2. Has anybody tried to establish the culpability and responsibility of the US government — ie, to sue for damages — for its failure to prevent and, failing that, to then stop the so-called "Terror Event" of 9.11? There is a very strong basis for bringing civil AND criminal charges against those who failed to fulfill their Constitutionally-mandated duty and responsibility to preserve and protect the life, liberty, and property of the American people.

    3. Next, no doubt, we will be informed that 60%+ of the American people believe that Iranians were the highjackers (just like 60%+ came to believe that Iraqis were the highjackers in the psy-op buuildup to the Invasion, "Liberation," and Occupation of Iraq).

    Committee to Confront, Combat, Defeat, and Destroy The Fourth Reich. (c3d24R)

  6. This judge must be a complete idiot and unfit for any legal judgment duties.
    How would he answer questions raised by the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth or the whole 911 Truth Movement? If he has a shred of intellence or honesty, let him read the findings of a decade of scientific research by Dr. Judy Wood, summed up in the book, "Where Did the Towers Go?" or visit this site:

  7. n 1976-77, continuing his challenge to the bloodbath argument, Gareth Porter rejected early accounts of the mass killings by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. With George Hildebrand he wrote a book, Cambodia: Starvation and Revolution, which documented the deaths from starvation of thousands of people in Phnom Penh in the last months of the war in Cambodia and argued that there was a legitimate basis for sending most of the population of Phnom Penh — much of which had been refugees from rural areas — back to rural areas. Critics have argued that the book's sources included official statements from Khmer Rouge media about the availability of food in rural areas. Testifying before Congress in May 1977, Gareth Porter said that "the notion that the leadership of Democratic Kampuchea adopted a policy of physically eliminating whole classes of people" was "a myth fostered primarily by the authors of a Readers Digest book."[9] Congressman Stephen J. Solarz compared Gareth Porter to those who denied the murder of 6 million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. Gareth Porter rejected this comparison and cited reporting by reputable news outlets in support of this position.[10]

  8. I think more people believe Bush did it than Iran did it. This is so see through.Same song and dance as Iraq. And of course later they will deny it. Saying Iran was part of 911 is as silly and desperate as crying racist/homophobic about Ron Paul.

  9. Gareth asked why the Iranians do not stamp passports. Its probably like israel: so that those who travel to those countries can travel to other countries without visas from Israel and iran on their passports.

  10. 911 has somehow turned into the 'magic bullet' that killed Kennedy. One single incident can be used again and again to do contradictory and impossible things.

  11. Mr. Daniels is simply a Zionist doing the work of those that don't want Iran to become strong enough to counter the mess being made by Israel in the Middle East. How Americans tolerate the use of their judicial system to promote foreign political goals is beyound the pale. He and several other Zionist judges should be sent packing immediately.


    Oboom myriad
    “ just sell them all nuclear Iran wanted including bombs…
    leave Chaney as the highest paid “babysitter” in history!…
    Either Iran will end up just like Iraq… whom ever imposed
    sanctions will be getting a dose of radio active materials.”

    Every statement posted by above paid actor, all meaningless garbage.


    What is “nuclear ambitions”?
    What kind of logic is this?
    “Unjustifiable” clearly shows dissatisfaction and anger.
    How could you view the reaction as “dismissed”?

    You see, art so loves all his excessive wealth that he comes here posting comments most confusing that make him appear to be most naive and stupid beyond all stupidity. Quite the reverse, for no one could post that much confusion by accident.

  14. Violent people — Demigods over the peaceful

    Keeping in mind that less then 1% of the people on earth own a gun or are hired to carry a gun, that such demigods are so few in number surely we the people could with a little organizing overpower such and put all violent governments out of business, for a moment let us see what it would take to bring down an Empire the most violent ever.

    Our goal being to persuade the American voters to steer a safer course, just how do we proceed, what could possibly work?

    For they are the voting majority, the 51% most educated and wealthy, which means that all their brutal imperialism and plunder, is most premeditated and intentional murder.

