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Nationally syndicated writer Robert Koehler discusses his article “‘Bugsplat’: the civilian toll of war;” robbing America’s enemies of their humanity through derisive name calling or utter indifference; how US nationalism – America’s civic religion – permits the government to commit atrocities abroad without domestic political repercussions; why all the regular people look like ants to those on high; and military recruiting through video games and high unemployment.

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Robert Koehler is a nationally syndicated writer and author of Courage Grows Strong at the Wound. His website is

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  1. My fave Gary Larson cartoon: caption is Insect Horror Movie.

    From back of movie theater, bugs in seats, on screen is windshield of a rapidly moving car.


    The power inherent in nukes is not their ability to explode, for rightly understood nukes are a paper tiger, as a world enemy with less then a month of existence be the destine of any crazed nation so suicidal as to ever again drop the A-bomb on real people. That is why the American scumbag rich who nuked Japan ordered Truman to drop both A-bombs in quick succession.

    For deadly force is the awesome power of a nuke, a satanic force unequaled in its ability to give the devil’s most valuable disciples absolute rule over the hearts, minds and fear saturated guts of any leader of a nation that receives this command from a nuke powered nation expressing grave aggravation, “You have crossed our red line… Now all options are on the table…”

    So, god-king is the Western world over all of us fear controlled creatures, on this deadly force dictatorship called earth. But take heart, for is not the purpose of this insane world to prove the harm in it?

  3. In all fairness to the military, the UCMJ stipulates that any member of the armed forces is obligated to refuse to obey an order that is illegal or immoral, furthermore that they must report such orders to higher authorities – that is his or her obligation under the law. I don´t know if DOD has changed the UCMJ or they just don´t tell their members that such legal responsibility actually exists.

    It is also a mystery whether the UCMJ covers what the obligation of the military member should be if the higher authorities refuse to address the reported illegal or immoral orders or actions. Should whistle blowing be a legal last option? Many of us believe yes, because the continuances of the illegal or immoral act/s override the embarrassment of public exposure to obvious illegal and immoral cover ups.

  4. RON Paul says it will take 40min to wipe muslims from ME…It will take a nano sec to through all non believers of Qur'an Mohammad PUBH into Allah SWT Hellfire.

  5. every basic military recruit is taught that mistreating prisoners of war is unlawful. The immorality of urinating on an enemies corpse should not need to be taught. It's bad behavior in or out of combat.

  6. the intention is transparent: to equate dead civillians with dead insects as if the dead civillians are of little to no value to begin with

  7. america is the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism in the world today as it attacks friend and foe alike. Now the prez has the 'authority to kill or imprison any human being on this planet including those 'exceptional' ameircans and if that doesn't make you outraged then you are slip sliding to perdion. The rest of the world needs to confront,contend, occupy and disarm america for the safety and survivial of the planet…

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