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Mark Sheffield of the Policy on Point blog discusses his article “Skip the Turban, Check the Brain: It’s Called the Persian Gulf for a Reason;” why the Persian Gulf qualifies as US-occupied territory; the mainstream media’s spin on Iran’s naval war games and their bluff and bluster about closing the Strait of Hormuz; Iran’s asymmetrical options for counterattacking a US or Israeli airstrike; and the danger of Silkworm missiles to US naval vessels, especially aircraft carriers.

MP3 here. (19:18)

Mark Sheffield runs the Policy on Point blog.

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  1. Iran watch out — The Empires will get you

    “Fact: Iran does not have pinpoint accuracy GPS weapons.
    Fact: Iran does not have Laser Guided Precision Weaponry.
    Fact: US Carrier Fifth Fleet alone could defeat all air and naval forces of Iran,”

    Fact — Empire USA, Empire Russia and Empire China, they cannot sustain such an all-consuming and grossly inefficient system of economics as an Empire without an overabundance of expansion. As an American president once said as he was about to genocide all the indigenous native tribes out of Florida,

    “There is security only in expansion.”

    Fact — The three great Empires have absolutely no where they can expand to. So, either they must die off one by one, or start cannibalizing each other.

    Fact — All of the three great Empires have expanded into Iran, as they all own a piece of the economy of Iran. So, this major battle brewing in the Islamic Republic has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, but all to do with who gets a bigger piece of Iran.

  2. Scott Horton (troofer) all the world knows the Persian Gulf is international waters. (yeah, yeah) What all the world knows is that the Persian Gulf is legally disputed Iranian Terroritry and if they Persian Gulf where anywhere else in the world it would be universally accepted as Iranian Terroritry just look at the law of the sea and a map of Iran's islands in the gulf.

    1. Are you sure about that isnt the law of the sea 100 nautical miles, and correct me if i am wrong but its not that wide so half would be one sides the other half belong to the other side and limited to the land borders of neighbouring countries like Iraq and qatar?

  3. Look at the straits of Hormuz, the position of the shipping lanes and the position of the Iranian islands on a maritime map like this one . Adu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs are occupied by and accepted as Iranian islands. Like I said if this was anywhere but the Straits there would absolutely no arguement as to the seniority of the Iranina claim.

    1. I can't wait to see the SS300 Sunburn (Moskit) anti-ship missle in action. Mach 3, violent end-maneuvers, 750 kg warhead and a sea-skimmer that can be fired from boats, volley fired, mobile launched or fired from and jets. I wonder if China will lend us enough money for a few new carriers.

  4. There are both subsonic and supersonic silkworm missile's. I think the Iranians got the supersonic variant. They produce them domestically and they call it Noor (light). They have a maximum range of 200km. A lot of US warships are now being protected by RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile's (RAM). Surtenly the Nimitz class carriers are being protected by them. But not all of the warships in the US navy have this system.

    1. Won't matter. When 20-30 missiles home in on a carrier, some of them are going to hit. When 50-70 suicide boats converge on a carrier, some will hit the hull. The next U.S. carrier to run the Straits is going to be hammered and, I suspect, that is exactly what our Zionist Occupation Government wants. We are in the hands of madmen.

  5. Strait of Hormuz — Options

    Nations sailing oil tankers in the Strait are the Persian Gulf states of: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United. Arab Emirates. Also, they ship about 25% of the world’s oil, own nearly two-thirds of the world’s crude oil reserves, and about 35% of the world natural gas reserves. Therefore —

    (1) No anti-Iran nation with fighter-bombers or missiles shall sail in the Strait.

    (2) No nation harming Iran economy shall sail in the Strait.

    (3) No nation so pathetical a liar as to say, “We are concerned that Iran may want nuclear weapons” shall sail in the Strait.

    (4) No nation so satanic as to help terrorist state Empire USA execute its “War On Terrorism” shall sail in the Strait.

    (5) No nation with a military may sail in the Strait — until after they place a $1 billion bond in the Central Bank of Iran to guarantee payment for all explosions they may cause.

    (6) A transit fee to sail in the Strait may be charged by either Iran or Oman. A sovereign right held by all nations when you travel inside their sovereign nation.

  6. hey scott what you do to the 01/13/12 show on kaosradioaustin? you’re a mystery southerner, a mystery!
    a question for the learned wo/men:
    is a good lie always packed in two unimportant truths or four?
    and when its packed; how are we to know if its intentional?

