Scott Horton Interviews Jesse Trentadue

Scott Horton, December 30, 2011

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Jesse Trentadue, attorney and brother of Kenneth Trentadue (who was probably tortured and killed by FBI agents mistaking him for Richard Lee Guthrie – a.k.a. John Doe No. 2 – in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing), discusses Attorney General Eric Holder’s role (as Deputy AG during the Clinton administration) in quashing Senator Orrin Hatch’s planned hearing on Kenneth’s death; the foreknowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing by the FBI and DOJ; the FBI’s “Patriot Conspiracy” (PATCON) program, created to infiltrate right wing extremist groups and incite – rather than prevent – violent attacks; and PATCON’s involvement in Ruby Ridge, Waco and OKC.

MP3 here. (24:27)

Scott’s collection of OKC audio clips here.

Scott’s collection of Jesse Trentadue’s court files here.

Interviews of the late J.D. Cash, Roger Charles, James Ridgeway, Frederic Whitehurst, Rick Ojeda and others on the Oklahoma City Bombing available here.

Jesse Trentadue is an attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.

23 Responses to “Jesse Trentadue”

  1. So, it never happened at all ? There were no Branch Davidians ? Was it just a demolition of vacant property ?

  2. drummer boy
    “So, it never happened at all?
    There were no Branch Davidians?”

    You asked the question, so can you prove it Yes?

    Can you prove it No?

  3. Why does the person asking the Question have to prove AnyThing? Questions don't require proof; Answers require proof.

    So, let me ask you this: What can YOU prove? About ANYTHING? At all?

    Let's start simple: can you PROVE you paid “….$856 to run a box ad entitled "Waco shootout government fiction No Davidian shot, killed or burnt” three months after the so-called "Siege of Waco"? Got any proof of that? Like a receipt? Or a dated picture of the ad?

    Once you've established your credibility there, we'll start examining your other claims.

  4. "….how do we know that any of this soapbox opera made for nationwide TV actually happened?"

    Ah….. sort of like The Moon Landing in 1969, eh?

    Or the holograms hitting the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001?

    Or The Holocaust during World War II?

    i'm WITH YOU, John Ellis!!!!

  5. Eric Holder previously served as counsel to Carl Lindner, the corporate financier and “Christian” Zionist described by the JTA as “one of the largest non-Jewish donors to the organized Jewish community in the United States.”

  6. [...] Antiwar Radio: Jesse Trentadue, attorney and brother of Kenneth Trentadue (who was probably tortured and killed [...]

  7. Is THAT Why we keep getting regaled by your pontifications?

    Thanks for clarifying that.


    I think you should have stuck to your first line of Questioning jgmoebus

  9. Sorry to everyone for leaving your comments hanging out there after deleting all those of John Ellis.

    Ellis, PLEASE keep your lunatic ravings to a modicum of a minimum on my page here. I hear you can get a blogger account for free, you know.


    “Ellis, PLEASE keep your lunatic ravings to a modicum”

    (1) Why does the page format switch back and forth at random with no warning? Post a comment and — bang the type style and complete layout turns upside down.

    (2) Why when we leave a comment does it often completely disappear, no notice that its being moderated, an impossible situation that forces readers to make double postings.

    (3) If CommonDreams and HuffingtonPost have instant posting of comments, if they would never allow all the paid actor confusion that we see in this place — what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

    (4) Scott, never once have I heard you mention the root cause of problems, or the solution to problems, for all we get from you are the blood and guts effects of problems. So, why such a mainstream media thought control way of doing things?

    (5) Why only a four hour window to comment on all your articles listed on the Latest News page? And why on that page are none of our comments posted instantly?

  11. "Shortly after the fire, I tried to find the 97 dead burnt bodied (sic), but none could be found."

    Did you check Area 52? (51 is a decoy, you know)

    "you would think that they could give me something more then (sic) the words that flowed from their mouth (sic)."

    Yes, you would think so, wouldn't you, JOHN ELLIS?

    How many fingers am I holding up?

  12. If you want proof buy A Noble LIe which proves a lot of things regarding the OKC Bombing. Just go to and u will also find interviews by people who are really involved with this case. thanks.

  13. Thanks for the tip on the OKC Bombing film, but my comment was directed at the guy whose posts were all deleted and his commenents about Waco.

    i believe that OKC was a test run for 9.11 . Partricularly to find out how easy or difficult it would be to use the media to focus the Amertican people's attention on a new and more dangerous (and thus better) enemy.

  14. let me think

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  16. "you would think that they could give me something more then (sic) the words that flowed from their mouth

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