    For they have totally impoverished the lower half of their society, the Uneducated laboring-class, so why should they have any mercy for people in foreign lands?

    For they are the 51% most wealthy gods who rule over Empire USA, the most wealthy and deadly nation in history, the supreme Empire that now claims power and dominion over all the earth,

    So, an attitude adjustment born of the rise and fall of such an Empire, seems to me the only way.

  15. Iran’s Strait of Hormuz — Egypt’s Suez Canal

    Both the Strait and the Canal are International waterways, also both are territorial waters owned by one nation alone, so should they not have the same rights?

    Clearly an act of war is it for Western nations to be so criminal as to create a monopoly on world oil markets that attempt to destroy the economy of Iran. So, does not Iran have the same right as Egypt to keep such war enemies out of their nation and outside their international borders?

    The ones most harmed by a blockade of Iran’s Strait of Hormuz, they are the multinational corporations that in their corruption rule over the criminal nations who sanction Iran’s economy toward bankrupts. So, do not such corporate terrorists have only themselves to blame?

    And the Western criminal nations with their criminal sanctions, are they not the NATO nations who own most of the A-bombs now loaded and ready to fire? For it is common horse sense, that no nation should have the bomb or all nations should have at least one A-bomb — loaded and ready to fire.

  16. No judges, no exec, no legislative branch either? WTF? Nice going, SH, you made Porter disown your gratuitous over-the-top rant anti-gov't rant. Now I can hardly remember why I wanted to comment in the first place. Sure would be nice, if I could hear my favorite reporters without having to put up with ideological tripe like that. It should go without saying that it's the belief systems of the ordinary people who embody government, not that we try to organize to solve shared problems, that materialize–literally put into material form–our world of hurt.

    Now I remember: how 'bout some historical context on CIA-sponsored efforts to propagandize and PSYOP us? Why use euphemisms like 'serial fabricator' and 'crackpot,' when I presume you both to be better informed about domestic PSYOP than that? How many effing PSYOP in an effing row will it take, over the course of effing decades now, for reporters and hosts to learn to call PSYOP PSYOP? Why not use the term given these efforts by the perverse public servants who weaponize rhetoric and turn it against for an effing living? Namely, PSYOP. See how succinct that is?

    The learning curve, for spotting and calling out PSYOP, seems to have flat-lined, if it ever got off the ground. Sibel Edmonds is a notable exception. She doesn't shy away from calling PSYOP PSYOP.
    Pepe Escobar is another who calls them out. Why don't more? Is using that five-letter term, PSYOP, some sort of journalistic third rail? Is this cohort of journalists just too set in their ways to learn to say that the government is actively manipulating public opinion?

    Whatever, figger it the eff out already! What, shall we wait for the actual bullets before saying we're under attack? The PSYOP *are* the effing attack. It was PSYOP, not tanks in the street, that jacked us to war in Iraq, right? In my pissed off opinion, calling these attacks by euphemisms ain't effing helping.

    Where's the effing urgency? I suspect we don't treat PSYOP attacks as attacks for the same reasons we don't think mental illness is really illness. It's just psychology, not really as real as physics, right? News flash: words jack us to war, not soldiers with guns at our doors. Words can, and do, reliably and repeatedly kill. Wordsmiths, of all people, should get that.

    Let's sound the alarm already! Stop waiting for kinetic actions to say we're under violent assault from our own forces, armed and otherwise. And for the love of the republic, stop using euphemisms like crackpot for psy operators. It's a dismissive term for people who need no further examination, right? "Crackpot! Dismissed." Yet these crackpots are "ex" CIA executing an obvious PSYOP. Remember John Stockwell? He used to say, "Any number of staged events will do." Another effing news flash: CIA et al have been active here at home from day one. Please, I implore you to work that into your narratives.

    As we all know, only fools so vastly underestimate their adversaries as not to examine them at all.

  17. I do like to listen to Horton, but I believe he should always keep in mind that some of his guests, expecially ex cia or something, may be playing some game.We do need to hear experts,but I think he should find a way to reduce the possibility that some of his guests may be more than what they pretend to be.

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