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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s attempt to purge Sunnis from government; how Iraq’s central state is being challenged by Kurdish and Sunni autonomous regions; the thousands of Americans remaining in Iraq to staff the embassy and provide training; why most members of Congress still don’t understand that the US gave Iraq to Iran on a silver platter; and how the recent killing of 35 Kurds by the Turkish military resembles the US practice of execution without due process.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

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  1. I guess they could scrap creating democracy as an achievement in the Iraq War.
    What did they achieve with the Iraq War anyway ?

    1. They were very successful in maintaining the petro-dollar system. As Saddam was going to sell oil in other currencies. Plus they have gained complacency in a permanent state of war without having to make excuses. The military industrial complex has achieved mega contracts. What havent they achieved, that they really wanted? They will still get the oil, check out the service contracts.

    2. The US got a Central Base of Operations from which to command its network of bases and police the natural resource rich areas of the Middle East and the pipelines feeding India and Asia oil from Turkmenistan (not Iran) in USDollars (not on a bourse in other denominations).

  2. Life used to be so simple. There were good Kurds and bad Kurds. The good Kurds were U.S. allies against Saddam Hussein and the bad Kurds were the terriss in Turkey.

    Now it's hard to tell who's on first.

  3. U$israel(Sham) is Buildincc:
    Iran is the war pivot
    Iraq is the tactical pivot
    Egypt is the strategic pivot
    OilArabia is the prize

    muslims gets free grave yard.

  4. I'd caution the people at Antiwar.com not to exaggerate the influence Iran wields in Iraq. They certainly have more than they use to have when Saddam was in power but even among Iraqi Shia the Iranians are considered outsiders. Blowing the Iranian power to control events in Iraq out proportion only contributes to the ongoing campaign to launch an attack on Iran.

  5. Stevie, Iran has influence in Iraq—most likely significantly more than the US has, which is asinine considering the treasure and blood the US wasted to destabilize and destroy that Nation…an effort spun as a "noble cause". This is a fact. I don't think "facts" should be ignored, and I'm almost certain that if, and when, the run-up and case is made for an all-out military strike on Iran (or just tacit, none the less active, support of it), the fact that the US wasted Trillions of $s, and thousands of Americans died, to ultimately benefit the currently touted "Great Satan" of Iran by the recent War with Iraq will not be emphasized as the impetus for the effort—much less highlighted, or publically brought up and discussed by the main stream media in the first place.

  6. There was no "waste" of $$$s, Ben C.

    You must always remember and never, ever forget that 99 percent of each, all, and every one of those trillions of $$$ went into the pocket of some American: be it a stockholder, a board member, executive, or worker; or politician, bureaucrat, or political appointee. The rest went into the pocket of some non-American lackey/flunkie.

    This so-called "War" Against so-called "Terrorism" is the biggest and — with the possible exception of the 2008 "Financial Crisis" Bail-outs — the most successful Transfer of Wealth Scheme in the history of the planet.

    Oh….. and to those prime beneficiaries of all this Obscenity, a few thousand American deaths is as irrelevant and meaningless (and "worth it") to them as the scores of thousands of deaths of Iraqis.

    They showed that on 9.11, when they killed 3,000 people in the interest of being able to get the American people to go along with their so-called "War" Against so-called "Terrorism."

  7. Q to RON Paul:would u close getmo..would u stop funddincc Terrorist stat like america-Uk-israel-K$A..would u leave UN and Join UE(Islamic Shariaa on earth)..would u become a muslim before it is too late?.

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