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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses why the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would give Americans a taste of Chinese-style Internet censorship; the decline of media coverage on Libya since Hillary Clinton’s “We came, we saw, he died” gloating about Muammar Qaddafi’s execution; talk of Libyan oil exports closing the gap caused by proposed sanctions on Iran; and how Yemen’s internal security problems are delaying their bogus one-candidate presidential election.

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Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com. His op-ed pieces have been published in newspapers and other media around the world.

9 thoughts on “Jason Ditz”

    “Every new president is a captive of the military…
    he doesn't influence the real deep problems…
    The US needs another revolution, to help the poor…
    A nation is its people, not its government…”

    Quite the reverse, for be it a dictatorship or democracy, the full upper half of society always rules government. For government has a monopoly on the use of force and violence, a thing impossible without the full support of the deadly force majority, the most deadly 50% most educated and wealthy.

    For in a world where everyone strives to “Be All You Can Be,” to take all you can take, democracy is a police state for my slow and careful thinking laboring-class, the 49% of America with no education but some high school. For the voting majority is the 51% most educated and wealthy, those who always vote to impoverish the lower half, and are sure to pick the war-hawk President best able to plunder the world by imperialism most brutal.

    1. So America has a Revolution, so what? So the 51% most greedy elect a liberal President who shifts more of the wealth down from the 25% most wealthy to the 25% intelligent middle-class, what does that do for my impoverished lower half of society? Only one thing, more schools will they jam at us, more worthless higher class knowledge will they hopelessly try to jam into the minds of us, and then say,

      “Study harder, stop being such lazy
      thinkers and you well get the better jobs. We
      cannot pay higher wages for laboring-class work, as
      we would then not be competitive in the global markets.”

  2. Scott Horton
    “So they sent the man home from the hospital early with just some over the counter pain killers, and he has a hear attack in his living room. What’s wrong with doctors, can’t they do what is right?”

    Truth is, no specialist in the medical industry could maintain a constant flow of new customers without referrals from doctors. So it is universal — all doctors get a referral fee of 40% of all gross income a specialist receives from his patient.

    So, instead of your doctor telling you to drink more water and cut down on the fat in your diet, instead of saying that your blood is so dehydrated and saturated with fat that the heart can’t pump the thick gooey stuff, instead of only getting a $50 office call, he gets 40% of a $100,000 open heart surgery procedure.

    To enrich yourself upon the misery of another,
    a crime in any fair and just society.

  3. "Once society becomes more complex than a modest tribe or small town, once its affairs extend beyond the immediate visual horizon of the citizens, they become clueless. Most don't have the brains, and almost none the time or interest, to monitor sprawling bureaucracies and distant wars. Villains thrive in the shadows. " – Fred Reed

  4. Ask any adult American what is the capital city of Australia and over 85% will give you a wrong answer. Ask the same question in poor under-developed countries in Asia and you get more accurate answers with some up to 8% correct. What is that telling us?

    Ask the youth about Hollywood celebrities – young people in the USA will receive much high scores that those in Asia. How does those knowledge/interest in inconsequential 'here today gone tomorrow' celebs benefit the country? Is there any wonder why the USA and a lot of the developed Western countries are/will continue to perform so poorly? The social, political and economic systems are off the rails…Lok

    1. Exploiting Asian & especially Chinese workforce has been much more profitable. Especially since China has a government that can make decisions – regarding workforce, wages, infrastructure and everything an investor wants.

      Western states or governments can not invest targeted and care for the people+economy, because they are puppets of all different interests of the various fractions of the capital, if not call them criminal associations.

      1. When USA has reached the situation as China was 15 Years ago, there could come a change.

        But I am not sure about this, because they actually need jobless, dumb and pervert US youngsters as willing brainwashed canon food for their wars worldwide.

        In this sense it is a killer "QUALIFICATION" not to know too much.

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