  7. War is a job for many in USA without wars they get sick and depressed
    If it isn't Iran it would be some other countries and after Iran there is going to be Pakistan in the region of 2020 every ten years USA will have to find a target to justify its budget

  8. Maybe it´s more to please the Money Men in Tel Aviv,London,New York. They´ve got Lockheed,Martin Marietta,Haliburton too. They want more money and more power. Doesn´t matter to Bonkers Bolton if 5 million are going to die. Bonkers Bolton. They are bloody fools in the Pentagon said General Harbottle. They are all bloody fools, said the good General.

  9. Can anyone tell me if the Persian Gulf has any sharks inhabiting it's waters? I'm sort of a big nature lover, and was wondering if those sharks might be in for a very big meal in the near future?

    Also, are those silkworm missiles – the supersonic ones – the kind that fly real close to the surface of the water, which due to their amazing speed, makes them very hard to detect until they are almost ready to make impact?

    I was also wondering if it is going to take a few thousand shark-devoured American sailors to help wake the American public up to the fact that these neo-cons have got to be removed from power permanently, no matter what it takes? And, why does this even have to happen in the first place?

    Are Americans just so dumb and brainless that all of their lessons have to be taught to them the hard way, or what?

  10. Is either of these guys even aware that the name of the Gulf is the source of much controversy – that while it's called 'the Persian Gulf' by Iran and the U.S., it's called 'the Arabian Gulf' by the Arabs? Does Mark Sheffield have expertise in this area, because it sounds like he read some articles or watched the BBC…?

    1. Hi ummabdulla,

      I'm not sure if I'll ever be pretentious enough to describe myself as an expert on, well, anything (thought I covered that when I said I wasn't an expert?). I consider myself a student, and like to think I'll remain one until I die. I am aware that Arabs refer to the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf, but I'm going to go ahead and side with the entire rest of the world and Ptolemy in this semantic quibbling. And if I relied upon the BBC for 'real' news I would have to assume that the recent IAEA report on Iran indiscriminately proves Iran is developing nukes (I've never seen them directly critique it) and that they are on the verge of (if not actually) enriching to weapons grade Uranium considering they never break down the technological leaps in between enriching to medical isotope levels and weapons grade. BBC's only useful for baseline updates, and misleading unless one can read between the lines.

      1. The reason I mention the controversy over the name of the Gulf isn't because I expect you to call it the Arabian Gulf, but because of the name of the article, "It's called the Persian Gulf for a reason", which doesn't seem to acknowledge that it's not universally accepted as the name. (Aand I thought you mentioned the BBC.)

        Sorry, but it's just that I've lived in the Gulf for 20 years. I enjoy listening to the views on Antiwar Radio, but it's often frustrating when what people say (often people who have never been near the area, don't speak the language(s), etc.) is so far off the mark. Not you necessarily, and I do appreciate your taking the time to reply.

      2. Not sure if this will pass the filter, but ignorance of Arabs like you make the Persian Gulf littoral Arab dictatorships what they are, brutal, dictatorship run by despotic families and obeyed by their ignorant populations.

        Persian Gulf has been Persian Gulf since recorded history, until a typical pompous barbaric British colonizer decided it should be called Arabian Gulf because British wished it to be. It was to be a pat on the head of their willing servant Arabs.

        Considering the availability of the Internet and acquiring of proper news from different sources, it is prevalence of ignorance of individuals, like you, that keeps you unlearned.

        Then again, not only you are non-Shia Muslim but also raised on false glory and history inside a brutal dictatorship taught to worship your despotic and corrupt dictators that you call royals.

        1. Guess I don't need to say what I think, since I have you to speak for me. As if I said – or think – anything like that… Jerk.

  11. I've never heard of a shark attack in the Gulf, but I know there are small sharks (sand sharks?). I don't know if there are others farther out where the water is deep.

    1. My understanding from various textbooks there are various Whalers, Tiger Sharks and Bull sharks plus others, Great Whites are known to inhabit tropical waters as well. So I suppose there are plenty there, What has also been forgotten here is Iran have midget Sub that can be armed with those nasty little 200 Knot Torpedoes that the Russians equiped Iran with and which it is known that the Irans reverse engineered and improved. A Co-ordinated strike of High speed Torpedoes to break the defence coordination and the sikworms and splash one carrier!


  12. Empire USA — Rape on its mind

    “Iranians trying to figure out a complex spy drone
    is like monkeys trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube.”

    Empire USA being able to survive only by sodomizing and back-stabbing what were once its two most valuable assets, Mubarak and Gaddafi, this is the stupidity of thinking that brutal imperialism is the high watermark in ecstasy and glory eternal. Surely it is like a flea crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind.

  13. at angry fellow: you must be new here, everyone knows umma is an agent of has-para aka salaDfeast aka mi7, if you catch my meaning!

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