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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article “What War With Iran Might Look Like;” the many layers of obfuscation (like peeling an onion) in the Jundallah/CIA/Mossad frame-up; President Bush’s “absolutely ballistic” response to Israeli operatives, posing as CIA officers, recruiting Jundullah agents to commit terrorist acts in Iran; and why the Obama administration is powerless to stop Israel from starting a war with Iran (and dragging the US along with it).

MP3 here. (19:40)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

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  1. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge on the missiles in Bulgaria,Romania and Poland:"Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike." Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 have an accuracy of less than 30 meters, enough to destroy a missile silo. The US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to Bob Aldridge. Dr Bob Bowman, Chief DOD "Star Wars" Program: "Missile defense is the missing link to first strike." The Missile Shield will be fully operational by 2020 according to Der Spiegel 49/2011. This leads to Launch On Warning and danger of Accidental Nuclear War. From the last time, some 300,000 years ago remains a coin A coin, only a coin. It seems it has happened many times. Homo sapiens sapiens who suddenly arrived some 50,000 years ago were groups of long-ago survivors coming from the east who banded together to beat the neanderthals. We´ve been around for millions of years, now and then blowing it all up and starting all over again with few survivors in the mountains. The evidence is available at The Piri Reis Map !

  2. 1:53: "…nobody's denied the report…" Israel might've done that as Phil spoke.
    I think it was the foreignpolicy article stated Israel's policy was not to confirm or deny. So if this were a change in policy, it might be that they see their PR as suffering that badly (?) what with web censorship failing again and all… …but then they're still denying the failed attempt to murder the entire crew of the USS Liberty… …that'd make 'em- -as well as False Flaggers- -a bunch of Liberty-deny-ers… .

    Jim Evans
    “Why don’t we sit down as a human race and
    come up with a better way of running the world?”

    Above is darkness because it is an illusion of good hiding misery. For it is the illusion that the human race has the capacity to come up with a better way, which enables the 51% most wealthy to be the voting majority and under the cover of such darkness, establish a monopoly on the voting process, to hoard all the wealth and to impoverish the lower half of society.

    For the job of we who walk in the light is not to run the world, but to change the hearts and minds of people so that they see the root cause of why everyone feels they deserve to enrich themselves upon the misery of the world.

    For life is a free gift from nature,
    which means that no one deserves to live,
    which means that we own nothing,
    which means that everything we have belongs to those who have less then us,
    which means that most guilty are you if ever you fail to give all you can give.


    (1) Israel bombs Iran, causing Empire USA to bomb Iran.

    (2) Then Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria all declare war on Israel USA.

    (3) Then NATO declares war on the Middle-East and North Africa.

    (4) Then Russia and China declare war on NATO and Israel USA.

    (5) Then bankruptcy destroys all the war-hawk nations, all nukes get buried deep inside salt mines and all things turn toward the good.

  5. We are lucky to still be around. Some 20 close calls, isn´t it ? With the US Missile Shield finished by 2020-according to Der Spiegel 49/2011-this leads to Launch On Warning and danger of Accidental Nuclear War. Dr Bob Bowman,Chief DOD "Star Wars" Program:"Missile defense is the missing link to first strike." Bob Aldridge the ML King Award for pointing out that the Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming first strike capability. CND Information Officer David Guinness suggests it´s only for Blackmail. Through Extreme Low Frequency and other means the US Navy aquired the means to track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously long ago according to Bob Aldridge.GPS was developed for midcourse corrections of Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 to give an accuracy of less than 30 meters,necessary to destroy a missile silo.It was then called NAVSTAR.
    At any rate, with the missiles in Bulgaria,Romania and Poland it leads to Launch On Warning.

  6. If the US attacks Iran, the Russians may go for Launch On Warning because they realize that the Americans are bonkers. Like Bonkers Bolton.

  7. No surprise. They have been flying false-flags since they blew up the King David Hotel in 1947 (Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, etc.) practically inventing modern terrorism. I personally believe after years of research that Mossad, along with their neocon 5th column in our government, were the ones who were really behind out the 9/11 attacks.

    1. Quite right about U.S.S. LIBERTY, the "Lavon Affair," et al. Israel commits outrages against the U.S. with impunity. The U.S. Government is Israel's bitch.


    On the one hand we have those who say that we do good by hiring assassins and terrorists to destroy Islam, a religion that outlaws many aspects of capitalism such as charging interest on loans. For they have faith in a capitalist democracy, where everyone enriches themselves upon the hard labors of those less educated, where all wealth flows up toward High Society so they can trickle it back down in a way that maximizes the enrichment for everyone,

    While on the other hand we have the Muslims who say that all profit is evil, as it is impossible to make a profit without enriching yourself upon the hard labors of others without the use of force and violence, which they claim is most evil. Their position being that force will never accomplish anything good, as the ultimate conclusion of force will be the total destruction of all good.

    1. So, comes now the nuke-you, forceful, and brutally imperial West, hell-bent on destroying the no-nuke, fight only in self-defense Islamic Republic of Iran. And so, a win-win situation for Iran, for either the West must back down in disgrace and humiliation, or by Russia, China and the whole wide world brought to bankruptcy and desecration.

  9. Iranian TV has shown very interesting confessions of the assassin of Dr. Alimohammadi, the bright Iranian nuclear scientist. Part of it on youtube (in Farsi) as can be seen in the following 26 minute video;

    The English version (in 3 parts) is a bit less interesting since in it some details (such as the Red Window OS) are missing:

    On youtube I couldn’t find the proceedings of his trial. Too bad. Researchers or Iran-analysts might have found them both interesting and puzzling.

  10. the usa already has effective antimissile defense they can project over key cities as does russia. and it is not missile to missile which is ultimately not effective with MIRVs and is USELESS against hypersonic cruise missile that are sub launched.. its based on phase array antenna. the missile to missile systems are just for the usa to improve missile design. get real.

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  12. Missile engineer Bob Aldridge the missiles in Eastern Europe: Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike. GPS was made to hit Russian missile silos accurately. The MX missile was cancelled but the warhead was put on Minuteman-3 because it´s designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos.

  13. And I thought Clarke ws going to 'out' the CIA special operation in Building 5.
    Turns out to be more of that fog 'o battle horshite!

    Can't be responsible for what you didn't get told, eh?

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